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Jan 22, Home, Popular. For years women have been underrepresented in STEM science, technology, engineering and mathematics university courses and occupations. We have highlighted the imbalances that occur across STEM subjects at undergraduate level. This article has been updated to include an insight into how the pandemic is affecting female STEM students, a subject that is explored in greater depth in our Whitepaper.

Ladies you got a stem

Subject breakdown — Female students. This shows that efforts to encourage women to enter into science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields has been somewhat successful. This is equivalent to an increase of roughly graduates year-on-year.

However, in the percentage still increased, but the of women actually dropped by This is due to a drop in the of males who graduated. However, the exact of female students has in fact increased by roughly over the period. Computer science-related degrees also see a relatively low percentage of female graduates. The overall of computer science graduates who are female has actually seen an increase year-on-year, but this has only maintained the same percentage overall due to more men opting to study the subject.

Fromcore Ladies you got a stem employment had increased by 6. Inthe government data showed that there are now one million women working in core STEM occupations! Sincethe of women working in STEM fields has increased by , which has taken the total over the 1 million mark for the first time ever! In the last decade, the of women working in engineering roles has almost doubled from 25, to just over 50, This is positive data; however, the overall percentage split is still very low and has remained static for the past two years even though the s have increased.

Women in STEM statistics for science professionals continue to show positive for a growing gender diversity in these roles. Between androughly the equivalent s of men and women left the science and engineering technician workforce. Although the medium-term trend shows female s increasing in IT professional roles inthe s of men working in these roles are increasing at a faster rate, jumping by 60, in the past year. When looking at the of women working as IT Technicians, the figures have increased from — However, because the of men working as IT Technicians has increased at a rapid rate, the overall percentage of women working as IT Technicians remained static between andincreased slightly inbut has remained static again.

Ladies you got a stem

This shows that some work needs to be done to encourage women to both study these subjects, and transition into the workforce. Specifically, computer science and engineering and technology fields show the largest gender imbalances, from current students, to graduates and the workforce figures. Physical science-related degrees have seen a year on year increase in the of female graduates, showing that efforts to encourage women to study chemistry and physics-based subjects have been successful. We surveyed female STEM students across and with the aim of understanding the reasons why young women choose certain career paths and the hurdles they may come up against during their Ladies you got a stem search.

Has the pandemic affected your future career prospects? The report also found that there was a growing feeling of uncertainly and lack of confidence in the jobs market because of the pandemic, with a proportion of female STEM students saying that they are now looking for any job rather than one within their preferred industry. In the future, we may see larger fluctuations in the workforce data due to the COVID pandemic, as it has a knock-on effect on volunteering, internship, and job opportunities.

You can download the full Whitepaper below for free. We use UCAS data and workforce data to target specific courses and locations to attract the best female STEM students looking to enter into related fields and invite them to our face-to-face and virtual networking and graduate careers events. Our events provide employers with the opportunity to introduce their graduate opportunities, speak on a panel, list their job roles online and reach out to the attendees immediately after an event.

From sponsorship and stands at careers events, to job boards and recruitment consultants that specialise in sourcing the very best talent, get in touch with us today for more information. Check out our piece focused on women in technology and find out how the industry has changed over the years. Website by Volcanic.

Ladies you got a stem

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Ladies you got a stem

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