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It often seems the more I try to describe what I'm seeking, the further I get from it because I don't think in terms of relationship ". If I like you and you like me, isn't that good enough? But there are so many preconceptions. It's not about "romantic" or "platonic. It's not about "long-term" or "short-term. It's not about dominance or submission. It's not about "just" friends or "more than" friends. It's about relating with each other based on our actual desires and needs, and not based on our positions on some silly hierarchical ladder.

My friends are important to me, regardless of gender and whether or not there's a sexual aspect to the relationship. There's no "just" or "more than" about it. I feel that friendship is a benefit in itself, whether or not sex is involved, so the usual phrases about "friends with benefits," "friends first," etc. They're really just euphemisms to avoid mentioning sex.

Frankly, I think all communication is relating--and therefore a relationship--not only the communication that fits into some box, type, category, or whatever! Am I seeking a "serious" relationship? Well, that depends If "serious" means exclusive, then no. However, if it means based on honesty, actually giving a damn about one another, respect, etc.

Freedom and caring can be compatible, you know. I'm not by nature a serious person, but I do listen and mean what I say.

Ladies seeking hot sex Tyrone Georgia 30290

My sense of humor is multi-colored and multi-tentacled. I am neither the king, the prince, nor the knight in shining armor. I'm the rogue jester who got tired of the entire monarchy and left to lead a quiet life with some new experiences thrown in. I firmly believe Ladies seeking hot sex Tyrone Georgia 30290 actually a difference between chivalry and real respect, and I practice the latter rather than the former.

There's no hidden agenda here, no hoops through which we must jump. I'll hold the door for you because I try to help people, and tell you the truth because honesty just makes things so much simpler, not because either is the "proper" next step in a pre-programmed courtship ritual. I would prefer the same honesty from others. I am neither Mr. Right who would deny you another person who is also right for you simply because the other person is not me, nor Mr.

Right-Now who expects you to sever your caring from your sexuality and become nothing but a receptacle. Let's share interests and see what happens! I am not professional. My job is. I am a person, and not my job. There are aspects of my job that I find interesting, but I honestly have mixed feelings about the county government for which I work, and no real faith in government or authority in general. My view of ethics is really simple: We're all in this together, so anything I do for or to someone else is going to effect everyone, including me.

Therefore, I might as well try to help people whenever I can and not screw the world up any more than it is, if I can help it. I frankly don't believe in money except as a big stupid shell game we're all forced to play to varying degrees. All the multiple-choice "factory specification" stuff is utterly secondary to me. I do care that you be a real, caring, affectionate, creative, self-aware, evolving, and self-accepting person who dares to live, love, and feel as you will without having to step on others.

Appearance-wise, I find I'm most attracted to women who just look like their natural selves and don't wear makeup or shave. I physiy cannot drive, so I use public transportation and my legs. I'm friendly. I don't smoke cigarettes though I'm not militant about it if others do. I'd better mention that traditional authoritarian religion and I do not mix well at all. However, I am drawn to some forms of conscious paganism and gnosticism, as well as good old stuffy atheism and rationalism. I don't make a particularly good anything-ist in this department.

Like Socrates, I question every damned thing, even myself. I hope that if you are in an existing marriage or other commitment, it is either truly open or you have an exit strategy. While I don't believe in marriage for myself, I am not here to break anyone's heart.

Ladies seeking hot sex Tyrone Georgia 30290

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You know, that ex who cheated on him? I'd bet you she was. You should be very wary of his throwing that religion card around as his reasoning for being able to be "patient" with you. How do you know he's not just having a hook-up only fwb situation with someone whom he's likely leading on in another way while he plays good "family -" for you? You don't know. And further, religious beliefs are not what help a person to be faithful.

Come on, already, you're not thinking clearly. What Ladies seeking hot sex Tyrone Georgia 30290 that is personal integrity, strong character, and a strong and consistent sense of respect for others especially those who you. You've known this guy for a handful of days, so there's NO WAY you can know if he's made of the stuff that enable a term, committed relationship. More problematic for me is your seeming lack of knowledge about his past. So, what DID he actively do in his last relationship that contributed to it crumbling?

Did he have online affairs? Was there a fixation with porn? Did he perhaps lead something of a double-life: being one person to his wife and another person, a larger percentage of the time, for his colleagues? And if he's reluctant to answer questions or show that he's done some soul searching AND is committed to changing things about himself, as well! Hey, but he's offing money! You should know better than to care you are the mother of two men. Is this the example that you want to set for them? Do you know what that demonstrates? You should have slammed on the brakes with this clown as as he started talking about his wallet.

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Ladies seeking hot sex Tyrone Georgia 30290

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Ladies seeking hot sex Tyrone Georgia 30290

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