Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

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With the cost of living in Canada rising throughout the country, understanding how much it will cost you to live in certain cities and provinces is a key factor in determining where to live. Your cost of living can include the costs of key necessities such as:. Housing Canada. include rent, electricity costs and communication service costs, all which vary depending on your province.

Renting is also impacted by the type of home you rent. The type of homes we will cover in this guide are:. For transportation costs, since gas and insurance are the most variable between provinces, this part will include different gas prices and insurance premiums for each city, along with the cost of maintenance. Finally for childcare, it includes the cost of care for infants agestoddlers agesand preschoolers ages This guide is here to help you determine what these costs could look like for you within some of Canada's largest cities. Ontario is Canada's largest province with over With Toronto being home to many Canadian head offices and well-paying office jobs, it is also one of the most expensive cities to live in Canada.

Depending on the property size, the rental rates are as follows:. Another cost for housing is utilities, which include electricity and communication services and are usually not included in the rent. With power in Ontario costing If you're planning on raising a family in Toronto, it will be important to plan in advance for what are the highest single Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa home rental rates in Canada. Living in Toronto also entails a lengthy and expensive commute. With a good public transportation system, including subways, city buses, streetcars and buses from the suburbs, the quality of public transport is quite high compared to other Ontario cities.

For those living in the outskirts of the Canada. however, owning a car may be a more practical way to commute. However, this doesn't tell the whole story, especially in a city that's always on-the-go. Finally, the last major cost is childcare. According to a Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report, Torontonians pay some of the highest child care costs in Canada, with the median monthly cost being:. Overall, If you are planning on raising a family in Toronto, the added costs of Childcare, a larger home, and additional food and miscellaneous costs mean that it is important to have your finances in order.

As the capital of Canada, the cost of living in Ottawa is lower than in Toronto. The primary reason for this is the lower cost of housing the city offers. With rental rates being much lower than Toronto, it can lead to saving thousands of dollars each year.

If you choose to drive, which is especially more convenient if you are commuting from the suburbs or the much cheaper Gatineau Quebec, you can expect similar gas and insurance expenses as those in Toronto. With Ottawa being a slightly lower overall cost of living city than Toronto, food prices can be expected to be close to the Ontario average. That average, where Stats Canada found that the average household of 2. This makes staying home as a parent less Canada., considering the costs being much lower than an average salary would be.

With Ottawa's proximity to Gatineau, who has subsidized child care through the Quebec government, those on a tight budget could live in Gatineau and make the commute to Ottawa. London is increasingly being seen as a viable alternative for those looking to save money and still work in the GTA, with over Londoners commuting to Toronto daily.

Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

In terms of rent, the average monthly rate is:. However, this is partially because of less diverse ride offerings, and less connectivity throughout the city. This makes owning a car very necessary if you are commuting from the outskirts of London or the surrounding area.

Again, the cost of owning a car will be fairly standard across Ontario, given similar insurance rates and gas prices. However, it may lean to the lower end of the spectrum given Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa overall lower costs of living in the city. Finally, the average cost of childcare in London is between the cost of Toronto and Ottawa, with it being the following:.

The province of Quebec continues to rank as one of the lowest cost of living provinces in Canada. Although the Montreal Metropolitan area s for Canada's second most populated area, the cost of living in Montreal is among the lowest for major cities in the country. This is partially because of the cost of rent being very low compared to other big Canada. Depending on your type of diet and whether you eat out alot or not, this average will differ. This means that young families are able to have both parents working, with the added income far and away outweighing the low cost.

This makes Montreal and all of Quebec a very appealing place to raise a family on a cost basis. These low rents, along with low Canada. and communication service costs make living in Quebec's capital very affordable. The image below shows just how much cheaper Quebec City is for a bachelor style apartment, compared to other major Canadian cities. If you are to own a car, the cost is similar across Quebec and Montreal, given low insurance rates and with slightly above average gasoline prices.

With Alberta having no provincial sales tax and relatively higher incomes than the rest of Canada, the province can be attractive to move to. Along with a fairly modest cost of living that is anchored by low rents province-wide, and cheap gas prices, Alberta can be a place to comfortably raise a family. However, for some necessities such as food and electricity, Albertans pay some of the highest costs in all of Canada.

The cost of living in Calgary is very affordable especially for a major city, and is fueled by cheap rent. Average monthly rents are as follows:. Much of this low cost of rent and living can be explained by the economic difficulties both Alberta and Calgary have faced over the last of years. Low rent, in addition to electricity prices at For transportation, many Albertans gravitate towards driving rather than public transportation. With Calgary being a major city, it's likely that the food costs associated with living here are slightly higher as a result of an overall higher cost of living versus smaller towns.

Finally, childcare in Edmonton is around the national average and is more affordable than Calgary with the following monthly costs:. Housing is especially a hot topic when discussing the cost of living in BC, given high real estate prices and a high cost to rent. This makes BC one of the most expensive provinces to live in Canada. With a very expensive housing market to buy into, renting is the only option for many Vancouver residents.

This expensive cost for housing makes the cost of living in Vancouver comparable to cities such as Toronto. The cost to rent per month is as follows:. Although rents are high in Vancouver and in BC, the cost of electricity and communication services are below the national average. At Below shows a breakdown of the total cost of housing for a 2 bedroom apartment.

For transportation, with parking being tough in the city core, public transportation is one option to get around. This is likely much higher Canada. the Vancouver area with more people on-the-go and with an overall higher cost of living in the city.

Finally, childcare costs are lower than other major cities such as Toronto by a large margin, with costs per month of:. Being a fairly rural province aside from large cities such as Winnipeg, the cost of living in Manitoba is affordable.

Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

The cost of living in Winnipeg is very low compared to other major cities. Housing costs per month are as follows:.

Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

In addition to the cost of rent being affordable, electricity prices are a very low 9. This is one option to get around the city, with the other being by car. This stems from some of the lowest housing costs in all of Canada, however electricity costs and food are some of the highest in Canada. In terms of childcare, the monthly costs in Saskatoon are close to the national average. These monthly costs are:.

With some of the lowest income levels in all of Canada, the cost of living in Nova Scotia is modest. This low cost of living is fueled by lower housing costs versus more populated and higher earning provinces. With monthly housing costs making up a large portion of the cost of living in Halifax, the costs are as follows:. In addition to the cost of rent, electricity costs are This high electricity cost is because Nova Scotia Canada. some of the highest power costs in Canada. Nova Scotia has some of the lowest food costs in all of Canada. Along with its fellow Atlantic Canada provinces, New Brunswick ranks among the more affordable places to live in Canada.

PEI is the smallest province in Canada, and has very low housing costs. The average monthly Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa in PEI is as follows:.

Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

The cost of electricity is These are some of the lowest rental rates in all of Canada. For the costs of electricity, the province is close to the Canadian average at Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa childcare, the province has slightly below average costs, evident by St. In conclusion, understanding how much it will cost you to live in a certain city or province is something to take into consideration when determining where to live. It however isn't the only factor. It's also important to live somewhere you like, where the job you want is located, and where your friends and family are.

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Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

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Alternative Lifestyle in Ottawa, Canada.

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