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O n a cold December night, Inger Stojberg stood in an overlit auditorium in Vordingborg, eastern Denmark, and explained why the Danish government had chosen nearby Lindholm Island for its new detention center for rejected asylum seekers. But many in the audience of more than thought something even more important was at stake. Immigration became a thorny political issue throughout Western Europe in the wake of a record influx of migrants from the Middle East and Africa inbut the split over Lindholm Island suggests the question has taken on unusual dimensions in Denmark.

The prosperous Nordic country of 5. Despite a reputation for progressive politics, humanitarianism and a generous welfare state, Denmark has some of the most aggressive anti-immigrant policies in Europe. That has included taking out foreign-newspaper adverts warning potential migrants that they are not welcome, and authorizing police to seize cash and valuables from arriving asylum seekers to offset the cost of their maintenance.

What, these days, does it mean to be Danish? These days, the latter seems to be winning. In the past year, the center-right government has passed a so-called burqa ban, even though fewer than 0. Stojberg, a member of the same Liberal Party as the Prime Minister and which forms part of the conservative bloc in parliamenthas adopted an almost gleeful attitude toward migration restrictions. She celebrated the passage of the 50th anti-immigration law with a cake, posting a photo on social media, and published an editorial in a national newspaper in which she suggested that Muslims bus drivers and hospital workers who fasted during Ramadan might pose a safety risk to Danish society.

She also uses one of Denmark or asian women tonight only infamous Mohammed cartoons as her iPad screen saver, a photograph of which prompted Iran to postpone asylum negotiations with her. And indeed, Danes on the whole take great pride in their right and ability to speak openly, without concern for what some might call political correctness.

The DF proposed the Lindholm Island idea. Some see Lindholm Island and other measures as an attempt to appeal to voters ahead of elections in June. Unlike in the U. If we let in a large of foreigners with their own cultures, ours will be overwhelmed. A degree of plain old xenophobia contributes to this sentiment. But now I say, yes, this is Denmark, so if you want to be part of this society, please learn Danish. Yet he is troubled by the harsh measures and rhetoric adopted by his government as well as the sometimes blatant xenophobia that has made its way into public discourse. In reality, Denmark already is a multiethnic society, and will become only more so in the future.

Younger generations of Danes seem more comfortable with this than their elders. At a Dec. At the rally, Natasha al-Hariri, a legal consultant on immigration, recalled her parents—Palestinians who came to Denmark from Lebanon in —-telling her how welcoming Danes were. She finds the upcoming elections especially nerve-racking.

Denmark or asian women tonight only

He also believes that the Danish economy—including the vaunted welfare state—needs an influx of workers if it is to continue to prosper in the future. But in the end, he justifies his opposition to the Lindholm Island plan with his own appeal to national values. at letters time. Demonstrators with face veils, hold placards and banners as they gather to protest ban on the wearing of face veils at the Black Square in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 01, A picture taken on December 6, shows buildings on Lindholm island in Denmark.

Denmark or asian women tonight only

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Denmark or asian women tonight only

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Denmark or asian women tonight only

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