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Our first location consisted of two upstairs rooms in downtown Hastings, and membership was open only to men. A two-story brick facility was built at North Lincoln inand later renovated in Women ed our ranks in the s, paving the way for many new activities. The Hastings Y has undergone enormous change throughout the years, but our mission of improving the quality of life in our community through good health, confident kids, and strong families remains the same.

We accomplish this through a wide variety of programs and activities devoted to youth developmenthealthy livingand social responsibility. Inindustrialized London was a place of great turmoil and despair. For the young men who migrated to the city from rural areas to find jobs, London offered a bleak landscape of tenement housing and dangerous influences. Twenty-two-year-old George Williams, a farmer-turned-department store worker, was troubled by what he saw. Although an association of young men meeting around a common purpose was nothing new, the Y offered something unique for its time.

Inspired by the stories of the Y in England, he led the formation of the first U. Maria Urlacher Aquatics Director aquatics hastingsymca. Child Care Director childcare hastingsymca. Ty LeBar Sports Director sports hastingsymca. Hope LeBar Marketing Director marketing hastingsymca. Rich Williams Membership Director membership hastingsymca. Dave Hazen Facility Maintenance Director maintenance hastingsymca. Trent Halbmaier Business Manager finance hastingsymca. Located in close proximity to one another, each facility has unique features and it's own atmosphere.

Access to both facilities is included with your membership! for a Virtual Tour. We understand that the community is stronger when the gifts of all people are respected, embraced and maximized to build a healthier community. Other core values that help define who we are as an organization, and how we do business are: caring, approachable, dynamic, innovative, inspiring, ethical, -oriented. In support of our core values, the Hastings Family YMCA shall, without regard to race, creed, color, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status or ability, include and omit all otherwise qualified persons to its facility, programs, staff, and Board of Directors.

The Hastings YMCA believes that everyone deserves a chance to succeed-no matter their background or income — and we have learned that can happen only when we unite to nurture the best in all of us. That is why our cause is strengthening community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Youth Development: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen for a path of success. Healthy Living: Improving the health and well-being through partnerships with health care. Social Responsibility: Foster a greater sense of engagement to provide support to our neighbors.

To develop an outstanding work environment that trains a diverse staff, builds healthy workplace culture and enlarges a passion for improving our community. We believe that a well-trained, energized staff, that is passionate about the needs of a diverse community and the mission of the YMCA will best represent who we are AND create a fantastic environment that people clamor to be a part of.

Objective 1. To develop and expand healthy living for all through high quality programs, exceptional member experiences and key community partnerships. Objective 2. Be known as a committed, visible community leader in youth and young adult programming. We believe that young people are the present and future life-blood of our community and that our commitment to being the leader in high-quality, engaging programming for youth benefits everyone, for now and into the Adult seeking hot sex Naponee Nebraska 68960.

Objective 3. Home About Us. Dedicated to the leadership development of college students, student Ys remain active on the campuses of major universities such as the University of Illinois. Welcoming and engaging newcomers and immigrants has always been part of YMCA work. YMCA housing began in the s to give young men moving to cities from rural areas safe and affordable lodging. Facilities included gyms, auditoriums and hotel-like rooms.

Between andYMCA accommodations grew from approximately 55, rooms to more than , more than any hotel chain at the time. Martin Luther King Jr. Ambassador Andrew Young. Eventually ing 5, members of the U. Christian Commission served as surgeons, nurses and chaplains during the Civil War. The volunteers distributed medical supplies, food and clothing, and taught soldiers to read and write. The first YMCA buildings constructed with gymnasiums opened in Inthe first Railroad YMCA was organized in Cleveland as a partnership between the YMCA and railroad companies to provide wholesome overnight lodging and meeting space for railroad workers.

The longest continually operating camp, its aim was to provide children with a positive developmental experience through making new friends, building confidence Adult seeking hot sex Naponee Nebraska 68960 growing in self-reliance. Deed to promote Christian character through fostering speech, sportsmanship and scholastic achievement, the Chapman, Kansas YMCA developed the Hi-Y club for high-school boys in Today, more than 46 million Americans play volleyball. Luther Gulick, gave physical education teacher James Naismith two weeks to come up with an indoor winter game to challenge a class of future Y directors.

Naismith hung peach baskets to the bottom of a second-level running track and taught the men his new game: basketball. Today, basketball is second only to soccer as the most popular sport in the world.

Adult seeking hot sex Naponee Nebraska 68960

Early YMCAs created a of programs to make vocational and higher education available to more people, especially working-class Americans. Inlarge-scale evening classes began at the Boston YMCA, offering liberal arts and vocational courses. ByYMCAs operated 20 colleges in cities across the country, and many of these YMCA-founded schools became freestanding institutions of higher learning. Today, YMCAs respond to changing demographics through refugee services, welcome centers, adult education classes and more.

In Newark, N. The Ys included clean, safe dorm rooms and eating facilities, which were a boon to black travelers, especially servicemen, in a segregated and discriminatory era. Swimming classes expanded throughout the century to include families and people with disabilities. Louis YMCA. Started by Harold J. Keltner and Joe Friday, a member of the Ojibway tribe, the program was based on the Native-American family model and sought to foster the companionship of father and son.

The program later expanded to include father-daughter Y-Indian Princessmother-son, mother-daughter Y-Indian Maiden and parent-preschooler components. The program encourages high school students to understand the processes of government and to prepare to participate in it. Like YMCA inventors, Sobek was not paid for his invention; he bestowed it as a gift to all who play the game today.

Infinancial consultant Dr. Leo B. The program later expanded to support all teens of color. Inracial discrimination was banned in all YMCAs. The office champions the YMCA mission with lawmakers and federal and state government officials. The office also works with YMCAs and state alliances to strengthen their government relations efforts, helping them advocate for the kids, families and communities they serve and deepening their influence in state capitols.

Every state alliance now engages in a variety of important issues impacting YMCAs and their communities. Free and open to the public, it became an annual April event, deed to emphasize the importance of play in keeping kids healthy and happy and enhancing their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and motor and social skills.

Adult seeking hot sex Naponee Nebraska 68960

Incelebrating a rich history in character development, the YMCA movement defined character as the demonstration of four core values: caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. YMCA staff intentionally modeled the values with children, youth, and adult members and volunteers. Sponsorship allows Ys to share their mission and stories with the American public with an intensity they could not achieve on their own, increasing individual and corporate fundraising, membership and volunteer efforts. In the s and '90s baby boomers with families became more prominent as members and Ys responded by creating specific programs like family swims and family nights; providing families with opportunities to play, interact and have fun.

The event celebrated the th anniversary of America's YMCAs and highlighted the importance of physical activity for kids and parents. Over 15, volunteers and 54, youth and adults participated with proceeds benefiting local YMCA programs. In July before a U. Healthy Communities spre to more than YMCA communities engaging millions of people in making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Inwith support from Lumina Foundation for Education, YMCAs added College Goal Sunday to their educational programs for youth, which helps low-income, at-risk or non-traditional students with the financial aid process; one of the most ificant obstacles to college access and success. Positioning the YMCA as an important partner in preventing chronic disease throughout the nation, Y-USA garners the support of high-ranking government officials.

Inthe Y revitalized its brand and began officially referring to itself by its most familiar name — the Y — for the first time.

Adult seeking hot sex Naponee Nebraska 68960

Part of the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program, the program is part of a new health care delivery system that values prevention efforts offered in a community setting. The first ature program at the Y, DPP helps participants lose weight and increase physical activity with the ultimate goal of preventing new cases of type 2 diabetes. To help end childhood hunger during the summer, the Y and the Walmart Foundation serve more than 7 million meals and snacks to 70, children when school is out of session, beginning The member-led community service program encourages Y members to find projects to improve their neighborhoods.

Troy Stickels CEO troys hastingsymca. COMMUNITY IMPACT As we move towardswe will focus on three strategic priorities: Youth Development: Be known as a committed, visible community leader in youth and young adult programming Healthy Living: To foster and expand healthy living for all through high quality, personable member experiences and key community partnerships Social Responsibility: To develop a fantastic work environment that trains a diverse staff, builds healthy workplace culture and builds a passion for community stewardship Key Result Area 1 To develop an outstanding work environment that trains a diverse staff, builds healthy workplace culture and enlarges a passion for improving our community.

Key Result Area 3 Be known as a committed, visible community leader in youth and young adult programming. Newsletter Up. Follow Us. Tabbie Metcalf Child Care Director childcare hastingsymca.

Adult seeking hot sex Naponee Nebraska 68960

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