Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794

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Real help for hurts and habits inJessup, MD. Internet, substance abuse, gambling, co-dependency, sex and pornography addictions. I work with overspending and sexual addiction.

Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794

Both of these are what are called "process addictions. With both of these impulse disorders, I recommend 12 step groups as well as individual therapy with me. The groups help the person see their problems as they hear other people's stories and they also give hope and "sponsors. Note: I do not treat alcoholism or drug addiction. I have co-run an addiction program serving people with alcohol and drug problems. I have often found that people are self medicating when they are using drugs, covering other problems such as anxiety or depression.

In these cases both the addiction and underlying problems need to be addressed. I specialize in relapse prevention. Living one day at a time is what we all need to be doing. I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

I have helped many men and women recover from compulsive and out-of-control sexual behaviors, such as chronic masturbation and porn watching, high-risk sexual behavior, anonymous hook-ups and intimacy issues. I provide individual and group therapy that will help you cope with your urges as well as integrate healthy sexuality into your relationships. Chances are you started drinking or using so that you could cope with life, but now you're finding that it's getting harder and harder to cope.

It can be overwhelming to think about quitting and staying quit. I can help you to assess your chemical use and decide what, if any, changes you need to make. I also offer an ear acupuncture treatment that lessens cravings and withdrawal symptoms while also helping to manage depression and anxiety. To help you manage addictive behaviors and dependence on any mood altering substances, we will start with reviewing the history of your addictive behavior and the impact it has on your relationships, health, employment, and functioning.

Sometimes addictive substances or behaviors have served to mask underlying sources of pain, such as mood instability, anxiety, relationship stressors, or emptiness and loss of meaning. In a relaxing and productive session, you will learn how to repattern and take charge of your mind and body.

Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794 no longer use labeling words like "addict" or "alcoholic" or "relapse" or "recovery".

Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794

We don't view it as an incurable disease. We teach you the psycho-social-neuro perspective of addiction. We teach terms like living optimally and re-patterning. We view permanent behavior change as a byproduct of reaching deep levels of neural patterning that change your belief system.

Genetics may influence some of us but the answers to heal and live well are the same for everyone no matter who your relatives were! Learn how to live optimally and call today. Addictions range from alcohol and drugs to internet, money, gambling and many other challenges.

Do you find yourself struggling to get back on your feet only to fall right back down on your face even harder than the last fall. You cannot do it alone. Willpower is helpful but it is not enough for many forms of addiction. It is time for you to admit that you need help and support to get to recovery. Utilizing my past experience working with substance use disorder clients, I can help chart a path from ambivalence to motivation.

Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794

One of the primary and initial focuses in addiction counseling will be to create a safe space free of judgment or expectations of abstinence-only. My philosophy is to help you work to build your own motivation to recognize the ways that becoming sober will positively impact your life. This harm-reduction model meets you where you are at, and is a proven research-based method at engaging addiction.

It was created based on our philosophy that hope can be found even in the most difficult seasons of life. We believe that people need hope and resilience to set goals and affect change, to persevere in the face of life challenges and thrive. Our approach is simple — we provide exceptional psychotherapy and assessment services to empower people to live happier, healthier lives. We work with children, teens, young adults, adults, and their families with depression, anxiety, addiction.

I work with a variety of addictions - work, food binge eatingexercise, sex, drugs, and alcohol. My focus is combining compassion with realism. Addictions evolve because of a predisposition combined with a great need. Among other things, this need may be a powerful emptiness, sense of despair, crushing engulfment, desire to feel alive and powerful or a desire to disappear. By addressing the self-destructive behavior, the underlying purpose of the addictionand the environment which reinforces the addiction, great changes may be made.

Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794

Addiction takes many forms but follows a very familiar pattern. Do you know how to understand your addiction cycle? Our addiction counselors go beyond traditional recovery models by providing you with specific and relevant counseling that will target the most important part of your emotional cycle with addiction.

Many people can't recover successfully by themselves and getting support for recovery from addiction is very important. We look forward to speaking with you and are glad to offer a free consult. Recovering from addiction requires support, commitment, motivation and time.

Committing to sobriety involves changes in how you think about yourself, and how you deal with stress and relationships. I believe treatment should address your specific needs and focus on more than the addiction. Success also depends on addressing the reasons for the addiction. I use a comprehensive and holistic approach that also helps you: enhance your motivation to participate in treatment; develop strategies for coping with cravings; learn skills to avoid and prevent relapse; learn to develop a healthier life-style; and address other health problems such as depression or anxiety.

I also provide and recommend additional services such as support groups and group therapy, If you have been trapped in alcoholism or addictions, I can help you. I have decades of experience, both personally and professionally, with addiction recovery. I will meet you where you are, help you to identify choices, and assist Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794 in moving towards the best options for you.

You will begin to experience more freedom in your life than ever before. I started out 38 years ago working mainly with addictions. One of my highest success levels is in addictions. Of-course, addiction comes in many styles and forms, but they have a lot in common. Many addictions are a poor attempt to cover up something one is wanting to run or hide from. It does not take long to find that out by just listening to you. Then we go to work resolving that hang-up.

I have learned the power of listening, it, in and of itself is a great healer. While most treatment approaches to addiction include 12 step programs, rehabs, and now sober living houses, Grey Matters International, Inc. That is, talking to the conscious brain while the primal brain is deciding things even before you are consciously aware?

Well, that is the problem to solve in addiction. We have the solution utilizing a new cutting edge neuroscience-centered brain rebalancing system. Contact kevin kevinflemingphd. You will be more successful at abstinence, and a healthier lifestyle, if we can teach you alternate ways to take care of yourself and feel good. Substance use must be replaced with something positive - and abstinence does not qualify as that.

Thus, we work hard to help you discover ways in which you can attain greater serenity, fulfillment, and self appreciation, even as we work on eliminating the destructive patterns. Individuals who are experiencing life problems due to their alcohol or drug use are appropriate for these types of outpatient, weekly therapy. The substance use may be impairing relationships, job performance, health, or a general sense of well-being. Life can present you with Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794 situations which are hard to process and move past.

These challenges are not on your timeline and affect everything. Having worked in many healthcare settings, I am familiar navigating life-changing events and grief. I understand the territory of encountering loss, coping with trauma, the complexity of the medical system and living with illness. These issues can have ripple effects on your relationships, sense of self and perceptions of the world.

I know how complex things can get, and I will support you during this process. Addiction isn't a choice most people make for themselves. I treat the person not the addiction. I make no judgments and only ask that individuals be sober when they engage in therapy. I believe one can treat the addiction while treating possible underlying mental health concerns. I incorporate different techniques such as motivational interviewing, expressive techniques, and CBT to help an addict reach their dream- that of either harm reduction or sobriety.

Career coaching services include guiding clients who are transitioning back into the workplace or ready to move forward in their career plan. All coaching services include and linkedIn profile review, job searching strategies, networking and interviewing preparation and negotiation assistance. I look forward to helping you move forward in your career and life plan.

Ladies want real sex MD Jessup 20794

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