Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

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Published May 11, Say yes!

Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

How do people make new friends? What is dating like? And as for those who do use Tinder, what do they use it for? People use Tinder for a variety of reasons. Some dream of finding true love, others crave an easy casual hook up. There are also those who find joy in lengthy and pointless conversations with strangers whom they never intend to hang out with and then there are the trolls who use it to make fun of people.

Come over. I have lots of space for a party.

Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

And seriously? I came to Iceland slightly before the Grapevine ran its feature on dating and very quickly became acquainted with the dating culture or lack thereof in this country. You get drunk and hook up with someone you meet at a bar while severely intoxicated and possibly get into a relationship after repeated drunken late night encounters with the same person.

Icelanders can now send out mass booty calls in the middle of the night without having to leave the comfort of their warm, cosy and lonely beds. Yes, you can message your Tinder matches sitting in the office pantry to bring the snacks over. The petite blonde ran over and threw her arms around my shoulders as though we were long-lost sisters who had just been reunited after ten years of separation.

Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

Upon seeing my discombobulated facial expression, she took a step back and introduced herself. After a short conversation, I politely excused myself and began the excruciating walk back home, hoping for no more unexpected encounters with my Tinder Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik. On my way home, I stopped to say hi to my neighbour, whom I only met because he had ly been out on a Tinder date with one of my best friends. He made me a grilled cheese sandwich, which I devoured as he went through my Tinder matches on my phone. I received a new message from yet another match.

My neighbour, who was one of the above-mentioned Tinder trolls, sent a few messages poking fun at this Tinder match of mine, as well as some others who went on to unmatch me. They not only keep your face warm during the stormy winter months but also help to conceal all your flaws in your Tinder profile pictures. Throw on a stylish pair of sunglasses and a hat or beanie and your entire face is hidden.

No one can tell you apart from a supermodel now. Recent studies suggest that despite the availability of various apps and websites, the best way to successfully meet new people is still through a mutual friend. Anyone who has friends in this city will know that every other person is a friend of a friend.

This allows Tinder users here to find potential matches while proudly announcing they met through a mutual friend, rather than on Tinder. We, at the Grapevine, tried this out by exclusively looking on Tinder for friends of our lovely editor, Anna Andersen. Regardless of the outcome, the best Tinder matches were always those I had mutual friends with.

A few years ago, a couple of software-engineering students created an incest-prevention app called IslendingaApp. Users of the app simply have to bump their phones together in order to find out if they are related. Unfortunately, the terribly uncomfortable feeling of running into awkward drunk cousins desperately hitting on random people at Kaffibarinn on a Saturday night just becomes a part of our daily lives.

Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

Who knows? The male specimen has shaved sides and a tuft of hair in the middle of his head. While swiping through his photos, you will see a gym mirror selfie, a suited up selfie, a close-up selfie, a high school graduation picture and a group photo of a night out with the boys possibly taken with a selfie stick.

The female has straightened platinum blond hair, a slightly tangerinecoloured spray tan and fake painted eyebrows. Her profile pictures consist of a collection of selfies taken from different angles.

Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

There are plenty of fish in the sea. Oh, wait! All the fish have been removed from the ocean and now serve as props for Tinder profile pictures. Catches from all over the world try their luck at reeling in Tinder dates with attractive pictures of themselves proudly holding onto the slimy carcasses of coldblooded aquatic vertebrates.

Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

What makes the situation in Iceland unique is how often you actually come across the fish guy. The fisheries sector in Iceland, yielding a catch of over a million tonnes of fish a year, is directly responsible for the employment of approximately 9, Icelanders! Nevertheless, the cumbersome and expensive process of obtaining a licence to own a dog does not seem to stop people from getting a bunch of puppies and posting a photo series on Tinder.

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Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

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Cute couple looking for friend in Reykjavik

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