Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

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Gaining knowledge about women, men, and people of all genders helps students to move through a complex contemporary world. It is recommended that students take an introductory course such as UR or PH Students are also encouraged to engage in some sort of specialized experience such as an independent study, a directed reading course leading to a major paper, a creative project or an internship. Concentrators in WGSS will:. Research, explain, and evaluate the historical development of feminist and queer theories, scholarship, and creative expression; engage in critical debates about those theories, scholarship, and creative expression; and apply feminist and queer critical perspectives to analyze meaningful questions across disciplines.

Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

Learn and practice how to use intersectional gender- and sexuality-based frames of analysis as tools for academic research, creative production, collaborative work, and social change. Each faculty member's information can be found at the respective department for each of the courses.

Explores how artists have challenged the traditional definitions of the art object and the expanded materials, media and concepts employed by artists since to the present era. Fall only and every year. Prerequisites: CM and EN This course will explore how difference is socially constructed along gender lines and will explore the intersections of gender, identity, power and media representation.

Prerequisites: CM Introductory communication theory and practice across cultural groups defined by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, nationality, politics and economics.

Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

Goals, curriculum, skills, issues, teaching strategies in educating diverse populations in a global context. Prerequiste: Admitted into Stage 2. Fall and Spring and every year. Representative poems, stories, plays, both ancient and modern, from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Fall and Spring and other or on demand. An analysis of international creative writing dealing with the subject of human rights.

Resource persons from different fields will be utilized. Explores basic issues and problems in literature by and about women. A close reading and analysis of poetry written by women from a historical as well as a contemporary feminist perspective. Prerequisites: EN The course examines major works by American women writers in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama within applicable critical contexts. Writing by women from colonized and formerly colonized countries on local and global issues shaping women's lives and creative expression. Spring only and every year.

Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

Overview of women's health issues: women in the health marketplace, a woman's right to control her body, media images and illness, eating disorders, therapy, alcohol, aging and the women's health movement. Prerequisites: HE Focus on the need for and understanding of sex education, along with the process of implementing sexuality education, with emphasis upon teacher preparation.

An introduction to United States economic development; particular attention will be paid to industrialization and the labor force. Prerequisites: EN or EN Survey of social and cultural history. Topics such as family, religion, education, popular literature, architecture, transportation, and reform.

Prerequisites: HI or HI The main theoretical works, philosophic, psychological and scientific, of the nineteenth and Sex women Worcester Massachusetts centuries. The relationship between workers, their employers and the surrounding community between and World War II. The history of sexuality and gender in America. Includes investigations of lesbian and gay histories; transgender histories; attempts to regulate and define sexuality; practices of birth control; the intersections of race, class, and gender; the social construction of gender; and the challenges of doing hidden histories. Examines the roles of women in diverse societies including Mexico, Brazil and Caribbean nations.

Emphasis on the modern period. Prerequisites: HI or equivalent. Examines Indian women from the time of European contact to the modern era. Emphasizes culture, community and arenas of power. Prerequisites: HI and HI An analysis of the transformation of America, including reform response to the Gilded Age's industrialization, urbanization and immigration patterns.

A survey of the role of women in music, particularly the great composers from Medieval to Contemporary times. Prerequisites: NU and NU Students will apply the nursing process when caring for the adult medical-surgical patients. Concepts of wellness, disease and health behaviors will be examined as the nursing process is operationalized in the care of adult medical-surgical patients.

Lecture and off-campus clinical experiences in medical-surgical nursing are included in this course. Concepts of wellness, disease, and health behavior are examined as the nursing process is operationalized in the care of acutely ill pediatric patients.

Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

Lecture and an off-site clinical experience are included in this course. Investigates the concept of "woman" from ancient Greece to the present. Investigates the concepts of love and sex and structural and discursive factors contributing to our daily experiences of these phenomena. The course addresses both historical and contemporary material across intersections of race, gender, and class using philosophy, history, and literature. Investigates concepts including political power, equality, revolution, liberties, slavery, socialism and patriarchal power, race and gender.

This course treats the ethical, political, and other dimensions of systematic mass violence through case studies and general theoretical analyses. Investigates the theoretical underpinnings of women's movements for equal rights around the globe. Prerequisites: PS with a C- or above.

Other or on demand and every year. Sexuality as a foundation of personality. The wide range of human sexuality is explored; sexual development, roles, attitudes and behaviors. Other or on demand and every years. Women's psychological development throughout the lifespan will be examined, including female development, achievement, stereotyping, stress, violence and psychological disorders.

An introduction to dominant-minority group relations through the investigation of the patterns and dynamics of differentiation, inequality and discrimination. This course introduces the sociologist study of gender and sexuality. This course examines how social institutions and cultural norms construct particular gender roles and sexual identities within society. Prerequisites: SP or above, or 3 years of language instruction. In this course, students will develop communication skills in Spanish using information and vocabulary related to women's health.

The content of this course focuses on language used in health professions as well as cultural situations. By familiarizing students with conversational Spanish and medical Spanish, this course will enable students to apply their learning to real-world situations, to assist in communications, and ultimately to break down the barrier between professionals and Spanish-speakers. Finally, the course's focus on cultural competency interrogates intersections between women's Sex women Worcester Massachusetts and topics including but not limited to politics, economics, gender, sexuality, race and age.

Spring only and every years. Prerequisites: SP Representative works from South and Central American authors from the colonial period to the present. Fall only and every years. This course uses a variety of academic disciplines to study the situation of women around the world. Investigation of the Aging process for women in urban society, focusing on their great longevity, lower income status, and major care giving role. Fall and Spring and every years.

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Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

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Sex women Worcester Massachusetts

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