Nude St Helens women getting fucked

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Nude St Helens   women getting fucked

Return to UKPunting Sugar Babies. Free Fuck. Live Sex. Home Register. s: 1 [ 2 ] Go Down. Author Topic: Sinderellas St. Helens Read times. She went into the room with me, dropping the gown and rubbing my back while straddling me. Stood up to peel her panties down and moved near my hand so I could feel her up. Rubbed her flaps, then she used her bum cheeks to massage my back. Turned over, and she grabbed my cock straightaway.

Put on a pink flavoured condom with her mouth, tantalizing the end with flicks and licks of her tongue, before slurping mouth right down the shaft. Got a sachet of lube, waved it under my nose and dripped a big blob right on top of my cock. Sat on top of cock, clasped her tits together as she bent forward and rubbed big tits Nude St Helens women getting fucked erect nips over my chest.

Changed position, she squatted down on me while I stayed motionless she went up and down the shaft really fast. A quick mover and very accurate in her moves, as she managed to go right up to the tip of my cock without coming off. Then she lay back with legs wide open, showing off her juicy and shaven pink cunt to me, with her clit, peehole and inner flaps in full view.

Nice anus too, not wrinkly or creased, round and pink like a dimple. Fucked her frantically until I came inside her, and carried on fucking her as I remained hard for a minute or more after cumming. Claudia [Image hidden]. Quote from: dave23 on July 18,pm. She said 'you're luckywe have two lovely girls available right now, black and blonde'. Both girls came out for me to view them, Emma the black girl in white bra, pink shorts and white PVC boots and Suzi the blonde in black panties and black transparent negligee.

As I looked them over Melissa stood next to me, first rubbing my shoulder, then moving her hand down to squeeze my cock, doing this quite openly in front of Suzi and Emma. Whose body do you like the best? As I undressed, she pulled my trousers and boxer shorts off, then eyed up my erect cock saying ' hey look at him'. I got on the bed and she didn't bother with a massage, just tickled and then licked my balls before putting on the condom for a suck.

Nude St Helens   women getting fucked

After fingering her, squeezed the cheeks of her arse. After the oral, Suzi got on the bed as I slid into her doggy style, reasonably tight, great for a relatively short fuck Suzi showing off her arse [Image hidden]. Two girls free, Lexy and Tara. Now they paraded together in their skimpy outfits,Lexy a brunette in short clingy low cut brown dress and Tara, a black girl in white corset top and thong. Picked Lexy as I'd been with Tara three or four times. The receptionist said' she'll take good care of you, enjoy' went into the room with Lexy. Stripped off for my massage, as I got my cock out Lexy said 'Wonder how many pussies and mouths that's been in' Lexy kept the dress on for now but noticed when I lay down that her cunt was bare.

Having your cock sucked? I do it with the bloke lying on his back with a full erection, I piss directly on his cock, and seconds later he spurts cum. Lexy wanked away as I did so. Got on the bed with her and Lexy began to suck me before we switched position and went into a Sucked me to orgasm as I licked all of her pink cunt.

Finished off by saying 'If you can get that hard in 10 minutes we can still fuck, I'll play with myself till you get it up again'. Got hard again with five minutes to spare, condom on for a very swift doggy fuck. Pic is of a threesome orgy in Sinderella's purple room.

Nude St Helens   women getting fucked

Amazingly this was openly featured on Sinderella's website. Mel the owner of Sinderellas and Cherry Girls. Though I didn't do the deed with her, she greeted me lots of times in her unique way. First a stroke of the face, then a shoulder rub and finally a feel of my bulge. First time she squeezed my cock I couldn't believe it! But it was a good way of relaxing a nervous punter, and letting him know that this was sensual and sexy parlour, a place to abandon your inhibitions. She did occasionally work the rooms but possibly only doing domination. August Went to Cherry Girls, receptionist put me in the room with a four poster bed and Jodie came in a few minutes later.

A tall blonde with long hair and big bust wearing a halter top, black lacy panties, black stockings with suspender belt. Lay on front for an oil massage starting on shoulders and working down. Jodie reached round and felt the tip of my cock with oily finger Turned over to watch Jodie strip out of her skimpy outfit, pulling down halter top to show tits and taking the black panties off to reveal a bare slit.

After a bit of rubbing of balls moved her head between my legs and began to lick my balls.

Nude St Helens   women getting fucked

Jodie got the condom out but was unable to open it, so I opened it instead she said 'sorry, all fingers and thumbs today'. Began to suck me off. As she sucked and held my cock with one hand, Jodie used her other hand to play with herself, stroking her flaps and clit. Licked my balls again after I said how much I liked this. Sucked deeper and got into a position so she was kneeling on all fours over me as she sucked.

Felt her tits as she sucked away, and made them hard. Her pussy was over my head and I said ' mm shaven very nice'. I started to play with her flaps, making her wet. Wiped her juices off my fingers by rubbing the cunt juice on her tits and nipples. Felt her flaps, moved my forefinger round to feel her anus. Jodie didn't mind me sticking my finger about half an inch up her arsehole.

She sucked deeply away and I actually felt her anus contract on my finger. She nearly made me cum by licking the underside of my cock and taking my balls into her mouth. Slid along to have a brief doggie fuck. After cumming I squeezed her bum cheeks together then licked her nipples. Jodie in pic from the old Sinderellas website, friendly with excellent oral skills but the fuck on the short side.

Too dumb to realize at the time but was probably intending to do a 69 with me. On my earlier visits usually had the massage that ate into the time, later got into action straightaway. The new Amy was very enthusiastic and slightly mad, a real hot young whore. The receptionist said we have two girls free, they'll come through to the lounge now. The girls in the lineup - Lexy was a tanned girl, wearing black stockings. The receptionist said 'turn round girls' which gave a great view of their almost bare bums. When naked, grabbed me and started to pull my clothes off then dragging me along into the shower with her.

When we got out of the shower, asked me if I wanted a quick massage. Used her fingertips while bending over me - her legs were Nude St Helens women getting fucked so I could see her pussy and arsehole in the mirrors at the side of the bed as she rubbed me down. Got into position for doggy sex after I put the condom on for her ' I've got sharp fingernails'.

Nude St Helens   women getting fucked

Big broad bottom with cunt and bumhole clearly visible. As I slid in she shouted 'Fuck me hard, I love being fucked hard. Slapped her bottom as I took cock out. Amy wanked herself, fingering her cunt, sticking three fingers in and out fast while feeling her anus with the other finger. Yelled 'fuck my hole' as I did her doggy again.

Then she sat on top for cowgirl sex, wanking my cock while it was still inside her, and rubbing her own clit while wanking my shaft. After we finished, put her green G string back on and saw me out, wearing just the G string. Amy [Image hidden]. June Cherry Girls. Went in the room and waited for the available girl to come in. Lay on the bed when Elli, a leggy blonde bird, came in wearing red lacy bra, red panties and black hold up stockings. She took off all her clothing to wear just the black hold up stockings. Lay side by side with her on the bed while she asked 'what do you like?

She got a condom, stood over me on top, then straddled and lowered her pussy so just the tip went in.

Nude St Helens   women getting fucked Nude St Helens women getting fucked

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