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T o some, the thought of not feeling romance may initially seem a little strange.

Woman want real sex Arnold Michigan

But, for Juliette Arnold, a year-old French psychology student, it is completely natural. Aromantics define themselves as not feeling any or few romantic inclinations towards other people. Some aromantic people realise their identity during their teenage years.

For others, the label came later. Brii Noelle, a year-old parent of two and aspiring healthcare worker, only realised after she started trying to date. He was nice, and very good looking, and kind of hit all of what I would look for in a partner. Only problem was, as time grew on, I felt absolutely nothing for him. She began to feel that it was unnatural for her to be involved with others in a romantic relationship.

Similarly, Arnold initially struggled with the concept of aromanticism before she became comfortable. It took her several months after being introduced to the idea by a friend before she accepted it. Many aromantics are also asexualwhich means they experience little to no sexual pull towards others. But not all of them are.

Woman want real sex Arnold Michigan

Schmidt founded a Facebook group for aromantic people who do feel sexual attraction. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. There are a wide variety of Facebook s, from Aromantic Non-Asexuals to Happily Aromantic, as well as blogs dedicated to aromanticism on the social media site, Tumblr.

Their members in the hundreds. While predominantly young, they have many different backgrounds, including different gender identities and sexual orientations. These online communities can help aromantics overcome the stigma attached to rejecting romance. All the aromantic people I speak to tell similar stories: tales of being accused of delusion, or heartlessness.

I still have a huge, sensitive heart. I watch Hallmark movies about true love and marriage, and cry at those! But where does this stigma come from? I get the sense that most people hold romantic connection as somehow superior to all other forms of human connection.

Woman want real sex Arnold Michigan

However, all three are keen to stress that they do not lack non-romantic love, or close relationships. Schmidt, who grew up in a conservative, religious household, has partners and friends with whom they share strong emotional bonds. Arnold is proud to not relish the idea of a romantic relationship. Increasingly, those who identify as aromantics are finding like minds in online communities. Josh Salisbury. Wed 11 Oct Topics Relationships Sex features.

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Woman want real sex Arnold Michigan

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Meet the aromantics: ‘I’m not cold – I just don’t have any romantic feelings’