Tall Terrace guy for short asian girl

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Image adapted from: caramellechaos. Yep, never even hit the s range. Towering at over cm tall? Sure, I love me a tall bloke. Relatively shorter in the s range? Well, why not! My own boyfriend is a few centimetres shy of Would I have considered him if I had the height of a supermodel?

Even if the answer is yes, would he want to date a girl taller than him? Who knows, man. I could possibly have lost out on my soulmate and be swiping endlessly on Tinder instead of writing this article. Image credit: caramellechaos. With that said, love can and should transcend physical boundaries. Image credit: Catholic High. Alas, that pristine streak ended in my JC years.

Tall Terrace guy for short asian girl

All because of the wretched standing broad jump exercise. The thing about the NAPFA test is that the base requirement to pass each component gets more demanding every year. Which makes sense, because a teenager should be able to run way faster than a year-old. But…what is it about being able to jump further? The mat of doom Image credit: Javy Sports. Understandably, it takes certain leg muscle strength for you to jump far.

But there has to be a limit somehow. If I remain the same height from the age of 12 all the way to 18, how could my jumping distance increase so ificantly? Still, I only scraped a Bronze in JC2 despite acing the other components of the test. Just curious: Has anyone here actually had to use their standing broad jump skills to get themselves across a ditch?

Attempting to tackle a giant 1-metre pizza at Holey Moleya mini-golf bar at Clarke Quay. Especially during Chinese Tall Terrace guy for short asian girl Year. Just like how compact cars need smaller engines to run compared to large trucks, not much sustenance is required to fuel such a tiny body. Even as an adult, I still get people trying to push extra food towards me. Some of you sassier, fiercer petites would be familiar with this very apt, very Singaporean nickname; A chilli padi may be unassumingly tiny and cute, but packs a mean punch with its lethal fireyness.

On a related note, a friend once remarked that all the small people she knows are noisy. Big oop. No points for guessing whether I accepted that irresistible offer or not. Looking naturally innocent is key. Yeah…no thanks. Image credit: TNP. As a young girl, I watched beauty ants with wide, wistful eyes. Oh how I longed to sashay around in a beautiful gown and sparkly crown like a princess too! Alas, it soon became clear that being a Miss Singapore ant queen — or a model of any sort — would be but a far-off dream thanks to the height requirements. Blame genetics. Image credit: Singapore Airlines.

Oh well, at least fellow plane passengers usually lend a hand when it comes to stuffing my baggage in the overhead compartment. Image credit: SG Trains. Short people have a lower centre of gravity and thus can balance better, so we can mostly survive in the MRT without relying on anything for support. But if the train does make a surprise jerk…we might just mistake one of you tall folk for a pole and grab onto you instead.

I can never buy stuff from blogshops because all their dresses have too-long bodices, too-broad shoulder widths, or hemlines that drag to my calves. Me in primary 2 5th from left.

Tall Terrace guy for short asian girl

In primary school, teachers often came up with class seating arrangements based on height, which I absolutely hated because it meant I was always at the front under their watchful eyes. This meant not being able to pass notes under the table or fold paper cranes undetected. Conversely, I always got a first-row prime spot during class photo taking sessions. The sight of a Hobbit-sized human being bogged down by bags as large as her body would probably be quite pity-inducing, I can imagine.

As such, my peers tend to look out for me in situations which require physical exertion, and offer to carry my things. I got fed lots of water during school camps and was periodically asked if was okay. At my sec 3 Outward Bound School OBS camp where we had to lug huge rucksacks of camping supplies around in the jungle, I was ased to carry the food stash along with another tiny girl — logic being that the food would get depleted over the next few days, resulting in the bags becoming lighter.

That was both amusing and relieving. Usually people just lament about wishing to be taller. Image credit: Xiaxue. The pint-sized internet celebrity is only cm taller than I, and seeing her confidently don anything she wants — including floor-length dresses — is empowering. Once, I almost shut down the idea of wearing high socks due to my short legs, but then I remembered: If Xiaxue can do it, so can I.

And so, I did. One word: Proportions. Short people generally have smaller hands and feet, and similarly, our wrists, hips, and overall bone structure are also more minute. Image credit: Jack Kurtz. Orchard Road can be a nightmare to navigate during peak seasons like Christmas, with the entire stretch swarming with busy shoppers trying to cop the best deals.

Image credit: Car Understanding.

Tall Terrace guy for short asian girl

Image credit: The IPKat. With some of my ex-interns. Repeat after me: There. Now, my fellow vertically-challenged l and lasses, look into the mirror and say that 10 times. And believe it. Truth be told, I used to envy my friends during my early tween years as they all shot up the height charts while I remained stagnant down below. I do it because I can. Ultimately, the only one who can make you feel small about your height or lack thereof is yourself. Might as well own it, and love it for what it is! Short girl problems and perks. Upcoming Events. Gardens by the Bay.

Science Centre Singapore.

Tall Terrace guy for short asian girl

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