Meet you at wet and wild in rr

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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. NOOK Book. Audio MP3 on CD. Audio CD. Two or three had knives, the rest had sawed-off pool cues, car antennas, anything that would hurt. They were hard to tell apart. Jeans, black leather jackets, long, slicked-back hair. At least three of them matched the vague description Chrysalis had given him.

To his left the brick path led uphill into the Cloisters. The entire park was empty, had been empty for two weeks now, since the gangs had moved in. Fortunato locked eyes with the kid nearest to him. The kid backed away, uncertain. Fortunato looked at the next one. Get out of here. That was all he had time for. A pool cue came slicing for his head.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr

Fortunato slowed time and took the cue, used it to knock away the nearest knife. He breathed in and things sped up again. Now they were all getting nervous. He sprinted downhill, toward the rd Street entrance. Fortunato threw the pool cue at another switchblade and ran after him. They were running downhill.

Fortunato felt himself getting tired, and let out a burst of energy that lifted him off the path and sent him sailing through the air. The kid fell under him and rolled, headfirst. Then he was dead. The cops had doubled patrols around the park, though they were afraid to come in. The next day the kids were back again. There was no wallet, nothing else that had any meaning. Fortunato palmed the coin and sprinted for the subway entrance.

Aces High looked out over the city from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, and the prices were as steep as the view. She was small, not quite delicate, with like face and a body that invited speculation. She wore skintight jeans and a pink silk blouse with a couple of extra buttons undone.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr

Whenever she moved, so did Hiram. She seemed to enjoy watching him sweat. He was carrying it loose in his pocket. The first one came off a kid that was messing with the occult. And, when it got to bothering him, he would spend a day or a week following one of the loose ends the killer had left behind. The coin. His eyes shifted to watch Caroline as she stretched languorously in her chair. Around them the luncheon crowd made small noises with their forks and glasses and talked so quietly they sounded like distant water. Have a look at this. It should be a bow. The leaves of the wreath turned into tentacles, the ends of the ribbon opened like a beak, the loops of the bow became shapeless flesh, full of too many eyes.

Fortunato had seen it before, in a book on Sumerian mythology. But who would forge a penny? And why not take the trouble to age them, at least a little? The auras of both of them show a lot of use. Her name is Eileen Carter. She runs a small museum out on Long Island.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr

We used to, um, correspond. Numismatics, you know. Fortunato took the paper and stood up. Hiram looked down. She looked up at Fortunato through squared off glasses, then glanced over at Caroline. She smiled. Fortunato spent most of his time with women. Even as beautiful as she was, Caroline was insecure, jealous, prone to irrational dieting or makeup.

Eileen was something different. She looked right into his eyes when she talked to him. He was tired of women who looked like models. This one had a crooked nose, freckles, and about a dozen extra pounds. Most of all he liked her eyes.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr

They were incandescent green and had smile lines in the corners. He put the penny on the counter, tails up. She bent over to look at it, touching the bridge of her glasses with one finger. She was wearing a green flannel shirt; the freckles ran down as far as Fortunato could see.

Her hair smelled clean and sweet. What do you want to know? She moved in sudden bursts of energy, giving herself completely to whatever she was doing. She opened the book on the counter and flipped through the s. She studied the back of the coin intently for a few seconds, biting on her lower lip. Her lips were small and strong and mobile. He found himself wondering what it would be like to kiss her. He minted them up in the Catskills around the turn of the nineteenth century. Just for a few days?

I might be able to find something else for you. He gave her his business card, the one with just his name and phone on it. Fortunato could hear Houston in her voice again. It was the first time in weeks. He was overreacting, he knew.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr

Stop it, he thought. Caroline, under control again, put a hand on his thigh.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr

Nine A. You left a coin with me last week? Caroline turned over and buried her head under a pillow. How are you doing? How would you feel about a trip to the country? They parked in an asphalt lot in front of a white clapboard church. They were barely out of the car before the church door opened and an old woman came out.

Meet you at wet and wild in rr Meet you at wet and wild in rr

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