Need someone to love and take care of

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Whether you are a spouse, child, sibling, parent, or friend of someone with cancer, it is important that you never stop expressing your love. Showing how much you care is not only important on holidays and special occasions, but every day of the year.

You don't have to spend a lot of money, effort, or time showing someone you love him or her, either. Here are a few simple and special ways to show a person with cancer that you care. Make something special a card, a memory book, a photo album of your favorite memories, or anything you know how to make. See the Crafts section in this article. Bring your magazines with pictures of his or her favorite celebrities or singers. You can decorate the room with his or her favorite pictures.

Make treats and eat them together. See the Easy recipes section of this article. Take care of some of their responsibilities for example, watch their kids, do their laundry, cook them dinner, or go shopping for them.

Need someone to love and take care of

Call often to remind them how much you love them and how you are always thinking of them. Bring them pictures of your times together and hang them where they can be viewed all the time. Spend time reminiscing about the fun times that you've shared as children, in high school or college, or on vacations. Remind him or her that there will be more good times in the future.

Need someone to love and take care of

Have a special day and let them plan an event or activity. See the Crafts section of this article. Take them on a picnic or have a family movie night with popcorn and other special treats. Help your child make a card or collage for his or her ill sibling or parent. Share happy stories with your children for example, how you met, what your wedding was like, the day when they were born. Spend time making treats together and then share them with others. If has to miss a school dance or other activity, recreate it in your house or at the hospital.

Tell your spouse that he or she is beautiful and sexy. People who are undergoing chemotherapy may have low self-esteem due to hair loss and weight loss.

Need someone to love and take care of

It is important for you to remind him or her that he or she is still attractive. Try to direct the focus to his or her healthy features. Bathe together or give your spouse a bath use rose petals and aromatherapy candles. Write a romantic love letter or poem. Really let your spouse know how you feel. Recreate a special day or moment in your relationship. Reminisce about the day you met, how you fell in love, and other special moments Need someone to love and take care of your lives.

Read to your spouse from a book of love poems. Be as affectionate as you can. Speak to the healthcare provider about what you can safely do. Try to be as close to your spouse as possible. Hug as much as you can, hold his or her hand, caress his or her arms and legs, kiss him or her often and anywhere you can, and rekindle your sexual relationship. Always remember you are one of the main reasons why this person wants to keep fighting and beat his or her illness. Being loving and supportive every day are the two most important things you can do.

Cards are very easy to make and you can decorate them any way you choose. You will need construction paper and any other supplies that you wish to use. Take a piece of construction paper any color and fold it in half. Keep it folded and decide which side will be the front. Here are some ideas for decorating your card:. If you have glitter and glue, you can lightly draw a picture or de with the glue and then sprinkle the glitter over it.

Once you have covered all of the glue, shake the extra glitter off. Be careful not to make a mess! You can use paints and paint a picture on the front of the card. You can use a paintbrush or you can finger paint your picture. If you don't have paint, ask an adult to make you some pudding and paint with that instead. With help from an adult, you can trace different shapes on a separate piece of paper and then cut them out and paste them onto your card.

You can also cut different pictures, shapes, and words out of a magazine and paste them onto your card. Once you have decorated the outside of your card, let it dry if it needs to and then decorate the inside, too! You will need a few sheets of construction paper any colorsome yarn, a hole punch, and any other supplies you may wish to use. Decide how many s you will want your book or album to be and use that amount of construction paper.

Stack the paper in a pile and, using the hole punch, make two holes in one side of the stack of paper. One hole should be near the top and the other should be near the bottom. Then take two pieces of yarn and string one through each hole. Tie each piece in a knot or a bow and you now have a book or an album. You can put whatever you want to in your memory book or photo album. If you are going to use family pictures, you should ask an adult if it is OK first.

Need someone to love and take care of

You can also cut pictures out of magazines and newspapers. You can decorate your book or album in any way that you choose. For ideas, read the instructions on how to make a card. Cut squares of tissue paper at least 10 sheets and make them a little bigger than you'd like the flower to be. They can be different colors or all the same. Stack the squares and make a crease down the center to create two rectangles. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it tightly along this line so that the tissue paper gets cinched together.

The tissue paper will look like two fans, or butterfly wings. Next, pull the tissue paper upward one sheet at a time until all the sheets are fanned out and you will have a beautiful flower. If you wish, you can spray the flower with perfume to give it a real flower scent! Spread peanut butter on crackers and top each with a slice of banana. Place a raisin in the center of each banana to form a cat's eye and repeat for all banana-topped crackers. Cream the flour, butter, and cheese together in a large bowl. Add Rice Krispies and mix into a sticky dough. Using your hands, shape Puffers into small balls.

Need someone to love and take care of

Bake until golden, about 10 to 15 minutes. Let cool. Makes about 4 to 5 dozen. Melt peanut butter, butter or margarine, and chocolate chips in a saucepan over medium heat. Pour over Corn Chex and make sure that all cereal is coated. Put 2 cups powdered sugar in a large paper bag. Put cereal in bag and shake gently until all cereal is coated. Pour out onto wax paper to cool. Mix butter, sugar, water, and cocoa together, bring to a boil for 30 seconds. Remove from heat and add peanut butter and oatmeal or coconut.

Drop onto wax paper and let harden. Combine flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in a large bowl and mix well. Add the butter or margarine and mix well. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Makes about 3 dozen. In a 2-quart pan, melt together just until smooth the first three ingredients, stirring constantly.

Do not boil. Remove from heat. Measure the last three ingredients into a large bowl. Pour over peanut butter mixture.

Need someone to love and take care of

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How To Care For Someone You Love Without Knowing What They Need