Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

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Last weekend, my sister, my parents, and I held a two-day yard sale. We had almost nothing left at the end of the sale, and we all managed to clear a whole bunch of junk out of our houses. It was a raging success! People were raving over our s, our organization, and our items. There are a lot of great sources for yard sale tips out there, so make sure to do some Googling before your sale to get ideas from all over the internet!

Here are mine:. Chances are, there are two reasons you want to have a yard sale: to make some extra pocket change and to get rid of clutter! Sorting through all your items can be the most intimidating part of the process—it certainly was for me. When I was finished with a room, I went through the sell pile, priced everything more on that in a secand packed it up in a box. Once the box was full, I closed it, and stashed it in Anyone want to hold a yard sale together corner of our office.

You might be tempted to not price things so much easier! If I went to a yard sale, and there were no prices on things, I would turn around and leave, because the thought of asking a price or haggling for every single item I wanted would just be too stressful. Price things. As far as how to price, I priced as I sorted—which made it super easy on yard sale day. That way, we only had to have quarters as change. No problem, just think outside the yard! Most of those were books and DVDs.

I priced them way lower than any of the other sellers, just because I wanted to get rid of them! It was a win-win — because of the low prices, my items sold fast, but they also sold for more than what we could get for at the yard sale. I live on a rural country road. My driveway is on a blind curve at the top of a steep hill. Ideal yard sale location?

Not so much. My sister, on the other hand, lives in a high-trafficked residential neighborhood in the heart of the biggest city in our state. Your yard sale location is absolutely everything. The most important thing about their contribution was the ability to market ourselves as a three family sale! Partner up with another family or two to help share the work load, but also to help with your marketing.

As far as logistics, our method of tracking worked really well—each family had a different color pricing sticker. When someone checked out, we just jotted down how much each family earned from the sale on a little sheet. At the end of the day, we totaled it all up. It was easy and painless. You see one outfit hanging up that you just HAVE to have. You stop in, buy it, and are back on your way to work in less than two minutes. There is such a thing as yard sale fatigue!

Pick out some of your highest quality and nicest items, mark them up higher, and sell those—donate the rest. Same is true with books!

Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

Books were the one place we actually really struggled with during the sale, we had WAY too many books for people to go through, and ending up barely selling any. If you really want to sell lots of items like clothes or books, think about having a multiple day yard sale and only putting half your items out the second day.

That way, you can also list on your advertisements that there are new items on the second day! Around here, prime yard sale time also happens to be prime severe thunderstorm time, so we knew scheduling a yard sale for the middle of May would mean keeping a close eye on the weather.

It was such a good move! Not only did having the yard sale on the two different days help us avoid the afternoon heat and thunderstorms on the last day, literally, I felt raindrops as I closed my car with the last charity box packed inbut it also helped us hit two different clientele. We also loved that we were done for the day by early afternoon on each day. Yes, some people will find you on Craigslist, but most people will find your sale by driving by one of your s.

s are your 1 marketing tool—they should be your tippy top priority! If you just jot down the details on a piece of paper and staple it to a pole the morning of your sale, your sale will fail. Good s are three things:. There are a million different ways to make yard sale s, but ours ended up working pretty well and even made it through a rain storm at night. I deed my s in Adobe Illustrator, and then printed them on hot pink paper on my laser printer. Each intersection had at least two s, and I placed them at every big and little intersection within a three block radius of the yard sale location.

As far as hanging s, there were three different ways we went about it. For wooden telephone poles, we used a staple gun with long staples easy peasy! For corners with street s, we taped the s on using packing tape. We hung the s about an hour before the sale on Friday morning—Craig and I just walked around the neighborhood and put a on pretty much every street corner within a three block radius.

Our yard sale was just off the main thoroughfare, so we were lucky there. If the place you are having your sale is a little more secluded, you might want to plaster with even more s. On the second day, I did Anyone want to hold a yard sale together quick drive around to check the s.

Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

Once the sale was over, I asked my awesome teenage niece to drive around to take the s down for us. Use the same colors on your s. Use the same fonts. Have the same layout for your displays. Make it to where it is easy to find your sale! If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can accept credit and debit cards! And you should because it is a so much easier than dealing with cash and b such a great way to get people to spend more money.

I lost count of how many times I had this conversation:. Customer: You have such great stuff!

Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

Me: Well, we accept debit and credit cards, if you want to keep shopping! We used the Square reader, which Square will send to you for free they do charge a 2. You download the app to your phone and then swipe their card—theyand done! SO much easier than counting out change.

I love yard sales, but almost never have cash on me, so I almost never stop at a sale. We marketed the heck out of the fact that we take credit and debit cards it was on all of our s and in all of ourand we had lots of people use cards and say the only reason they stopped was because we accepted credit cards. We had so many people come up and tell us that our sale was so organized. They kept saying how it was a pleasure to walk around and shop. You want to keep people looking around! We used as many shelves and tables as we could, and grouped things by category.

When we ran out of tables, we improvised and put out large boxes to display items. Not only do you want to organize like items together, but you also want to organize the whole sale well. Make sure to leave lots of open space around areas where people will linger looking through books, flipping through clothes, etc.

Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

Put a wide variety of items up front to draw all kinds of people in we had antique tools, Christmas decorations, and baby gear all up front. Merchandise your sale! Do you want to try to sell stuff elsewhere? Donate it? Give it to friends? Keep it? My strategy—nothing comes back in the house. At the end of the sale, there were a few young families that came up that I was giving away baby stuff to. And everything else was packed up on the second day of the yard sale and taken directly to be donated.

Nothing came back in the house. Learn from my mistakes! Fewer books. Bring more bags. We always use our reusable grocery bags when we go shopping and rarely have any extra plastic bags around, but people really wanted bags for their purchases. Put s up the night before. Putting up the s the first morning of the yard sale was stressful! I allotted 90 minutes to do it, and it took all of that time—which left my sister to be the only one setting up the sale. Fewer baby clothes. Maybe just do what I did with the adult clothes and pick out a few high-quality outfits to display and donate the rest.

Would I want to do one next month? Heck no. Maybe not even next year! But I think having one every few years would be a great catalyst to clear out my closet and make a few extra dollars. If you are on the fence if you should hold a Anyone want to hold a yard sale together or not, I highly recommend doing it! Not too shabby. This particular yard sale was a community yard sale, so we learned a few things that worked different in that environment.

Know your audience: Our original yard sale was held in a high-end neighborhood in a major city. Our second yard sale was a community yard sale in a small town surrounded by a rural area. The difference between what sold in each place was mind-boggling!

At our city yard sale, housewares and appliances were flying off the table. We barely sold a single housewares item at the rural yard sale. Overall, at the urban yard sale, it felt like people were doing more shopping for one-of-a-kind and unique items, at the rural yard sale, people were looking to find a good deal on everyday items.

The benefits of a community yard sale : no need to advertise or put out s, lots more people make the trek, and even if you just have a small amount of stuff to sell, you can in and have a good turnout. Not having to do any advertising or age was a HUGE selling point for us! I said this above, but I want to reiterate: make sure you have a way to accept electronic payments, either through a Square or other card reader like mentioned above, or through a digital payment service like Venmo or both.

Make sure to have lots of s telling everyone what types of payments you accept. There were lots of sales especially of furniture that were MADE by the fact that we accepted debit cards.

Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

Bundle, bundle, bundle! Get a bunch of different size clear bags and bundle items.

Anyone want to hold a yard sale together

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