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Kendra Coleman is a graduate of Star Spencer High School, where she was salutatorian of her graduating class. Coleman regularly participates in voter registration drives and voter education Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl. She also participates in school career days, teaching kids how attorneys can make a positive impact on the community. Kendra was instrumental in starting the walk-in legal clinic in September and has volunteered her Saturdays since then.

As a member of the Spencer community since she was a young girl, Kendra knew that Spencer needed legal help. Spencer is close to Oklahoma City if you have transportation and the money to get there, unfortunately, many residents of Spencer cannot afford to travel to Oklahoma City for help. The clinic is mainly deed for same-day brief legal advice, but Ms. Coleman often takes on pro bono clients that need more help than a walk-in clinic can give or calling on other lawyers for assistance. Recently, a grandmother came to the clinic seeking legal representation for the guardianship of her granddaughter.

The granddaughter is autistic and there were also pending disability benefits hearings. The court cases were stalled until the grandmother could find representation; however, the grandmother's only income is social security and she could not afford an attorney. Coleman was able advise the grandmother and find an attorney who was willing to successfully take on the guardianship and disability cases. Brent S. Howard is a homegrown attorney. He attended grade school and High School in the rural surrounds of Altus, Oklahoma.

He then went on to attain Legal Masters LL. Howard has become a valued asset to the community he volunteers in all aspects of the community. He thrives on being a mentor to local youth and giving guidance into future endeavors. Although he may not be the traditional Pro Bono Attorney Legal Aid sees daily he brings a world of knowledge to other areas of law we do not delve in so that our clients have a growing appreciation for our referral systems.

We are a small rural community that work hand and hand with other local Non-profits and by Mr. Howard helping these smaller non-profits it brings more advantages to our communities. For example, one such non-profit he has been helping is our local House of Grace and Mercy which would help mothers and children be provided the basic skill sets to be independent or less dependent on others to care for their children.

This would help mothers reintegrate with their children after separations have occurred. This program has succeeded in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. Without Mr. He should be acknowledged for his long standing help and the guidance he provides for both the youth of our community as well as the overall community. We would like Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl thank him for his service and we look forward to our futures together in this community.

District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. McGee Ave. Several private bankruptcy attorneys volunteer their time providing legal advice for pro se litigants involving the decision to file for bankruptcy protection or assisting with the pleadings and filings. Tim Barbour: Oklahoma City attorney Tim Barbour is one of our more involved private attorney volunteers. Tim was admitted to practice in Oklahoma in and is also d to practice in California. He practices in the areas of bankruptcy, family, taxation and commercial law.

Barbour not only helps with the Oklahoma City Bankruptcy Clinic but has also been an active pro bono lawyer with Legal Aid for many years, handling clients with bankruptcy and divorces. He helps pro se litigants at the Clinic by reviewing and helping to revise court papers and assisting with adversary proceeding filings. We've heard it said about Tim that "he is always very busy, however, he has an ability to create an opening in his schedule for anyone that needs him. He also practices in the areas of business reorganizations, loan restructuring, and business transactions.

Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl

Lindsey, and served as an attorney with the Office of the United States Trustee for the Western District of Oklahoma from to Toffoli has also volunteered with the Clinic since it began in February Mark has advised several clients on how to start filing a bankruptcy and has helped file several complete bankruptcy cases. With the help of a translator, Mark has also worked with Spanish-speaking client to review and explain the bankruptcy process and the meaning of documents. She currently resides in Edmond with her husband and two young sons.

Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl

Elizabeth limits her practice to Bankruptcy Law. Pickens meets with Clinic clients including recently helping a cancer survivor with medical debt who ultimately determined it was best to attempt to work with her creditors before making a decision to file bankruptcy. Margaret Travis: Margaret Travis received her J. She has been in private practice since and currently focuses her practice on bankruptcy. Margaret lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, David and her son, Jacob. At the Clinic, Ms.

Travis recently helped a client file a complete Chapter 7, working with her for several hours. The Ms. Travis not only met with the client in the clinic but also volunteered several more hours completing the petition and required schedules at the Oklahoma City Legal Aid Services Office. Without their help many of our clients could be facing further financial hardships while already going through troubled and trying times in their lives. Kathy L. Kathy understood and compassionately agreed to help.

Kathy responded graciously replying "I too have been in that position as a single parent to my current marriage and I realized how God had blessed my business and that I should return that blessing.

Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl

It truly is better to give than receive. I hope the clients we help will be in a position to do the same someday. Kevin Rumler, has been in law enforcement for 20 years working with several different agencies including the Adair County Sheriff Office, Westville Police Dept. When asked why he volunteers, Kevin responds "I enjoy helping my agencies and my community to the best of my ability. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. LASO is grateful to these professionals for their volunteer service to help us serve our clients.

David agreed to take a case and was willing to accept a case asment that very day! Hood know that the case documents and notes would be sent to him the following Monday. This case involved a senior citizen, a veteran living in Logan County requesting help with a divorce to end an abusive marriage.

The client had obtained a protective order on his own but did not have the money for a divorce. His wife had 2 domestic violence convictions. On Monday morning, as Stacy prepared the case documents for Mr. Hood, he called to let Legal Aid know that he was able to reach the client and the client was sitting in his office.

Hood's quick response enabled this client to get the protection he needed close the divorce by the end the year. Legal Aid truly appreciates the extraordinary efforts of all of our volunteer attorneys but it is especially nice when an asment is wrapped up so quickly! David Hood is a life-long Guthrie resident.

He earned his undergraduate degree in history at the University of Oklahoma, followed by graduate degrees in law and international relations at the University of Washington. Following law school, David worked overseas with an American Bar Association program in the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union helping organize grass-roots legal Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl such as judicial associations, legal clinics and student bar associations. He also taught law in Lithuania. Upon returning to the U.

For the last eleven years, he has maintained his solo practice in Guthrie, where he engages in a wide variety of practice areas typical of a small-town attorney. For the past eight years, David had served as the Municipal Judge for the City of Guthrie, and he was also recently appointed as the Municipal Judge for the Town of Wellston. He and his family attend the First Christian Church in Guthrie. Kent provides legal advice to clients at the clinic, and also accepts cases for full representation.

Recently, Kent met a family at the 3rd Saturday Legal Clinic, who needed an adult guardianship for their daughter, who had recently turned She has a medical condition which will substantially shorten her lifespan, so it was essential that a guardianship be put in place to allow the parents to take care of her needs.

Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl

Regardless of her situation, she has a great outlook on life. She came decked out in purple with a Bieber shirt, blanket and the whole nine yards because she loves Justin Bieber so much! Kent accepted the guardianship case and was able to get the guardianship granted to enable the parents to properly care for their sweet daughter It was an experience she will never forget!

Another Saturday, Kent walked into the clinic with a client in tow. Kent met the client at a church where the client worked for food and a place to shower and store his belongings. The client has been homeless for many years and slept at night in bushes in front of the Church, due to his perceived hopelessness of his situation.

The client was interviewed and the attorneys came up with a plan to resolve client's legal issues involving a probate and child support. Kent accepted his case and spent time negotiating everything for client, and ultimately was successful in getting everything squared away, so that client would have a fresh start on life.

Generous gentleman seeks Wewoka girl

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