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Estimates of the usually resident population of the UK and its constituent countries, by age and sex. This is the latest release. View releases.

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Contact: Jonathan Swan. Release date: 17 December Next release: To be announced. Print this Statistical bulletin. Download as PDF. The estimated populations of the four constituent countries of the UK are 53 million people in England, 5. Over the last hundred years the population of the UK as currently constituted has increased by The population of the UK aged 65 and over was This bulletin presents the key messages from the first release of Census data for the UK. It describes the usually resident population of the UK and its constituent countries, by age and sex, and provides information on how the population has changed over time.

The Census data for the UK are based on the combined of these individual censuses, which were all held on 27 March The UK population was 63, in This is the first population estimate for the UK to be produced from all three Censuses, which were conducted on 27 March This release includes estimates of the usually resident population of the UK and its constituent countries, by sex and five-year age band.

This bulletin follows the first release of statistics for England and Wales and for Northern Ireland on 16 July and for Scotland on 17 December The availability of Census population estimates for all four constituent countries now allows for the publication of UK level estimates. Due to the breadth and depth of census data, from the Census are being released in stages. Subsequent releases of UK census data will be available as soon as all constituent country data are available.

An outline of the timetable for subsequent UK releases has been published via the Census prospectus The Statement of Free sex with women in Uki In summary, the agreement specified:. Some questions and procedures, for the separate countries, inevitably reflected local issues — for example in Wales the census could be completed in Welsh, either on paper or online, whilst in Scotland it could be completed online in Gaelic. Decennial censuses were held in Ireland from through to There was no census in Ireland inand following this, the first Northern Irish census was inwith the second Northern Ireland census inthen every ten years from Census statistics describe the characteristics of the population that live in an area, such as how many men and women there are and their ages, religion, ethnic group, education level and occupations.

This first release is for population estimates by sex and five-year age band only. Subsequent releases will provide more detailed statistics for other variables. The census population estimates were extensively quality assured using both national and local sources of information for comparison and review. The Census provides a high quality estimate of the population that people can use with confidence.

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Further information about the methodology and quality assurance processes for the Censuses in England and WalesScotland and Northern Ireland are available from their respective websites. Questionnaires were distributed to all areas of the UK, by either post or hand. Respondents also had the opportunity to respond online. The questionnaires across the four countries of the UK England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland were of a consistent de that enables harmonised UK outputs to be produced.

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The Censuses conducted across the UK give an estimate of the total population. A good response was achieved to the Census but inevitably some people were missed.

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The issue of under coverage in a census is one that affects census takers everywhere and methods and processes were deed to address this. Census coverage surveys were carried out to measure under coverage in a sample of areas and based on this, with rigorous estimation methods, the census population counts were adjusted for under and over coverage to produce population estimates that represent per cent of the usually resident population in all areas.

The questionnaires, operational methods, and statistical processes were deed by each census office to best reflect local circumstances and needs. These differences are set within a wider picture of harmonised questions, operations, methods, and outputs, to give UK data. Further details of how the censuses were undertaken can be found on each census office website.

Census statistics are used to understand similarities and differences in the characteristics of local, regional and national populations. This information underpins the allocation of billions of pounds of public money around the UK to provide services like education, transport and health, determining, for example, the growing or diminishing demand for education or health services in an area.

Free sex with women in Uki

The size and make up of the population is also of interest to commercial companies, special interest groups, academia, and the general public. Decisions are taken every day using census statistics. These can be as local as the of car parking spaces needed at supermarkets, to wider programmes, for example, where to target government training schemes. Publication of the UK Census population statistics on a consistent basis facilitates analysis and decision taking across the whole of the UK. This helps users who have a UK wide interest. Within the EU regional funding and contributions, and qualified majority voting allocations are made on the basis of population levels.

The statistics in this release are used as a baseline for the mid-year population estimates for the UK and its constituent countries. The mid-year estimates refer to the population on 30 June of the reference year and are published annually; updating census data with information on births, deaths, and migration. In due course the UK mid-year population estimates for will be re-based to take into the additional information that the Census has provided about how the population of the UK has changed during the decade.

Mid population estimates based on the Census, and which take into population change between 27 March and 30 June, were published on 25 September for England and Wales. These will be published in due course for the rest of the UK. The Census estimated usual resident population of the UK was 63,, including approximately 31, males and 32, females. Figure 1 below shows the distribution of this population between the four constituent countries of the UK. Inthe usual resident population of England ed for approximately 84 per cent of the UK usual resident population.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for 8 per cent, 5 per cent and 3 per cent respectively. This distribution of population across the UK remains similar to that seen in As females tend to live longer than males, females for slightly over 50 percent of the population in all four UK constituent countries. The population of the UK in was Between andthe UK population grew by 4. This is the largest decennial percentage change recorded since Figure 2 below shows the population of the UK in each census year from to ; no census was held in throughout the UK due to the Second World War.

In there was a small decrease, in contrast to the increasing population of the UK, generally, between and Over the Free sex with women in Uki one hundred years, the UK population has grown by A population decrease was only recorded during one decade, towhen the population fell by 0. This population decrease was driven by net international emigration more people leaving the UK than arriving during the late s. Table 1: UK percentage population change Thousands, per cent Change between Census Census Year Persons Period Difference per cent 42, — — 44, 4.

Data are rounded to the nearest thousand persons. Northern Ireland Census date was This has been included and presented for Change and percentage change for reflects change over twenty years.

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UK population calculated using mid-year population estimates. See background note 4 for further information. Download this table Table 1: UK percentage population change. Map 1 below shows the percentage change in the estimated usual resident population of the UK between andfor local authorities in England and Wales, council areas in Scotland and local government districts in Northern Ireland. Local authorities or equivalents with the largest percentage population increases, over the period toare particularly concentrated in London, the South East, East Midlands and East England and Northern Ireland.

The three local authorities with the largest percentage population increases were in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets However, the population of some local authority districts decreased between and

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Census: Population Estimates for the United Kingdom, March