Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

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in. Special Buy of the Day. Very friendly, personal service when we purchased our appliances over Memorial weekend. Very helpful staff. Cashier was great. Her name is Karen. I moved from Corvallis Or and they have young with little knowledge. The over all store was very clean. The parking lot is very clean and very large for easy access to a parking spot. I had a great experience in the store. I didn't need help to find the products. Thank you. I was replacing my dining room floor.

Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

The sales associate was very helpful and knowledgable. I got a great deal on laminate flooring, found everything I needed without running around like a chicken with my head cut off. For all my building projects Home Depot will be my go to store. Thanks Home Depot!

I went to buy some sand for my pool. I was sold two tons, and pulled my truck up, only to be told that it was out of stock. Casey, had this unfortunate chore! He looked around, checking in garden etc. After about 30 minutes of this, we came up with another plan. I would buy 40 50lb bags of play sand. I went back into the store for a refund, and Hillary my cashier, handled this transaction, only to find out that there was only 25 bags in stock. Yes I was annoyed, but not at the employees.

I bought the sand, with a nice discount, and Casey, loaded my truck. Really turned a bad situation around, and my pool is up! Thanks guys. Needed shelving as am cleaning out garage that hasn't been touched in quite some time. Good availability of different shelving and it was on display so I could take a good look.

Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

When I walked into the store I asked where a product was and had immediate assistance with finding it and loading it on my trailer. Paul Anderson and Don Bergholtz helped me alot, good help. We are always greeted and asked if we can be helped whenever we visit the store. Korinna Beeler is the associate that helped us during this visit, and helped us with making arrangements to have our son pick up the tractor we purchased. I have had several young men help me load my cart, unload my cart, and place the items retaining wall blocks, lumber, etc in my vehicle.

I would like to thank each and every one of them. There was Paul, Travis C. But, I do have to say that Durrell was exceptionally careful when helping me with my purchases. Again, thank you all. I went online, found what I was looking for, learned that there was 1 in stock and got the aisle and bay location. I went into the store, directly to the product, retrieved it and paid for it in maybe 10 minutes.

Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

The clerk Vicky was great, it would be nice if all clerks in all stores were as capable as she. The store has great choices, helpful,pleasant people,great service. Associate had great knowledge on the project I was working on. I just needed help loading and waited 15 minutes and had to load myself while in pain as I have back issues the garden employees were very rude and seemed bothered to help.

When you first opened your store in Oroville, it was hard to find what I was looking for.

Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

However, you have made some good changes and made some good improvements. Thank you for your efforts to listen to the customers. It is always a great visit at Oroville Home Depot. I almost always find the products I am looking for. Staff is Friendly and Helpful when needed. I am glad they built a store here by Lake Oroville. Helpful employees, well organized store and nice people at checkout.

Always great customer service whether I'm purchasing an item or making a return. Jennifer who was the person that help me with my carpet and flooring was great and very patent with me while we worked on my order. I would recommend her any time. Shopping at the Oroville, Ca. Home Depot is always a pleasant experience. The customer service is exceptional.

Associates are available to help in all areas of the store and are always knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I knew what I needed and having been in the store before, I knew where to go. There were several models of weed eaters that I wanted, when I wished for some one to help me, Kevin showed up and he got down each model I asked for, showed me how to adjust it, answered all my questions. Explained about drop in thread features, explained about handling the battery and how and when to charge it.

Another lady was interested in the same thing as I was and she bought the same model I did. He loaded my model and on my way to cashier, other associatesSharon and Summer called out hellos. While in line, Karen smiled at me and indicated that she would be with me in just a moment. When I arrived at my car, a young man was picking up carts, stopped and said let him load my car, wished me a good day. It was a good day thanks to Oroville Home Depot!

Thank you! I enjoy going into this store, I bought a house 6 years ago and almost everything I have needed for my house I have been able to get at this store to maintain the house. Associate Joe, in the electrical department, went out of his way to help me.

Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

He re-wired my touch-lamp so that I can continue to use it, instead of throwing it away. He took it apart, re-wired it, went and found double-sided mounting tape to stabilize the new wires, and even went to find a new light bulb for the lamp when we discovered that the old one blew out when the lamp quit working after it shorted out. Joe is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

I did not realize that my commercial card had expired because of lack of use. The, checkerwhose name is Karen, had some replace her at the check out and spent app, 30 minutes at the Pro Desk and on the phone helping to get the reopened. I have been the "boss" for over 40 years and if I had employees any longerpeople like Karen would be the ones that get raises and other compensation because I know that people like this young lady are what keep business' in busines.

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Looking for a decent guy are u him oroville

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