Fun in the car girl

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Notice the grin on my face? My top speed, with curves and hills on the track, was about MPH. Photo: Scotty Reiss. Or at least I never thought I was. However, I love to drive. I love discovering the new technology cars offer. I love meeting the women and men who are innovating the auto world and I love finding cars that make life better.

And there are a lot of great stories these days. Both are head-turners earning high grades on de and performance.

Fun in the car girl

Car are an assemblage of a gazillion little details, from de language think aerodynamic roof lines and muscular fenders over the wheels to safety and driving technology to cabin comforts. Then, there are nuances such as the difference between turbo and supercharge turbo draws extra power from the exhaust system, supercharge draws extra power from the engine and each has its benefits and compromises turbo is more fuel efficient than supercharge.

Many cars are offered in different engine sizes and the horsepower and torque output are important s to know. Horsepower represents speed and torque represents pep. Combined, they are the experience you have when hitting the gas: the car gets up to speed fast, or it takes its time.

Fun in the car girl

Smaller engines are great for in-town driving and fuel economy. But bigger engines are simply more fun. Photo: Dodge. Dodge Charger is a great example: This four-door muscle car is available in 9 different trim levels, starting at a hot horsepower 6-cylinder and upping the power to the horsepower Hellcat edition, which is sort of like driving a rocket.

While the Hellcat is the one that gets all the attention, the Scat Pack has a horsepower engine and the SRT also horsepower adds performance brakes and street, track or sport drive modes. The Nissan Z Nismo: the distinct hatchback and low profile define this classic sports car. Still need a Toyota Sienna or a Chevy Suburban for carpools and road trips?

Consider a purely fun car for those solo drives to the manicurist or dinner out with the girls. A Nissan Z or a Mazda MX-5 not only looks great in the driveway but will make your time away from the kids all the more special. A luxury car sends a strong message: I can afford this. Sure, a finely appointed interior with real leather upholstery and Alcantara suede are nice, but what other features are part of the package?

Fun in the car girl

Head up display? Night vision? Massaging seats? An upsized engine? And, does the manual mode work with paddle shifters or the gear shift or both? And, cars can get complicated; you might know more about yours than other people want to hear. Photo: Louis Vuitton. Journalist, entrepreneur and mom, Scotty likes to say the automotive business found her, she didn't pursue it. But recognizing the opportunity to give voice to powerful female consumers and create a voice to match their spending power, her mission became to empower women as car buyers and owners.

Her love of cars started when her father insisted she learn to change the oil in her MG Midget, but now it mostly plays out in the many road trips taken with her family. You inspire me Scotty. Thanks for being real. Have begun my venture into autos and will be checking in to She Drives Cars often. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bio Twitter Facebook Latest Posts. Scotty Reiss. Latest posts by Scotty Reiss see all.

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Fun in the car girl

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Fun in the car girl

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