Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro

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Hillsboro Massage Therapists Ready to Help. AM Wellness 5. AM Wellness is established on the fundamentals of fitness and massage, choosing to inspire others though knowledge, bodywork and workouts. Instead of just telling someone to do something, we tell them the reasons why and how to get there step by step. Our bodywork is also a very important part of wellness. Having a healthy body, mind and spirit is what we preach and we believe the groundwork to all happiness is health.

Serves Hillsboro, OR 5 years in business. Request a quote View Profile. We invite you to come as you are to enjoy the healing benefits of massage therapy. At Beaverton Massage Studio, our goal with every massage Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro to provide pain relief, with treatments customized to suit your individual needs.

Every Beaverton Massage Studio therapist is expected to meet, and exceed, client expectations. We specialize in Pai View Profile. Serves Hillsboro, OR 6 years in business. Robin Bodhi 5. I'm a seasoned massage therapist with over 20 years expereince. The scopoe of my work covers specifc chronic issues to more general relaxation.

My work is focused and detailed to meet the needs of each client. Serves Hillsboro, OR. Leah Maier LMT 5. I offer medical and sweedish massage. Adhesion and scar therapy is also available. I am prenatal, postnatal and perinatal certified.

I have been a busy d massge therapist in the Portland area for over 10 years. I absolutly love what I do and am happy to assist you with your self healing. Serves Hillsboro, OR 13 years in business. Healthy Look Salon 5.

I Dena have been a d Massage Therapist for over 9 years! My passion is help make people feel better and reduce the pain! I love to blend my techniques to create a more therapeutic massage! You can find me on Facebook: www. Insight Massage Therapy 5.

We specialize in mayofacial and passive range of motion. Michelle Siegel has experience in identifying and treating limited range in motion. True relaxation and healing can be achieved throughpassive and active techniques to release the most resrtictied areas of the body. Serves Hillsboro, OR 1 year in business. K2 Bodyworks, LLC 5. They love to make their customers happy. Karen specializes in sports, deep tissue and swedish massage.

Serves Hillsboro, OR 4 years in business. Massage On The Go 5. We have very talented and seasoned therapists. One therapist has over 30 years experience and another almoat 20 and the otjer two combined almost 20 yearrs experience. We use doTerra essential oils to assist in your healing along with hot Stones and hot towels. The owner practices guasha and cupping techniques.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, we can give you a free assessment and can bill your PIP insurance. Serves Hillsboro, OR 31 years in business. Winner of best of Vancouver - Massage for the last 5 consecutive years. Serves Hillsboro, OR 10 years in business. Paula Massage 5. Tropical high end therapeutic resort style massages. The most luxurious massages on the face of the planet. If you want to have a pain and stress relievercome experience an escape. It would be an honor to serve you!

Serves Hillsboro, OR 9 years in business. Stephanie Dougherty LMT 5. I offer a variety of modalities of massage and personalize my treatments based on my clients needs and preferences. My treatments are deeply relaxing and very effective for addressing pain, relieving tension and boosting immunity, addressing many other types of imbalances. Sessions could include a variety of techniques including Swedish deep tissue, tui-na, cupping, guasha and other techniques though the foundation of my main style called Amma Therapy.

Amma is an ancient form of Asian bodywork developed to open the meridians and stimulate the acupoints using deep, curcular motions with the hands or other tools. This therapy provides all Serves Hillsboro, OR 3 years in business. Varray, LLC 5. We travel to you!

Book today and see why our customers to coming back. Serves Hillsboro, OR 2 years in business. At Transcendence, I strive to give my clients an affordable way to approach massage therapy. I have worked out of my home for the past 8 years and I give my clients the same outstanding massage that they have come to love.

There are no strings of membership and my rate is one of the best around. Thanks for taking the time to read and Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro hope you have an amazing day!!! I do therapy focused on reducing pain and increasing range of motion. I am experienced working with clients who have complex medical conditions.

Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro

I also work with clients who have been involved in car accidents or on the job injuries. Helping you feel better and live better is my goal. I offer something most other therapists don't. Serves Hillsboro, OR 11 years in business. Gyre Bodyworks 5. I have been a massage therapist for 23 years. I have experience in multiple modalities.

I am also a movement instructor specializing in Pilates and Yoga.

Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro

I just recently received a Stott Pilates Certification in Mat and Reformer and offer privates in my office. I give my all to each session and and am excellent at incorporating all of my knowledge and skills to each client. Melissa Foutch LMT 5. I started my business to help people live comfortably in there body without pain. My goal is to live in a pain free world where, I believe, will be a happier place. I practice a structural approach to correcting misalignments from injury and repetitive movements.

I work with ts, muscles, fascia, tendons, and bones to help achieve your goals. Portland, Oregon. I have been located here since I also do offer in- your- home massage as well, with a small travel fee. I graduated from East West College of massage Ruby Eclipse Mobile Massage 5. I travel to my clients to give you the same massage you get in a spa, but in the comfort of your own home. I'm a d massage therapist lic and I'm certified in cupping and gua sha. Body Graced Massage 5. I am extremely intuitive and provide a one of a kind, deep tissue massage in a safe, healing, loving environment.

Healing Hands with a Loving Heart My ideal clients are those that are on their own path to health, happiness and are committed to making it happen. Sacred Ground Massage 5. We offer Ancient Wisdom Healing for modern times.

Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro

I am Western nursing trained so I value looking at the whole person from assessment to treatment. I provide a comprehensive body evaluation and discuss personalized treatment plans for rebalancing your body to a harmonized state.

Aaxis Health. Aaxis Health offers relaxing massage services in Portland. They provide quality body massage services onsite and in-home sessions. All massages come with complimentary scented hot towels and warm stones on the back. Balanced Bodywork. Balanced Bodywork is a private massage therapist who offers a wide variety of modalities. This traveling massage therapist is proficient in all treatment modalities. Let the healing hands of their therapist relieve you with their best deep tissue massage therapy.

Looking for the massurse in Hillsboro

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