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When officers arrived at his apartment Monday, a Springdale man accused of holding his pregnant wife captive for four days and leaving her appearing "as if she had been tortured" leapt from a second story window and ran, officers reported. A confidential informant told Springdale police officers that Jackson Rodriguez-Robles, 35, was holding a woman captive in his apartment at Palisades Ave. Rodriguez-Robles ran across the street and a neighbor's yard, jumped a fence and ran across a pasture before officers caught and arrested him, the report said.

Springdale cheating wifes

Officers turned their attention to the apartment, where they found a woman who had been so badly beaten that her eyes were swollen shut. Her lips were so swollen she could barely speak, officers wrote.

The woman was shaking uncontrollably, as she told police Rodriguez-Robles had picked her up from the airport when she flew in from Puerto Rico and accused her of cheating on him and then, knowing she was pregnant, began a four-day assault in which he punched and hit her with multiple objects, including a gun, a knife-sharpening rod, a wire coat hanger and beer bottles. Officers said they had to assure her multiple times Rodriguez-Robles had been caught before she could speak further. From time to time throughout the weekend, Rodriguez-Robles would stop and give her medication for the pain before assaulting her again, she told police.

Springdale cheating wifes

Rodriguez-Robles punched her over and over in her stomach, police said. She lifted her shirt to show them bruises across her abdomen, police said. Sometimes, he'd cover his fist with a sock; sometimes he'd "pack" his fist with a blue lighter, she told them. Blood was spattered in three bathrooms in the house, police said.

Dried blood was on clothes, walls, toilet seats, light switches and soaked into paper Springdale cheating wifes throughout the residence, officers reported. Near a blood-spattered wall in the kitchen, officers found a bucket of bleach and water.

In an interview with investigators, Rodriguez-Robles said he didn't know how his wife had gotten her injuries, but said he had been up for several days taking Xanax and marijuana and consuming alcohol. Officers said he admitted to selling drugs and had a handgun and Springdale cheating wifes armor in the apartment. There was blood on the bottom of the handgun, the report said.

On his phone, detectives found a video of Rodriguez-Robles screaming at and striking the woman. Officers said when Rodriguez-Robles saw the video, he "asked in disbelief if it was him hitting his wife in the video," and when officers said it was, he began punching himself in the face and had to be restrained.

Several other videos showed Rodriguez-Robles assaulting the woman, including a segment where he shoots a gun multiple times while the woman screams, the report said. The woman's baby was alive when she arrived at the hospital, but officers said losing the child is a possibility. Rodriguez-Robles was in the Washington County jail facing 15 charges -- including aggravated assault, kidnapping and first-degree battery -- as of Thursday evening, according to the jail's roster. Print Headline: Arkansas man faces charges in beating, kidnapping of pregnant wife.

Arkansas man faces charges in beating, kidnapping of pregnant wife by Clara Turnage December 14, at a. Officers said the victim's fingers were bent and broken "as if she had been tortured. He said he would kill her, and if he didn't, he'd have someone do it for him, officers reported.

Springdale cheating wifes Springdale cheating wifes

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