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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Post : Six O'Clock News. Tommy Sheridan - who is he? Well, if you live outside Scotland you might not really know. Mr Sheridan is, for the unitiated, a Scottish politician who is currently involved in a defamation trial which includes allegations of sex and swingers' parties. It makes for a heady mix; but at what point does a story of interest to one part of the UK move into the wider national arena? But then today we thought it might be good to introduce those non-Scotland viewers to it before then, and as Mr Sheridan is actually questioning his own wife in the witness box today he has fired his top QC it was a great opportunity.

Here's a flavour of the proceedings: The politician, who has described himself as teetotal, later questioned her about claims he had drunk alcohol. Mrs Sheridan replied: "You would not know one end of a wine bottle from the next. Mr Sheridan asked his wife if she believed the women who had given evidence had been telling lies.

Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers

She replied: "Total, utter rot. But more generally, we look for a national resonance to a story. That can be the characters involved; or the story can illustrate an issue that's equally relevant outside Scotland, England, Lancashire or wherever. And sometimes its simply a cracking good story with no national resonance but one that will interest all viewers. There have been times when we've of course not reported a local story nationally quickly enough.

And I'm sure there will be more. Tricky business this. Host UK time, Monday, 31 July The letter Q is a uvular consonant, a sound which does not exist in English. Among the audience research to the BBC in the past 24 hours were many calls about Sunday night's Panorama, about the charity Interpal for more details and to watch the programme online. Some callers thought it was inappropriate to be broadcast amid the current situation in the Middle East, others thought it was particularly timely.

Some claimed it was unbalanced; others said it was well researched. Several objected to the style of the camerawork. Post : World Tonight. Since the Israeli assault on Lebanon began there have been accusations and counter-accusations about breaking international humanitarian law. On The World Tonight last week the UN's Humanitarian Coordinator, Jan Egeland, accused the Israelis of breaking international law in Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers assault on Gaza and Lebanon Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers accused Hezbollah and Palestinian militants of breaking the same laws for firing missiles at civilian targets in Israel.

For good measure, he argued that Israel is doing no worse than Nato did in Serbia during the Kosovo conflct seven years ago. So who's right? Some might say that this is not unusual where law and lawyers are concerned, but it certainly begs a lot of questions. What exactly does international humanitarian law say about the legality of military action in areas populated by civilians which - let's face it - is pretty much anywhere people think is worth fighting over?

How can international law be enforced? When we asked Jan Egeland what the UN could do about these alleged crimes, he said they could draw the world's attention to it and hope the parties themselves come to their senses, which highlights that unless there is consensus in the international community about enforcing these laws, nothing much happens. Serbia is a recent example where the international community decided to enforce these laws and there is an interesting debate going in that country about why the parties to the present Middle East violence are not being held to in the way the Serbs have - and that's before they go on to ask why Nato has never been called to for its bombardment of their country.

All of which keeps our airwaves busy trying to explain why there is so much confusion over international humanitarian law. Alistair Burnett is editor of the World Tonight.

Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers

The Guardian : "A war is raging over perceived bias in the media's coverage of the crisis in the Middle East. BBC stars have been jostling one another as they vie for attention. Post : Newsnight. I feel like one of those DJs who comes back from a break. And thanks to Simon who's been keeping my seat warm during the hols," they used to say through gritted teeth with an anxious eye on the ratings to see if they'd gone up.

So thanks to Newsnight's Deputy Editor Daniel Pearl, whose entry on the editors' blog last week broke all box office records in terms of comments posted. Yeah, thanks a lot mate. Actually, I could claim there's been a steadily upward trend of which Daniel has been the beneficiary. The fact is these days we get so many comments, suggestions and complaints that our webmasters Ian and Stuart are struggling to cope.

They wade through the heaving inbox each morning - there were odd for example after last night's Animal Testing debate and thousands on our coverage of the Middle East crisis - but is it really the best use of their creative minds to spend hours everyday cutting and pasting your comments on to the site?

It doesn't feel very modern. So we reckon it's time - overdue you might say - for your comments to take on a life of their own. Taking a leaf from the success of The Editors blog across BBC News, Newsnight will shortly allow you to send your comments direct to the correspondent, editor, possibly even the presenter responsible for the piece in question.

Many of you of course, like Ericdo that already - it doesn't take a genius to work out the BBC e-mail addresses go joe. All guaranteed not to languish unread in an overflowing inbox. This has caused a little DJ-like holiday disquiet to Paul Mason, Newsnight's cream cracker among bloggers - the original and still best. Paul's cult offering has been going for months and in his latest posting - not untypically titled Giotto, Giolitti, graft, Gramsci I don't think he should be too worried. As business correspondent and technology dilettante he'd be the first to question the utility these days of protectionism - though Gramsci might disagree - and I'd be amazed if there's anyone else on the programme who'll be as prolific.

The point is you'll be able to choose whether you want to read and discuss all the comments made about Newsnight pieces, or just about particular items, Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers the blogs of Paul or another correspondent, even - who knows - the thoughts of Daniel Pearl.

All that coming soon. In the meantime, this week's new arrival is the l ong-awaited Newsnight vodcasta video podcast featuring the best bits of the programme. This week's includes Monday's debate asking if there in an institutionalised bias in our reporting of the Middle East, David Grossman on political memoirs and excerpts from Thursday's Animal Rights debate from Oxford. Tell us what you think of it, or indeed Martha's pink and white dress code.

PS I need at least comments please. Post : BBC News website. The language of conflict has always given birth to euphemisms — collateral damage, kinetic targeting and ethnic cleansing are among the more recent entries to the argot of the times. George Orwell covered this ground in Politics and the English Language back in Such phraseology was needed by those who wanted to name things without calling up mental pictures of them. A more recent commentator, Keith Woods of Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers Poynter Institute, cautioned against adopting the language of the military in reporting on war.

And my colleague Jon Williams has also written of the sensitivities of languagespecifically the words used to describe the recent taking of the two Israeli soldiers. It should not be simply repeated by a news organisation. Such a description would be mendacious to many Lebanese. Not using the term could also make us appear partial, or that we believed the argument that it is nothing to do with self-defence.

Host UK time, Friday, 28 July Czech is invariably stressed on the first syllable, and the pronunciation is PAR-doo-bits-uh. Post : PM. As an editor, I do worry about being too politically correct in our coverage. However, I also worry about being offensive.

Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers

It was with those thoughts in mind that we approached the story about the firefighters threatened with disciplinary action for refusing to hand out leaflets at a Gay Pride event. The story was complicated because the firemen or do I mean firefighters? It could be blatant homophobia, or there could have been other reasons.

The men could argue they are not homophobic, they just felt uncomfortable. It was suggested that there is tradition of firemen being seen as sex objects by some in the gay community In sexual harassment cases, "harassment" is defined by the impact on the recipient and not by the intention of the person accused of the behaviour. We discussed following this line with the Stonewall campaigner we were interviewing on the programme hear it here.

In the end Carolyn Quinn settled for suggesting that the men might have felt awkward or embarrassed.

Eastern Farnsworth Texas swingers

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