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I was like, uh, duh. I can hardly put two sentences together from my need of a REM cycle. I love you, Honey! You are sexy to me, especially when my brain is firing on all eight — okay, four — cylinders. I thought I was exhausted in high school, definitely in college, and certainly when I was working forty hours a week, working with the youth group, and taking care of a post. But for me personally, motherhood takes the prize.

It also takes the prize for the amount of incessant demands from other shorter people I face.

Want a quickie read this post

Why did God make my husband different from me? As I started to put myself in the shoes of the men in our culture, I was surprised to feel a great level of compassion, especially for Christian men.

Want a quickie read this post

Why did God do that? But I want our married relationships genuinely — deeply — need sex. And get this footnote:. Trust me. Statistically quickie, your husband wants your energy here even more than he wants it invested in folded laundry or an empty dishwasher. Subscribe by. I really enjoyed that article and you've given me some new things to think about and try.

I'll definitely be passing it around to some friends. And yes, I want to know how you got in shape with your read life! Thanks so much, Jenn. I was already eating fairly healthy, but getting in a workout felt near-impossible with my time and energy levels. The Shred is 20 minutes a day every day for one month I took off Sundays.

It has three strength, cardio, and ab intervals in the 20 minutes, so you're combining workouts. The big success: A workout became part of my schedule, 'cause I was always like, "C'mon, you can do 20 minutes! Disclaimer: Jillian uses an obscenity, and like any DVD, the women in these aren't dressed very modestly. I like the fact that men are reading this article as well as women — maybe gives them an Want a quickie read this post into what's going on in our minds.

I know why David said what he said, but would loved to have his thoughts — or any male for that matter — on this subject. I too would love to know your tips on the weight loss, because with my schedule I too find it near impossible to exercise. I really like this article. I accidentally found it today, just when i needed it, so, ok more likely it wasnt an accident but God, but it really spoke to me. I could have written it bc its me as a mom. I will be sharing this with my other mom friends!

Great article, Janel! The nice part is that if you make time for your husband now, you will have a relationship built for the long-haul, long after the kids are grown! Kudos, Kiddo! Thanks for sharing! You have a wonderful way with words. As a mom of four little ones I can relate, lol. Lot of good advice there, Janel. Your Aunt Jan and I found this to be very close to how life in our home was after three boys in 27 months!! Somehow, Jan mustered up the courage and energy to be what I needed her to be.

If only I had known how tired she really was back then……….! Funny thing, now we struggle to find energy after a long day at work and finally dropping into bed at almost midnight every night, knowing the alarm will go off again at AM. Someday soon it will go faster than you think. But I actually think you put it really well: it takes courage to give like that, persevering to love people well.

You two know a lot about that, from my personal experience! I found your article lastnight and it spoke volumes to my heart because I"m in that season of life. Blessings to you. Now, off to get my kids to bed, since my hubby will be home soon, and I need him all to myself!!

Great advice! And guess what. Great surprise! Maybe because we use NFP, but also because we communicate as best we can. Like when we were working on project HSMO. It was a success, btw. God bless and keep up the good work!

Want a quickie read this post

Thank you for this. I often find myself wrapped in the chaos of raising kids and forget that my husband needs me just as much. This was what I needed. Thank you. Twisted huh. God gave us these desires, but it is so difficult when they are not met or always wanted. Thank you for your post. I completely understand where you are at! When it comes to desire I could go for every day. And my husband is totally okay with once a week or even once every two weeks.

Want a quickie read this post

And certainly understand the last part about desires not being Met or wanted by him. I am pregnant with our first and unlike some womanly drive has gone up, but with the changing body things are exactly going how they did before baby. And there have definately been tears. I wish i had a solution for you. I really enjoyed this post! Loved them both! Thank you for your insights…especially the reminders that our Men are made a certain way by God! HE made us all with special gifts and talents, and very different, for a reason! I am discovering that our strengths, as we see them, may also be our weaknesses.

Some of the things That my husband does that annoy me are actually his strengths. As we pray to understand our Men, we will learn to appreciate them and recognize their strengths.

Want a quickie read this post

Thank you for the reminder of how blessed we are to have Great Men in our lives, and our role in helping them become the Men God created them to be! I love it! Hey there. Together my husband and I have four children the last of which is 22months. I lost most of my baby weight but still look blah! What worked for you? I love reading your articles. I hardly ever have any energy anymore and am not very motivated either.

I can soooo relate to your article here, and your sense of humour literally made me LOL. Bless you for writing this.

Want a quickie read this post

Thank you for your comments. I appreciate the references to the bible without any preaching or judgement, more helpful and educational. I really enjoy the article gave me some advice and ideas. A i would like to know how to get some exercise with my busy schedule.

Want a quickie read this post

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