Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

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Over the past 36 hours I spent about 20 of them in a Mazda MX-5 Icon, the latest special edition of the sports car, and first to be applied to the lesser powered 1. Apologies for the long gap: the weather turned and the run in to Reykjavik was foggy, wet and a bit more difficult than expected. But we're here, having travelled miles in 36 hours, having spent 24 of those hours in the MX It's a great feeling, but perhaps not one of elation - but purely because this car on these ro, ably supported all the way by stunning, regularly changing scenery, have made light work of it.

I should be exhausted, but right now that's not the case.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

Earlier today I posed the question of whether the MX-5 can truly be considered a sports car when it's powered by this dinky bhp 1. The answer, emphatically, is yes. I can count on one hand the of times it felt breathless on this trip - and then always on long uphill runs when I'd ballsed up and lost momentum beforehand.

Yes, some will want more and be able to handle more, but the MX-5 has enough. Enough to thrill, enough to make you feel alive and enough to teach you a few driving lessons about delicacy, precision and thinking ahead to get the most from what you have. Valuable lessons, all of them. To wrap up, this has been an educational trip on two fronts. The first was to reaffirm just how good the MX-5 is in every guise.

If you own one or plan to own one, I am very jealous. The second was to remind myself that there is no substitute for taking a long drive in a car to learn all about it. That I got to do so in somewhere as stunning as Iceland was an added bonus. If you get the chance, I heartily recommend it - ideally with an MX-5, but also in one of the Dacia Dusters so beloved of the hire car companies out here. Finally, do read our first drive of the car for a more succint summary of its merits.

Fourth-generation MX-5 he back to Mazda's roter's roots, surpassing its predecessor in every area. We've just had our first experience of Iceland's occasional gravel ro, and while it may have no honest bearing on whether you should buy an MX-5 or not, boy was it spellbinding.

The ro are in supreme nick, but extremely slippery in places - perfect for a little low speed sliding so long as you didn't dwell too long on the consequences of falling over the edge of the valleys. It's a reminder again if just how controllable this little car is - that precise throttle pedal, linear power delivery and feelsome steering pay such huge dividends. Having been fortunate enough to cover the World Rally Championship 15 years ago I'm almost starting the campaign to get the WRC to Iceland, as sections of the gravel road would put New Zealand and Wales' famous ro to shame.

Failing that, perhaps a one-make Icelandic MX-5 rally series. Announce it tomorrow Mazda and my house will be up for sale the next day With km still to go we've spent rather too long staring at the scenery today. It'll be close to 10pm by the time we each Reykjavik and it means our planned eight-hour day at the wheel has taken Not that we have any regrets. Iceland is stunning, and this perky, just-so MX-5 the perfect compliment. It's not fast or ferocious but it Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata so nicely judged that it's an absolute joy to be in. On another note, we've had the roof up for km now.

It changed the character of the car - there's some wind rustle for starters - but I'm not sure I could definitively say which I prefer.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

Certainly my reddened wind-blasted face i s enjoying a break from the elements. As I result, I suspect it'll stay up for this final four hours. But there's still time to change my mind. Judging by the of Dacia Duster hire cars on our route, plenty of people fly over and do exactly this journey. Two days is also hard work. But it is doable, and we have stopped pretty regularly to take in the sights and sounds, albeit usually sticking an MX-5 in the snaps. Fly in Friday, fly home Sunday feels like an extremely exciting way to spend a weekend.

Probably the ideal is a bit longer, though, so you can take a bit more time at some of the landmarks and indulge in a few of the tourist hot spots, walking up the volcanoes rather than looking at them from the foot of the steps, or dipping in one of the public lagoons rather than dreaming about a swim in a bath-like lake. If you can find an MX-5 to do Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata in so much the better.

Black volcanic sand, crashing Atlantic waves, rising mountains, flat flood plains and now on the horizon there's the forbidding sight of a glacier - we're having quite an afternoon. But it's nothing compared to the fun the guys and girls heading off-road are having. In Iceland you can only head off-road if you have a special licence that says your vehicle is appropriate - and low-slung sports cars don't count. Advertisement Back to top The hardcore vehicles have specially adapted tyres to stop them getting stuck and to reduce damage to the countryside. The Land Rover and Mercedes Sprinter you see here are good examples of how to do it.

When they pull alongside your MX-5 you don't half feel small The MX-5's cousin, the Fiat Spider, is getting a fixed hard-top variant. Read about it here. Time to throw in a big question, then - and keep you hanging for the answer.

Do you think this MX-5 and most pertinently its dinky bhp 1. Don't forget, you can follow Jim's journey on our Instagram. Odd that a four-hour trip from London to Manchester feels like a massive chore, Maybe Birmingham needs more volcanoes and glaciers…. For a quick summary, you can read the first drive review.

Upon reading about the Icon I was equally suspicious. And after spending nigh-on two days in it, I rather like it. Fancy a hard-top MX-5? This is coming soon In many ways the shock here is how few there are. The new Mazda 3 was recently revealed. Is it as good as the MX On a track day when more energetic use of the steering wheel is needed I might be in trouble if arms and legs got in the way of twirling the steering wheel, but otherwise everything seems in good order. Ahead of tomorrow's mileage, perhaps the best recommendation we can give is to read out first drive review of the MX-5 Icon.

If you've been following this blog, the 4. With that, we'll leave you until tomorrow's run down the east coast of Iceland and then west along the length of the country back to Reykjavik. A quick update prior to some dinner and hammering Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata the first drive review on this car. As you'll have gathered, it has been an amazing hour day in the MX-5, enjoying plenty of adventure in a country that just leaves nature to inspire you. There's a neat parallel with the MX-5, of course, which does what it does exceedingly well, without ever trying too hard to do more than it should.

After more than miles there ought to be a few, but with almost as many to go there's no point rushing the process. What's abundantly clear, though, is that 1.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

And for most of the people most of the time that will be enough. In my book, that makes it a genuine sports car, and no debates.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

Advertisement Back to top I hope by now the pictures are giving you a taste for the type of road we're on while tackling the Ring of Iceland, an mile loop of this most spectacular island and I write that in the knowledge that heading inland would provide yet more dramatic landscapes.

It's raised a bit of a debate about what makes a great driving road - splendid scenery and prolonged hours in a sports car tends to do that. The ro we've tackled have been largely in pristine condition and are wide open and empty. Coupled with the backdrop I'd say this makes our route one of the greatest driving ro I've encountered. But opinion differs: there aren't many corners, cambers or inclined to be found, and I rather get that point.

But I'd just say that lends more power to the MX-5's credentials for being able to turn an average drive into a great one. Bar on the steep inclines, the 1.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

And if a car and road together can put a smile on your face, they get my vote. Read the final report of our long-term Mazda MX-5 here.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

The end of this long day is finally in sight, with just a couple of hours to go. Irritatingly there are clouds overhead, so the chances of the lottery jackpot winning photo of the MX-5 under the Northern Lights is unlikely to come off. Four hours sleep and eight hours in a car tend to do that to you. But what reserves I have owe much to the MX-5s cabin. For such a small car, there is a surprisingly decent amount of space. Out here, most of the locals drive Toyota Land Cruisers on monster truck tyres, so they can go off-road without tearing up the tundra or getting stuck.

Draw up alongside one of them and all you can see from the MX-5 is tyre wall.

Blonde girl in the Reykjavik miata

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