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Table of contents. That was major homosexual Republican donors. How will this state handle the now legal adoption of male children by married homosexual couples? The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat. They have dealt with their problem. As said before, you are probably a member of the Yonkers Black Sox. The media loves to make the church look bad, but covers for the pols. They are all in bed together pun intended and true. She is another old school dried up hag who should hang out with Long in trailer trash Alabama. She has a lot to answer for in screwing up the Republican Party only due to her narrow minded bigoted views.

She must have been promised the moon by Martinelli. With no civil service exam of course. I never said anything about Catholics; I said clergy, and I meant that people of various religious backgrounds have been molesting children for years, while religious leaders of all faiths have been silent about it. Since you brought up Catholicism, it is only fair to say that they have had a particular problem with such molestation; for them to now claim the moral high ground against gays is laughable. You are so right! They are always marching and screaming and waving those ridiculous rainbow flags.

They act like a bunch of damn fools. Once aligned with Amicone, this surely finished him off. Unfortunately SpaNO wins, so we all lose again. Oh stop your damn whining. You are not the only one paying taxes. You have to pay Local swingers yonkers new york wherever you live. You are not the only one not getting any bang for your buck. This issue does not have anything to do with taxes. Now that gay marriage has past you will have to find something else to whine about and I am sure you will. What the hell does gay have to do with it? Gay means happy,merry.

Local swingers yonkers new york

You people are always bitching about something. You should use MAD instead. MAD Marriage because it is madness. Oh yes!

Local swingers yonkers new york

Remember the Yonkers Black Sox. As a former employee of Mr. Martinelli, I am deeply disappointed in his lack of knowledge and understanding of what the issue really is. I have been paying these taxes for years and what have I gotten out of it? My dollars have been lining his pockets of hate for years.

I am disgusted with that. Look you anti-Catholic secular slob enough about the clergy already. There are a lot more than the clergy that have molested children. Just because some people have engaged in some very bad behavior does not mean we should sink further down the rabbit hole. Now respond telling me your a Catholic….

Local swingers yonkers new york

He is a very good Catholic and he is following the beliefs of his church. So go suck a lemon double on tundra all of you Sodom and Gomorrahites. Now John can marry John and Lesnick can officiate. I always thought a conservative was someone who supported a strong national defense, respect for law and order, and support for smaller, more limited government. The religious types on here are all in Local swingers yonkers new york tizzy about gay marriage.

A shame they never showed any concern for the thousands of children who have been molested by clergymen over the years. He is NOT a conservative. Voters who are upset that gay marriage was passed should look to their local officials who supported its passage. Murtagh does not. Firstly, and this applies to all the other assholes out in politico land in Yonkers, as a Mayor or city council person, you will never ever be voting on Gay Marriage, Climate Change, Abortion, Death Penalty etc.

Secondly when on the council you were terrible, clueless and actually never had anything to say. Why all the sudden political interest, when all you did on the council was collect a paycheck and vote YES on every budget, which has got us to where we are today. Thirdly, give it up. Finally get over yourself with gay marriage. Go back with a lot of republicans and live in the stone age with the taliban.

Richie You really are a dumbo. Why dont you just let it hang out there. What does that say about you as an honest leader that follows the law.

Local swingers yonkers new york

But the bigger issue Richie is the fact that this is all you are talking about. You are an empty vessel. A nothing. Yonkers has so many serious financial issues facing it that SSM is the least of its worries. You are simply trying to be devisive Local swingers yonkers new york that is all you got in your p ants. Go back to your printing press and run off some John Birch Society pamphlets. Leave the real problems of Yonkers to Real Men.

The problems are not for a boy. Martinelli is right. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Gay marriage is the law because people like Murtagh supported it. Murtagh is completely out of touch and is no social or fiscal conservative. He is a new York city tax and spend liberal who helped change the definition of traditional marriage. You will never b mayor and never have to perform gay marriages. Ballot is so split that all anyone cares about is who will win the deocratic primary.

This press release is wrongheaded…a law was passed any consititutional officer has to respect that law…the issue is over in new york fortunately and we have lots of other issues that are far more pressing that all candidates have to deal with. Martinelli, I am extremely dissapointed with this latest press release, and for me this is the final straw. It seems you will put out a press release on anything just to get your name out there, regardless of whether the issue affects Yonkers Citizens or not. At least Mr. You have lost my vote. Your useless press releases that offer nothing to the real problems facing Yonkers are not helping your campaign.

I can guarantee you that this press release has lost you far more votes than it has gained you.

Local swingers yonkers new york

Are you a member of the Klan? You have to be to issue such bigoted and politically stupid press releases in Yonkers. I am sure there are some old bigots like Mike Long who agree with you, but honestly, its a game you are playing that is pretty dangerous. Not who marries whom. You would be better off telling everyone about your vast business experience running your tiny printing business and how that makes you an expert to be able to cure Yonkers monumental financial woes. As a potential future Mayor, I am sure you feel obligated to follow State Law. Pander Much?? We have been doing sensual massage for nine years and we truly love our work.

To us it isn't really work, more like a pleasurable event.

Local swingers yonkers new york

We now have several men who visit often, a few weekly, perhaps you will be soon as well. We offer a safe envir My massages are unique and incomparable to many as I blend different techniques together. Benefits of having regular massages can help reduce or manage the I offer a spa quality relaxation that will stimulate your senses, release tensions and leave you refreshed and energized. This is not a traditional massage or physiotherapy but rather an energizing body treatment which combines various techniques that I've learned during years of training and practi Where I brought t I am new to this place.

I can say that living and working in New York specially in the city is a very stressful place. A lot of things going on in everyday and people need to relax once in awhile. I am a passionate, driven Hi I offer a relaxing massage for male or female. COM That was major homosexual Republican donors. Photos of real swingers couples, males, females and trans members You are so right! This is not a presidential election Richard. Grow up. for : bronx? COM Not who marries whom.

Local swingers yonkers new york

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