I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

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Cake's blog posts contain affiliate links and we earn commission from purchases made through these links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. When someone you care about is having a bad day, it can be challenging to find the right words to say. We often have the instinct to offer advice or try to fix things for the person. Unfortunately, that can make someone feel unheard and even worse. The first thing anyone needs when their emotions are running high is some deregulation.

Having a safe person to express your feelings to is a great way to decompress. Consider it an honor if the person chose you! Unless someone asks for advice, the best thing you can do is listen, validate, empathize, and be there for them in any way they need. When a friend or loved one calls after a tough day at work, they are likely looking for some comfort from someone they trust. Whether they want to hang out, vent, or are seeking advice, here are some things you can say to support them. Offering to take them out for some after-work food or a drink is a great way to show your support.

Unless they ask for advice, refrain from giving it. Validation goes a very long way when someone had a bad day at work. Let them get it all out and then offer some empathy. This is a good phrase to choose if they are feeling really down on themselves after a bad day at work. Maybe they just want to zone out in front of the TV, or maybe they want to go for a run to burn off their frustration. Offer to support them by doing something together that will make them feel better.

I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

When in doubt, ice cream is always a good pick-me-up! Sometimes, a listening ear does the trick. If they ask for advice, definitely give it. One of the most difficult and inevitable experiences that we face as parents is when our kids suffer.

I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

We, of course, want to protect them from hurting. However, learning how to deal with bad days is an important life lesson. When our kids come home from school upset, there are things we can do and say that help teach them emotional awareness and regulation, problem-solving, and resiliency. The best thing we can do for our children is not to fix their problems or tell them what to do, but rather to give them the tools and support so that they can be their own problem-solvers.

Your kiddo might not feel up to talking. Snuggle up with some hot cocoa or their favorite comforting beverage. Problem-solving over a soothing, warm beverage is a great lifelong habit to develop. Sometimes validation and empathy are all your kiddo needs. This phrase followed up with a hug is a winning combination. If they are feeling frustrated, this phrase is likely to get them talking about why.

I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

After a tough day at school, it might be nice for your child to get to pick the family activity for the night. Once they finish their homework, maybe they want to watch their favorite movie or play a board game.

Alone time is okay too.

I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

Letting them have a safe space to feel their feelings and still have fun with their family who loves them is super valuable. We want our homes to be a refuge for our kids, and not every problem or bad day needs to be fixed or even discussed. Often, when kids have a bad day at school, the last thing they need is advice. As parents, we always want to fix things and help our kids to fix things.

We love them, have much more life experience, and want to teach them. If your kid asks for advice, you can use this phrase.

I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

You are offering support on their terms, and that is super empowering. Knowing what to say when someone is having a tough time can be tricky. When your friend or loved one is down in the dumps, the last thing you want to do is say something that makes them feel worse.

Here are some safe and empathetic things to say when someone you care about is going through a rough patch. A little empathy and encouragement go a long way. Sometimes saying it out loud can help. A hug is always a good follow-up! Going through a rough patch or tragedy can feel extremely lonely. Knowing you have friends to rely on is very comforting. When there truly are no right words, saying so can give ificance to how tragic the situation is.

You can always follow this up with a hug or offer of support. The most important thing you can do is speak from the heart. When people are feeling especially vulnerable, they can often sense insincerity. If you are open, warm, and speak from a place of kindness, you are unlikely to offend. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is not say anything at all, but just sit quietly with someone and listen. Post-loss tip: If you are the executor for a deceased loved one, the emotional and technical aspects of handling their unfinished business can be overwhelming without a way to organize your process.

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Follow this checklist for guidance.

I ve had a very bad day wanna chat

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18 Things to Say When Someone's Having a Bad Day