Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage

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Gay D Family Israel Tour All Gay Cruises. Gay Group Cruises. Gay Sailing Cruises. All Gay Resorts. All Gay Destinations. Enjoy Israel with the entire family! OUTstanding Travel is excited to partner with Gays With Kids on this unique tour of Israel catered specifically to gay d and your children. With kids in mind, we deed the schedule with flexibility to take whatever leisure time off your family may need.

Quote or Reservation. There is no better way to get to know Israel than from Israeli gay d.

Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage

Day 1 - Sunday, August 13, Jerusalem, Israel Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport your family will be greeted by one of our travel reps, who will assist you with your baggage and escort you to the transfer taking you to the hotel. Meet the other gay dad families on our trip at a welcome reception and dinner in a private hall reserved for us. There will be time to wander through the charming Armenian, Jewish and Christian quarters.

You can choose to spend the afternoon getting refreshed back at the hotel pool, or you can visit the underground wonderland of the City of David. Day 3 - Tuesday, August 15, New City Jerusalem Wake the family early for a special pre-breakfast yoga session at the top of the Tower of David museum, which offers breath-taking views of the Old City. We begin with a family trek to the Ein Gedi falls where, if we are lucky, we can see some of the local Ibex and Hyrax hanging out on the cliffs surrounding us.

Time and water depth permitting, take a plunge into the crystalline waters of the Ein Gedi fall! You have three hours to experience the unique buoyant waters no worries about sinking here! Sun kissed and happy, we shall head over to Kfar Hanokdim Camel Ranch to get close and friendly with some local camels! We shall enjoy an authentic Bedouin Hafla in the large Bedouin tent, together with the entire family, before falling onto our sleeping bags or beds for some sweet desert dreams!

Day 5 - Thursday, August 17, From Ancient Warriors to Modern Heroes Wake up the the beauty of the desert and let the kids run around the complex as you enjoy breakfast, enjoying the amazing desert views. Time to get close and friendly with those camels! Dug deep into the ground under a working laundromat, the factory was a key factor in supplying bullets for the fighters in pre-state Israel. Learn the secrets of the place as you visit this underground marvel while hearing about the people who made it all happen!

We shall enjoy a light sandwich lunch on-site and then make our way back to Tel Aviv for our first overnight in the "White City.

Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage

After breakfast we invite you to get caught up in the excitement at the Carmel Market with its traditional Friday shopping rush, and the adjacent Nahalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts Fair. Our journey may even take us to visit the lovely Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv, built inand home to some delicious ice cream in !

An ice cream stop along the way is always a must in this hot seaside city! Explore the historical sites of Old City Jaffaone of the oldest port cities in the world; walk along the ancient cobbled streets along the Artist's Quarter, and stop for a bite at one of the local hummus ts. Afterwards head on down to enjoy the beach and the glistening Mediterranean waters or take a dip in the pool; basically its time to relax.

As the the sun sets and the city slows down, we will enjoy a truly special Shabbat dinner with local gay families. With the age of Facebook and Whatsapp, this is an opportunity to forge bonds that can continue well beyond the trip! View the excavated Roman Theater, and aqueduct once used for conveying water to the city. We will visit the Hologram room and have the opportunity to ask questions and hear answers from important and historical figures from Caesarea's past.

We will then arrive in Haifa and ascend Mt. Carmel for a panoramic view of Haifa Bay and the beautiful Bahai Gardens with its impressive Shrine and gorgeous world-famous gardens. We will then head to the German Colony and have a stroll through this old neighborhood built in the mid 19th century by the Templers. After than we will stop at a Druze village for some classic local Druze hospitality and learn about this great community that lives in Israel and serves in its army.

Day 10 - Tuesday, August 22, Departure Day Following breakfast, check out from the hotel and transfer to Ben Gurion International Airport for your flight back home, taking with you everlasting fond memories of your family trip to Israel. Ramat Rachel Kibbutz Resort Hotel, Jerusalem Ramat Rachel Resort offers accommodation and a Kibbutz experience in the heart of Jerusalem in a tranquil garden setting and outdoor and indoor heated swimming pool.

It is minute drive from Jerusalem city centre, with public buses passing nearby Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage 20 minutes. Ramat Rachel Resort features spacious guest rooms with views over the natural surroundings. Breakfast is buffet style, with typical Israeli ingredients. There are 4 tennis courts, an exercise room plus a sauna and steam room.

The Resort also features its own on-site spa, where guests can enjoy a variety of relaxing massages, therapies and treatments. The restaurant serves a buffet of Israeli specialities alongside international fare, for lunch and dinner. It offers air-conditioned rooms and traditional Bedouin meals in a unique desert location.

Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage

Rooms at the Kfar Hanokdim feature a desert-style decor and have an en-suite bathroom. Between them, guests will find shady seating areas. An Israeli breakfast, including pita bread, omelette and salad, as well as a traditional Bedouin Hafla dinner, is served in the stone dining room, decorated with traditional fabrics and rugs. Guests at the Kfar Hanokdim Oasis can enjoy camel and donkey rides in the desert. Kfar Hanokdim is situated 8 km from Arad and 11 km from Masada.

The hotel offers views of the Mediterranean Sea and Jaffa. It features gourmet restaurants and a wellness centre and spa with modern training equipment. Each spacious room and suite overlooks the sea and the city, and features a satellite TV. Some rooms also include free access to the Executive Lounge. The Lobby Lounge bar offers an outdoor terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. Our boutique and tailor-made approach will expose you to unique cultural experiences, fabulous beaches, beautiful people, and a vibrant nightlife, custom-tailored to your every need.

At OUTstanding Travel, we understand the importance of elevated service. Our undivided attention lavished on every guest will allow you to indulge and enjoy all that Israel has to offer, care free. Let us pamper, comfort and take care of your every detail, with no request unattended. Our immense knowledge of Gay Israel and its scene qualifies us to provide the most unforgettable experience, without missing a beat. As gay Telavivians ourselves, who better to ask than the people who live and breath the action? Is it the energetic nightlife you crave? The savory restaurants you lust over? The trendiest of shopping destinations, or the historic cultural attractions to absorb?

We can provide it all. Our tailor-made, personalized packages, present the perfect escape for you, your friends and family, or ificant other, while our planned packages and daily tours create dynamic opportunities to foster new friendships and international networks. It is the perfect example of the merging of ancient attractions and modern culture which Israel is so famous for. The romantic Old City is the perfect place to learn about three religions that find their home there: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Our experienced tour guides know how to uncover the magic of the city and its historical development in the compelling and unique fashion, whether it's retracing the steps of Jesus in the Via Dolorosa or visiting King David's tomb. A stroll in the open market in the Muslim quarter is a wonderful place to buy some perfect cultural wares such as jewelry, spices, and trinkets and absorb the cultural smells and colors.

Of course no visit to Jerusalem would be complete without an opportunity to partake in the authentic Middle Eastern cuisine that the city is famous for. At night, a stunning light and sound show is projected on the walls of the Tower of David, which tells the tale of the history of Jerusalem. The Mamilla Mall, built from reconstructed historical structures, houses interesting boutiques and fine eateries; and is just another example of the harmony between ancient and modern which can be found in this beautiful city.

Another important destination is the recently renovated Israel Museum which hosts a wide variety of collections from archaeological finds to contemporary art. Our unique travel itinerary allows you to absorb both the ancient historical ificance of this central city and the more recent modern sites. An experience that finds the special balance between religious and secular, tradition and openness, ancient ruins and luxurious boutique pampering that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

The Dead Sea An Oasis of luxury in the middle of the colorful sandy Israeli desert The Dead Sea, the world's largest natural spa, located in the lowest point on earth, has been attracting visitors for thousands of years. Today it has become an oasis of luxury in the middle of the colorful sandy Israeli desert, with its beautiful hotels, spas, and restaurants. The mud there, with its high mineral content, has long been known to be an ideal base for skin treatments and beauty products. In addition to making you gorgeous, scientists have proven that the atmosphere has health benefits that can leave your whole body feeling more youthful and vigorous.

In other words, it's the closest thing to Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage mythological fountain of youth. The high density of the water makes swimming feel more like floating in its crisp clear waters, which gives one a better opportunity to absorb the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

A rich historical center as well, the area affords many glimpses into the developing culture of the area in Antiquity. In nearby Qumran, ancient scrolls of the Hebrew Bible and related texts which were written as far back as BC were found in caves, along with Roman currency.

Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage

Also nearby, is the famous fortress of Massada which was built by King Herod, where Jewish zealots held out against the Roman legion in 70 CE. No visit is complete without a hike up to the wonderfully preserved remains of Ancient architecture which provides an insight into the long-gone civilization and a wonderful vantage point from which to see the natural beauty of the area. Tel Aviv The setting of the sun welcomes the vibrant night life. Tel Aviv, Israel's central urban hub that never sleeps, offers an array of various sites, smells, and experiences.

Upon entering the city one is greeted with concrete, glass, and lights of modern skyscrapers. The center of the city is spotted with the eclectic classically and modern-inspired architectural styles and the Bauhaus buildings which Tel Aviv is famous for. The serenity of the beaches, with year-round temperate weather, crystal water, and vast expanses of sand, infused exquisitely with the happening and trendy city scene which includes updated fashion and contemporary art galleries.

The neighboring Jaffa offers all the romance of an ancient port city, good for a late night stroll with a loved one or a daytime hunt for antiques. A culinary connoisseur will be happy to find a vast array of international cuisine to feast on. And, of course, the setting of the sun welcomes the vibrant night life. You can dance the night away in any one of the happening Gay clubs and bars to the music of some of the most talented DJs in the world.

Once you leave the club, at the early morning hours, you Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage still experience the wonders of the city that never sleeps. Restaurants, boulevard cafes, and almost everything else will still be open when you are ready to tuck yourself into bed. We've got an intimate knowledge of some of the city's best kept secrets. From which clubs play the best live music to which beaches are the most happening, we've been everywhere and seen it all. Even as the city continues to grow and develop to service the large local gay community and tourists, we make sure to stay updated and informed.

Caesarea, Israel Watching the sun set against its stone walls An ancient port city on the coast of the Mediterranean, Caesarea boasts the magnificence of the remains of Roman constructions such as a large amphitheater and even a large palace complete with exquisite mosaic floors. Guests will enjoy walking along the promenade which is spotted with cafes and shops, and watching the sun set against its stone walls.

The museum offers a compelling collection of South American art, including a of Salvador Dali originals. In the summer, Caesarea hosts a jazz festival which draws an eclectic crowd eager to hear well-known Israeli artists. Few have the intimate knowledge of the city that enables a full exploration of its wonders as we do. Haifa, Israel The old German colony established by the Templars Haifa, just an hour away from Tel Aviv, is Israel's third largest city and one of its most attractive.

Situated between the alluring Mediterranean Sea and Carmel mountain, the city's landscape provides the observer with a rich variety of succulent sights. In a regal spot at the summit of a green hill is the Bahai Temple which functions as the center of the Bahai faith. This magnificent structure, complete with a spectacular golden dome and an intricate eight window de, is the interment spot for one of the founders of the religion.

On the hills leading up to the Temple are the stunningly deed renowned garden terraces with its flowing staircases, flowing streams of clear water, and brightly colored flora and fauna. In the street below is the old German colony established by the Templars. The homes and establishments of these affluent settlers have been preserved along with their stone paths and other trappings from the period. Beautiful cafes, restaurants, and boutique bed and breakfasts have also sprung up on this street, often utilizing the original constructions.

A romantic walk at sunset in this area gives the sensation of being transported to a more peaceful and serene time. The Museum of Art has a wealth of pieces which exhibit international artists. However, the strength of the museum lies in its emphasis on Israeli artists, giving the visitor an opportunity to be enthralled by the originality and creativity of local pieces. Child Age 3 - 12 in Parents Room.

Cool dad looking for relaxing Tel aviv-yafo massage

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