Looking for a bj in Columbia Missouri omething

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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more.

C f 'deaths'. Mtftoatiln r. T full. JUdii Preliminr! M sympathy, if not members in fact. The e'"1 '" "'"" 'cePra""- "iiimi. Maurice It. Brown, Care J. Maupin, Joseph lishes the first of a series of articles y L. Simpich and Col. Verne UiUoti of 'rs Green and Mrs. Pullen Give by a representative of the? Austra- 'Jefferson City. Varied Program at College. The investigator, R. Cur thoys, writes: in iuo an iiupouani sicp was j made Battery 3 Names Sent to Washing ton for Confirmation.

The newly elected officers for Bat- the state of Missouri where '"? However, it is more than possible that Tllf , Ul. A i"e reruns ooiaineu uy me univer- I the School of Journalism, the first. Today that ' school is largely recognized b lead ing newspaper men all ovtr the states as bring the nearest approach to the ideal that has jet been achiev ed, while its students come from all parts of he world. Margaret R. Green, soprano, and Mr.

Havdn Mr. Ciuxv DR. Rho Crews Waller Guitar Bldg. Phone Red Meet in Geology Building. The need of renewed concern for edu- loo radical program, at leal from the f" I,ll0PP". At the gen- point of view' of their conservative a-o- ,j,e WJ p,,ChicaJ. Miss Harriet Trappe. Bobbins sjre me iuj. Tlie fact that progressive as much of the game and Homecoming ' ar roa ' Ihere are lour democrats or Hepulilicans lind it cjn1!

Looking for a bj in Columbia Missouri omething

Louise Dudley Polly Walker. Ramaj "Old Ragpicker": Director Mr. Sam Bratton Brogan Mr. Stfm Bratton board which convened in Sedaha Sanday and the list of names with recommenda tions has been sent to the Militia Bu reau at Washington for confirmation, according to E.lieutenant in temporary charge of the unit. The ex amining board was comporil of one doctor, one regular army officer and one field man from the national guard. Bf VlrJ P,eu. Wasiiivctov, Dec. Governor John J. Pllua - - i Drive your car in and let us inspect your Radiator Free! Will not boil in summer. Will not burst in winter.

We re-core re-build repair. Charlton f mnrmu. Reorganizes and Elects Officers. Mis- -" ""' '"" ",r '" " -" r- wm Old Ragpicker. Glen Davi David Pirnie Dr. Lefevre Lizzie Mr. Glen Davis John Bell Norman Trenholme the t'mvershv was reoreanized Wednes- sjuri. I aml instead of radical or progrcs-ive were e'ect d: IJcnr -C Pepper, prei- clamoring for a third tvarty.

The may come lrom the conserv-jlive -ide. In- ur- -rj. Various civic organizations can unite in each community to find its rdu't illiterates and interest them in night schools and all pos-ible means of learning. The Mid-Wnk Service of t! I the correspondant, John Democratic and Republican pro;rev-ivt- and another jiarty ccmpjseil chiefly, if ship in County Organization.

Ikione County Voiture, Locale of the 40 jnd 8, held their n gnlar month! Following the luncheon the oiture held the annual election of officers re electing the present officiarv. The voi ture officers are: Chef de gare, John F. Williams; chef de train, M. Rarenrl; W. Teed; commis- llic educational standard of the state. If one is content with his lot he is cither ver old or incapable. Of course the public ex- in the main, become a physical defeat. Wade; pard de icm under the au-pier.

Til- Women Council, wlu were 'irgil A. HulenCarl M. Sjrapathj is accorded bereaved relatives in their mi-ery and suffering. A Tcast.

Looking for a bj in Columbia Missouri omething

It is not rational s mpalhas the w. And whene'er lh foes be-et thee. Missouri, but the state has its full quota -n. Missouri, "here's a health to iliee. Missouri is one of the seven stales which have no provi- " As the price of eggs go up, and the laying capacity of your hens seems, to go down, Red Ring Dry Mash becomes more valuable every day. We don't make any wild claims about what it will do; we say only that it is the best feed we can make, and the best you can buy! Our gasoline and oil can be obtained at both the old stand and the new place.

Imposition ' The annual meeting of the Missouri in this small minority of states is said to S,a,e Cran8e began in Sedalia toda. Ware, 80 jears old, died Frida tnt of all constitutional amendments at '" ,hme n Tarkio. He had lived in. The Sedalia lodge of Ells held its an- mttl momnnil eon.

Sleelfe of iail aim juiiv. K;iaiHi re cruaua. Joseph -Clemenceau sees stock jards, theo en-Ught.

Looking for a bj in Columbia Missouri omething

Tl,e big Lridge over the Crand river " It is the finet bridge in this part bout forty mators, rcpfesAititives 0 ,he Blatc- k ' -t ' ' aiidnicmlers-elect of both houses met In order to save the life of Cuv Bujlcr last Frida in Washington and organized fof Trenlon.

Missouri constitution will lion will probably be that of bloc. Hovv- not be completed before the end of tliis Unlike the constitutional convention. European bloc, wherein several distinct According to Cen. Itaupp, the parties hands to form a pirliamen- ',l0 oBxcrs and ten rren v,h were left on tan majority, the Washington M. Jl"y a'. Soberly will not be kept partook" more of the nature of revolt.

Mar - E. Lync, vrar old. According to figures prepared bv Dr.

Looking for a bj in Columbia Missouri omething

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