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In fact, in my sensory support group Sucking now, it gets asked at least once a month by some concerned parent trying to get to the bottom of it. Usually I am not the first resort, most of the time they have already done their research, asked the doctor, and tried several things without much luck. I usually stay out of the conversations because there really is so much more to the answer than just a quick sentence or two as a response. In fact, I think there are some things that every parent needs to know about thumb sucking that you might not read anywhere else. While my children have never sucked their thumbs, I have had my share Sucking now children in my life that did.

In fact, one of our most popular items on our sister site, Project Sensoryis chewable jewelrywhich is aimed at helping children with oral sensory needs. Yet, for some reason, I have always steered clear of writing about the topic. However, today my friend encouraged me to write about what I know and hopefully it can shed some light on your struggles with thumb sucking.

I could go on and on about thumb sucking. In fact, while I was on the phone with my friend we talked for quite some time about the ins and outs of thumb sucking with her. I told her the same thing I am telling you. I am not an expert in the medical or psychiatric field.

However, I have years of experience as an educator, parent and support system. I am simply sharing what I have learned and hopefully it will be of some use to you! While it would be easier if we could hop on the phone, that might not be the most efficient way to help you.

For now, I will write these posts and try to answer any questions you have! To learn more about Sensory Processing and find some great oral sensory activities, you can learn more in our book, Sensory Processing ! Hi, I read your article with interest. I think that for me and I know for my son thumb sucking was linked to smell as this is one of the biggest memory triggers it was about sensory stimulus. I swiftly replaced his thumb and told her that her opinion was not needed. The bottom line is that there are far bigger things to worry about in life and if your only worry is that your child sucks their thumb then you have a charmed life.

Nicely said! My daughter was a big thumb sucker and we just smiled and let Sucking now do her thing. We never used a pacifier and she enjoyed it until it went away naturally. Why does my son only suck his thumb around me? He says he likes sucking it around me.

Sucking now

He is Sucking now years old. Thanks for posting this. My 3 year old has been a thumb sucker since infancy and we just kinda let her do her thing because its what worked for her. But Sucking now that she is 3, my husband and I have been wondering if we should wean her. We talked to the Dentist and her Ped. However, after reading this— I think the best route for us is to get to the bottom of why she sucks and when. I agree getting to the bottom of the reasons will be super helpful! In addition to a speech impediment, at a recent party I noticed her lower jaw is receding.

It actually looks malformed. Her jawline looks like neither one of her parents. Another dad at the party, actually a plastic surgeon, commented to me that she has absolutely impacted the shape of her soft palate, teeth, and bone structure. Should be a candidate for plastic surgery to correct this someday. Most children who suck their thumb or fingers also have a tactile partner, like a blanket or stuffed animal.

Both of my children were finger suckers, and their tactile friends were body parts like hair, nose, and ear lobes. If you can take away the tactile friend, your problems will almost always be quickly resolved.

Sucking now

Good luck! Specifically for preschool age. Do the same things in this article apply?

Sucking now

I think many of the same truths apply! Honestly the biggest problem with the pacifier is the social stigmas. I was wondering what your thoughts are concerning the use of a pacifier? From all the research I have done I have seen that this is preferential for the.

Both are soothing mechanism and neither one is worse or better than the other. Its better in a way its alot easier to get rid of soother the thumb is attached but you can at an earlier stage wean from the soother and in all fairness some dentists actually recommend thumb sucking stop because my stepson has bad plaque buildup form bacteria from thumb sucking so they have concerns as well that the jaw will stay in the position and will need braces so in some cases this is ok but in his he has to stop or end up loosing all his teeth Sucking now the plaque causing cavities each child is different.

I sucked my thumb as to self soothe. It was very relaxing and addicting. My parents tried everything to stop it. I had an over-bite as a result, almost a perfect fit for my thumb. I think it was an aunt that told me this could happen and that encouraged me to stop. Just an fyi. I found your post very interesting as a have a very determined finger sucker and Sucking now dentist is concerned about the impact on her mouth and teeth.

Sucking now

You mention in points 7 and 9 that there are alternatives to thumb sucking. Can you give some examples?

Sucking now

I was told the same thing about my son — that hemis ruining his teeth and that he needs to quit by age or risk ruining his adult teeth as well. That part stresses me out. Many dentists and orthodontists have said that while it is completely true that it can cause changes to the mouth structure, it is also more important to supply your child with the appropriate input they need! I am a 33yo thumb sucker. As a teen they gave me a little stick about it as did my sister but I still kept marching along to the beat of my own drum.

It has never affected my teeth but my right thumb is a tiny tiny bit smaller than my left. Thanks for writing this! Are they causing any harm? My 3rd Sucking now teacher made me grow the germs off my thumb so I could see how dirty it was, which made me start washing my hand before I sucked my thumb. Why was it so important to them for me to stop? It has never affected my teeth, and the only thing I ever got Sucking now of all that was being ashamed of sucking my thumb.

I just wanted them to let me be.

Sucking now

My sister sucked her thumb until she was 16, and she has about the most perfect teeth I have ever seen, never needed braces. My daughter also sucks her thumb, and eventually she will grow out of it, I am sure. I also read this article with great interest. Would love to hear what you think. It sounds like she is using it as a soothing and calming tool. Have you Sucking now replacing the behavior with another item such as chewable jewelry? Many kids suck their thumb to mobilize their vomer, the bone that is perpendicular to their palate maxillae.

Craniosacral therapy can help mobilize the cranial bones that are impacted and help normalize structure, function, sensory feedback. I have twin boys, age 4, and both suck their thumb. It is really weird. I found several product reviews but cannot tell which are real, from the website stopthumbsucking.

Any help from other parents as to devices they used to help their kids quit? I am hoping to be successful first try. The website recommends Nipit hand stopper, and I want to try just once and get it right the first time. However, I just can not seem to stop myself. I suck my thumb and play with my ear — only when it is cold. The colder the better!! A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with OCD and generalised anxiety disorder which I guess in some form sits part in parcel with one another.

Go with it! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Did you know there are 5 Unique Behavior Types, and knowing this for your child can provide incredible clarity and confidence in connecting Sucking now, understanding and empowering your. Free Download. Handle Any Sensory Challenge Posters. Boost Your Website Conversions! Discover Your Child's Behavior Type. Take The Quiz.

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10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know about Thumb Sucking