Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen

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He is being taken more and more seriously by the Spanish press and bullfight aficionados. But Higgins, who calls himself El Canadas, is no joke. He is a classicist; his style has been modelled on the strict canons of bullfighting and he has been severely gored on three occasions. During his career he has had to overcome many obstacles and frustrations and he says that perseverance, above courage or skill, is the prime quality of the prospective matador.

Although Higgins is truly English he has a Mexican mother and was born in Colombia. As far as my bullfighting is concerned I am one hundred per cent Spanish. From England the response is extreme. His mail either wishes him death or great success.

Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen

So although many people hate my guts there are quite a lot who support me and would like to see me fight. His appeal as a matador will be mainly to tourists. It was as a tourist that he saw his first bullfight at the age of fourteen. Four years later, after further trips to Spainhe decided to try his luck.

He made ends meet by teaching English and after a slow year gained a small foothold in the profession. His father bought him his first bull but it was Brian Epstein who was to back him. The man who gave the world the Beatles gave Spain El Canadas. Funds ran out, there were no more fights, and publicity dwindled to an ineffective trickle.

El Canadas nearly disappeared. In a young American, Tito del Amo, started to help him. For a year things went well and he reached two position in the list of novilleros over the whole of Spain by He was ready to take his alternativa and become a full matador when he was the victim of another bad goring. It meant that I had to be put in the back of a car and driven to Madrid, which was three and a half hours away.

It frightened me quite a lot, but when I came out, I had one of the best fights I have ever had. The second time I was out in three days and fighting again and cut two ears. The alternativa itself is like any other bullfight, except that it is the first time the novillero has fought with full matadors and fully grown bulls.

As the bullfight is not a sport or a competition, so the alternativa is not en exam. It is the final step in a process that has three stages — aspirante, who must take part in a minimum of ten fights with young bulls and without picadors to become a novillero, who is a professional bullfighter who fights in novillios El Cordobes was the highest paid bullfighter in Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen as a novillero.

Alternativa means that Higgins alternates with the most senior matador, who hands him the sword and muleta. From that moment on he is a full matador. Ironically it comes at a low ebb in his career. He has fought little this year due to wounds, and his enthusiasm has been dampened.

The corruption is dreadful. A man with all the talent in the world, but without the necessary contacts and cash has no chance.

Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen

Bullfighting has been financially unrewarding to Higgins, but as a matador there are chances of a reasonable future. I know I can never occupy one place in Spain because, after all, that place should be for a Spaniard. So after seven difficult years Henry Higgins becomes a matador in one of the strangest professions in the world.

At the moment he is the only non-Spaniard in the Fiesta Brava. There have been American and French matadors before, but never an Englishman. Several have fought as novilleros but none has persevered to become a matador. From the Guardian archive Bullfighting. El Higgins, the British bullfighter — archive, When fighting he takes the name Enrique Canadas. Chris Robbins reports from Marabella. Wed 19 Sep Now bullfighting divides its people. .

Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen

Spain urged to ban children from bullfights. Reuse this content.

Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen Mantador women wanting to meet englishmen

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