Looking or a beautiful Fort Worth woman what else

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She may as well be k. Faces in the audience hold the kind of politely attentive but bored expression you see at the opera. Later it dawns on me: Flying in Stella Tennant for a fashion show midway between Dallas and Fort Worth is like serving ostrich medallions to an audience that wants nothing more than T-bone. I WAS ONE of those women looking at the model of the moment, pretending to understand and appreciate her ethereal version of beauty when, in truth. I looked for clues in her carriage, her face, her boyish haircut, and finally decided my taste had adapted to the version of beauty we get in Dallas.

I wanted T-bone. Men will tell you Dallas has the most beautiful women in the world. We raise and export them and they, in turn, become our ambassadors of image, venturing into the world, reflecting brightly on the rest of us back home. But because of their legacy, we try.

Looking or a beautiful Fort Worth woman what else

And try. Dallas women always see themselves as works in progress. A social truism: There are those who have it and those who pursue it. In Dallas, many have it; most pursue it.

Looking or a beautiful Fort Worth woman what else

Conventional wisdom suggests that with enough effort, anyone can look like Bridget Hall. I began to wonder how Dallas cultivated this reputation for having the most beautiful women in the world. Who was responsible for saddling the unBridget Halls of us with this reputation? Some reputations are harder to trace than others.

Men respond as if they suffer from an embarrassment of riches and try to link the reputation for beautiful women with the original Dallas millionaires where money goes, beautiful women follow. I found my answer on a rainy Monday night in October-the night, as it were, of the opening of NorthSouth.

To do so would reveal more about your station in Dallas than you would ever consciously want to. The restaurant in the Quadrangle had Place to Be hammered all over it long before il opened. Hip neighborhood, Of-the-moment cuisine. Another social truism: In Dallas, the moneyed attend charity galas and the Beautiful People attend restaurant openings. On that Monday in October, the weather was conspiring against the Beautiful People. Make that: Beautiful Women.

In Dallas, men do little to advance the notion of Beautiful People.

Looking or a beautiful Fort Worth woman what else

This occurred to me only as I walked into NorthSouth. My hair had been wet and dry five times that day; my original makeup was buried beneath two subsequent layers; my black skirt. I was Miss Congeniality surrounded by a restaurant full of beauty ant contenders.

Everywhere I looked, I saw miniskirts and naveI-baring tops, body-hugging black Lycra with 3-inch heels. At last I had my answer. Dallas has the most beautiful women in the world because Dallas women try harder than women any where else in the world. Browse all newsletters here. Related Content. Newsletter Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to offer. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.


Looking or a beautiful Fort Worth woman what else Looking or a beautiful Fort Worth woman what else

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