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These books are by Wisconsin authors or are books about Wisconsin and are available from the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library catalog. Akins, Ellen. Public Life. A videographer is hired to refine a political candidate's media image. DB Anderson, Kevin J. Champions of the force. In this Star Wars novel, Luke Skywalker lies comatose, fighting for survival on the spirit plane. Dark apprentice. Luke and Han Solo return to Tatooine. Jedi search. Ansay, A. Vinegar Hill. When James Grier Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin his job, he takes his family home to Wisconsin to live with his parents.

But the situation becomes stifling for his wife, Ellen, who suddenly finds herself running the household of a bitter and narrow-minded mother-in-law. Yet, Ellen finds the strength to endure. Some violence. Berg, Elizabeth. Open house: a novel. Abandoned at forty-two, Samantha must make a new life for herself and her eleven-year-old son. After a shopping spree--at her husband's expense--she decides to take in boarders for income. King, who helps Samantha's first tenant move in, becomes a friend and encourages her independence.

Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. Bloch, Robert. Bitter ends: the complete stories of Robert Bloch, v. Final reckonings: the complete stories of Robert Bloch, v. Last rites: the complete stories of Robert Bloch, v. The night of the Ripper. A suspenseful recreation of the Jack the Ripper crimes of the s. The many suspects in the gory murder cases include a lecherous surgeon, a woman-hating barrister, and Queen Victoria's kinky grandson Eddy.

Once around the Bloch: an unauthorized autobiography. Milwaukee-born SF writer Bloch provides a tongue-in-cheek of his life. The classic thriller that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name. A young woman who has just stolen a lot of money has the bad luck to stay at a secluded motel run by a painfully shy manager with a fatal mother fixation. Psycho II. Norman Bates, murderer and former motel owner, is at large again after breaking free from a psycho ward.

He cuts a wide swath of blood all the way to Hollywood, where, as it happens, they are making a movie about his life and crimes. Psycho House.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

When the Bates Motel and house are rebuilt as a tourist attraction, the murders begin again. Determined to write a book on Bates, Amy Haines finds Fairvale uncooperative when she visits the town during this latest murder epidemic. Everyone seems a likely suspect, even Amy, whose research is leading her closer to the killer.

Screams: three novels of suspense. Twilight Zone, the movie: a novel. Four-part fantasy novel based on the movie. Bowen, Michael A. Can't miss: a novel. When a college senior hits. Washington deceased: a mystery. A romp which combines politics the art of the possible with a locked-room murder the art of the impossible. Bringle, Mary.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

The Footpath Murder. Almost everyone in town had a motive for killing John Belford with a bizarre 19th century weapon. Inspector Davis must Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin which one did it. BR The Man in the Moss-Colored Trousers. A half-dozen kids of Gilligan's Crescent, a working-class street in the village of Balgriffin near Dublin, discover the body of a stranger in an abandoned race track.

Kindly middle-aged detective Sean Lynch has his work cut for him in identifying both the corpse and the murderer. Open Heart. Rafaella Leone, a beautiful young Italian widow, arrives at the famed Houston Med Center for cardiovascular surgery by world-reknowned Dr. Before the operation she meets documentary film maker Steven Morrissey, who befriends her and becomes her lover. Bristow, Gwen. Tomorrow is forever. Happily married to her second husband, Elizabeth feels a tremor of recognition when a bearded fugitive writer from Germany comes into her life.

Browning, Pamela. Fly away. When Tim Vogel's old family farm in Curtisville, Kansas, is sold at auction, he unhappily sets out for parts unknown flying a Cessna plane into the Everglades. Then his buddy offers him a job as a crop duster in Wisconsin, where he falls in love with a young woman and is convinced that he has a new life ahead.

Buckley, William F. The Wisconsin senator's life and anticommunist crusade are sympathetically recalled. Canin, Ethan. Blue River. Two brothers discover they need each other's forgiveness. Emperor of the air: stories. This 1st short story collection won the Houghton Mifflin literary fellowship. For kings and planets: a novel. A look at the dark side of an eastern seaboard family. Chang, Lan Samantha. Hunger: a novella and stories. A novella and five short stories revealing stresses within the family when Chinese immigrants confront cultural difficulties in America.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

Banta Award winner. Daly, Maureen. Acts of love. As Retta and her parents fight a superhighway project, Retta is falling in love with Dallas Dobson, a transfer student whose family recently moved back to town.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

Retta finds a short story her mother wrote about a romance with Dallas' father, Danny. For high school and adult readers. Seventeenth Summer. A woman recalls the leisurely summer before World War II when she was seventeen and falling in love for the very first time.

Derleth, August W. Restless is the river. A historical novel of the Wisconsin River settlements. BRW Wind over Wisconsin. A historical romance of Wisconsin, set during 's Black Hawk War. De Weese, Gene. The backhoe gothic. A young Milwaukee backhoe operator investigates her father's death.

Chain of attack: a Star trek novel.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

While on a mapping expedition, the starship Enterprise is hurled into a distant galaxy of lifeless worlds, and the middle of an interstellar war. The starship finds itself under attack by both warring factions, and Captain Kirk must risk everything to stop the war. The final nexus: a Star trek novel. Centuries ago an unknown race from beyond our galaxy created a series of interstellar gates but left no clue as to how they worked.

Those gates are now breaking down, and it is up to Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to solve the mystery of how they operate. Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise discover a planet on which all life is dying. Dintenfass, Mark L. Old world, new world: a novel. Dorner, Marjorie. Family closets. A skeleton is found in the cistern of Barbara Mullins' former family home. When it proves to be her father's brother, missing since World War II, she is determined to solve the mystery. Ferber, Edna. American beauty. The Oakes estate, once the showplace of the Connecticut River valley, is in a starved, barren land.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

Spinster Judith, last of the Oakes, teams up with Polish immigrant Ondia Olszak in a struggle to save the farm. Oklahoma during the great land rush of is the background for the story of Yancey Cravat, dreamer, adventurer and gunman, and his wife Sabra, who makes herself into a sturdy pioneer woman and a member of Congress.

Ladies seeking sex Dale Wisconsin

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