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You can look through the projects we've given funding to, with this search tool. Or by using GrantNav. You'll only find information on projects we've funded from 1 April, - 26 February, But we're working to get more recent projects we've funded on there soon. As well as making some other improvements to our search tool that will help us keep it up to date in future. We'd love to hear what you think of our tool so far. Please share some feedback if you have a couple of minutes spare.

Search all grants e. Hollesley Bay Prison Mural Project. NF2 and You Podcast. C on 21 October, Felixstowe Area Community Transport. Basic Life Covid Response. Halesworth Dementia Carers Fund. IP17 Good Neighbour Scheme. Southwold Arts Festival. A walking Football Club. Management of Parklands Wood.

Belong Felixstowe. Improving Young Lives. Around the Table. Heritage help for children with autism. Keep Active Climbing. Playing Field Zip-Wire. Clubhouse Kitchen Alterations and Refit. Summer Connect. Saxmundham Music Festival. Home-Start in Suffolk- 20 years of help. Accessible toilet. Wenhaston Community Playground Project. Replacement of old swings. Theberton and Eastbridge Defibrillator Campaign. Kelsale Village Play Area. Hall For All. Fit Villages. Gear for the Green. Southwold Community Kitchen and Wildlife Garden.

Updating kitchen to meet current hygiene standards and regulations. Storage container for the Green. A4A - Realising ambitions and potential in rural Suffolk. Edgar Sewter Primary Pool. Southwold Town Plan.

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Social Opportunities for aged individuals living in the community. Website Development. New Allotments in Halesworth. Heroes Return. Search all grants. Funding Search all grants You can look through the projects we've given funding to, with this search tool.

Uk hot Yoxford for sex Yoxford

Grant Grant amount. Organisation Country. View full grant details. C on 21 October, The funding will be used to run virtual gatherings and podcasts and distribute deaf awareness packs for people living with Neurofibromatosis Type 2. The project aims to create a community network where people can share experiences and reduce their isolation during Covid It will use the funding to provide a befriending and advice service using existing befriending volunteers but through phone and social media. The funding will also be used to provide a hot meals service delivered to specific isolated and disabled individuals and those being shielded as well as a food and prescription collection and delivery service.

The project aims to continue supporting local residents. The project aims to provide support and relieve additional pressure on carers during the Covid pandemic. The project aims to support people during the Covid pandemic. The project aims to enable the facility to be safe and continue providing community activities.

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This will enable them to build upon community cohesion and reduce isolation. The project aims to reduce social isolation and improve physical and mental health.

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This will provide participants and family members with information and advice on finance, wellbeing and respite, and help people to build resilience and enable them to access support services. The project aims to bring the community together and to improve places that matter.

The project will undertake outreach in the rural community using a new outreach bus that will be shared with partner organisations. It aims to promote the welfare of young people age living in Felixstowe and surrounding villages, through supportive relationships and positive experiences, deed to enhance their personal and social development. The project aims to support personal development, increase learning opportunities and improve quality of life. The provision of the facility will help to reduce obesity and increase physical activity for young people, and will help bring the communities together.

This will enable young people to have access to activities and feel less isolated. This will enable them to showcase the impact their support has had on many local families' lives and increase volunteering capacity. This will enable them to provide a place for all to use and play in a safe environment.

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This will enable children in the area to have a safe area to play in at all times. It can also be used to hold more general community events. The project provides a local space near to the community for play and exercise.

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The aim is to provide pupils and the wider community based in a rural area with access to improved play facilities to encourage them to be physically active and improve fitness View full grant details. It will provide a space for social interaction, mutual support and address isolation for the young as well as the elderly. They hope to create an active and well-integrated community where citizenship is foremost in promoting health and education.

It will deliver activity sessions in village spaces to get people, especially older people, more involved and active. The project will support those living on their own, older people and those with caring responsibilities who often feel Uk hot Yoxford for sex Yoxford. This will improve the safety standards and facilities of the venue, and enable more activities to take place. The group will use the funding to purchase a storage unit.

This will enable the group to store maintenance equipment on site, managing and maintaining the Millennium Green more effectively. This will enable the organisation to run extra-curricular activities which will improve educational outcomes, lead to parents and other members of the community becoming more confident in the use of IT and enabling the school to run more efficient meetings. This will help address social issues within the rural community including limited housing, employment opportunities and poor transport facilities to help strengthen the community.

The organisation will use the funding to produce a Town Plan in regard to the new Localism Act. This will enable the organisation to develop an action plan based on the views from local people and secure a sustainable future for the local community.

The group will use the funding to provide activities for elderly people living with disabilities. This will encourage people to spend time together and reduce isolation. The group will use funding to clear and improve allotments by rabbit proofing and providing a community shed. This will improve the allotments and enable more of the community to use the facilities to grow their own produce. There will also be 'explore' days for people with learning disabilities who are interested in a longer course. These days will be led by professional artists and will allow potential students to experience the style and content of the courses.

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All applicants will be formally interviewed to assess their suitability and remove any barriers to participation. Funding has been provided for one Second World War veteran, one spouse and one carer. Funding has been provided for one Second World War veteran and one carer. Next .

Uk hot Yoxford for sex Yoxford

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