India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

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Even more so. Some fabulous fat ladies refer to themselves as curvy, or voluptuous, or Amazonian, or thick, or plus-size, or whatever term they like best. I refer to myself as fat and also, like, all of the above. You get the idea. It does impact my experiences, particularly when traveling or that time I tried to go surfing and things went terribly. So I appreciate your concern, but relax! A totally neutral, whatever thing. I wrote this post to reach out to other fat travelers and badass, adventure-chasing fat women about some of the things nobody tells you about traveling as a fat woman.

So sit back, relax, laugh, and share your own stories in the comments. Personally, I enjoy being the first Hot Fat Chick that these people have apparently ever seen in person before.

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

So in some countries, your voluptuous curves will attract cat-calls and pickup lines. In either scenario, practice your best pissed-off fat lady face the more chins, the better and apply it to whichever situation you rubs you the wrong way in my case, all of them!

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

There must be some mathematical reason to explain why the further away your room is from the bathroom, the smaller the towel is that they give you. I definitely learned this lesson the hard way read about my travel regrets : girl, you gotta bring your own full-sized travel towel. A couple of them even went in for a feel um, excuse you! Trust me, ladies, if I could trade I would. Nothing turns he, apparently, like having a body with fat on it and also doing completely unexciting things like walking down the street or buying groceries or existing.

If you look different from what people are used to, the stares will come. Why, yes, as a person who is alive, I do enjoy eating. Keep on living and keep on feasting. I actually love this one. What an awesome fat perk. Like, yes, I WOULD like to know the best local spot to eat a giant donut at midnight, thank you for randomly volunteering that fact!

Imagine our surprise when we got off the plane in France and everything looked like it had shrunk. Why are the ro so tiny? What is this, a country for ants?! It took us a lot of getting used to and uh, we may have accidentally definitely busted a headlight on our rental car trying to navigate one of the ridiculously skinny ro. And then got our car stuck in a castle. Just buy travel insurance in case you actually break something oops. Own it like the boss that you are and enjoy the look of shock on their faces.

I had to pay extra when I went skydiving to accommodate my abovelbs-ness. I once saw a lb maximum on a zipline tour in South America although I later found out that those limits typically refer to harness size, not actual weight restrictions — go figure. Like, OK you say this is safebut is it fat girl safe? Thankfully, the only time I had an issue arise, my harness and rope worked just fine as I dangled feet in the air on a waterfall crying my ass off for 30 India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun while someone came to my rescue.

Like I said, scaredy cat. Weight is just a. Some people seem to glow while hiking or running.

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

They bound across the ground like gazelles, shaking their glossy hair out as they go, like real-life commercials for bladder control pills or erectile disfunction or whatever. Red faced and sweaty, heffa-lumping across the ground like a buffalo on a mission.

Nobody will ever know! Like, my hair somehow forgets what the physical properties of hair and gravity are. And my makeup starts sliding down my face on a crash-course for my neck. One size?! How convenient. I hope you like magnets and postcards because clothing souvenirs that fit fat girls are not a thing.

Are you [insert exotic nationality]? Nope, just American. Are you sure? Because I can tell you from experience that there are plenty of other fat people in America. Why is this a thing?! Were you imagining yourself cheerfully re-enacting a scene from Vicky Christina Barcelona?

I wish. Instead, welcome to that awkward moment when you realize that your booty has betrayed you and it will NOT fit on the teeny tiny bike seat. Repeat after me: callate tu boca, hijueputa! So maybe that got a bit specific, but my point still stands: rental bikes, particularly the kind used in bike tours, were not made with fat chicks in mind. You know how your jeans always rip in that one stupid spot between your thighs? My leggings and jeans lasted much longer thanks to 2 extra layers of fabric on each leg!

Boom, problem solved. Carry a body-glide stick at all times, and get yourself a pair of comfy bike shorts like these they even have pockets! Your thighs will thank you. Fat is squishy AF. But if they get an attitude, just passive-aggressively give them one of these with a giant bow on it.

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

No more awkwardly explaining to a Flight Attendant that their seatbelts are currently slicing their way through your organs. However, only seatbelt extensions provided by Southwest Airlines are approved for use onboard their aircraft, so grab that Flight Attendant and get comfy! As fat women, our feet have the task of carrying ALL of our gorgeousness, and they need to be treated like the valuable chariots of glory they are. My favorite super cute, well-made, up-for-anything travel shoes are the Capri Sandals from Tevaand anything from VivoBarefoot just be sure to give your feet and calves some time to adjust to barefoot style shoes before your trip.

Go out and chase your wanderlust across the globe, you incredible adventuress. We hope this post made you laugh, smile, and feel fabulous. Do you have a tip for your fellow plus size travel divas? Leave a comment below! Psst: Looking for more resources for living a fabulous, carefree, fat-tastic life?

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So glad I found this post! Loved the upbeat and humorous vibes as well as the great tips. Thanks so much! I admire you because I have a 22 year old daughter who has struggled with body image dysmorphia for her entire life and my biggest hope is that one day she will become strong and beleive in herself to become as healthy and confident you have become. You ROCK! Thank you so much for the kind words!

At age 22 I was definitely struggling a LOT with body image and confidence. I hope the same for your daughter! Loved this.

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

It was closed. We had the place to ourselves after that. No longer possible today. Wow, what a story! Thank you for sharing! I love this post! I am fat, and I enjoy traveling on my own. I have experienced a lot of what you wrote. What I love most is how you use humor to highlight the truth of these experiences. That is especially important when there is no elevator on the premises.

Enjoyed your blog so much, I ended up buying some bathing suits on Full Beauty and planon using some of the tankini tops as tops. Had not heard of bike pants, will pack a pair and have a tube of stuff for chub rub. MY first trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for about days and really looking forward to it, but glad you posted about shopping, etc. I am also African American and expect to be noticed. I do plan on bringing some fabric to be made into an Ao Di-the vietnamese dresses.

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

Have you had any custom clothes made? Great Blog!

India hugs an fat adult marrieds fun

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25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat