Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

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This festive breakfast was made for Christmas morning. Recipe: Cheesy Sausage-and-Croissant Casserole. Two types of cheeses, Jimmy Dean sausage, and mini croissants combine in one casserole dish full of utter Brunch perfection. Recipe: Fried Skillet Potatoes. Whip out the cast iron skillet for this classic breakfast recipe. After all, no breakfast is complete without some hash browns! Recipe: Buttermilk Biscuits. Recipe: Sweet Potato Muffins.

Packed with warm fall flavors but not overly sweet, your guests will adore these seasonal muffins. Recipe: Waffle Casserole. Be sure to drizzle this big-batch waffle bake with lots of syrup. Who said French toast needs to be cooked on the stovetop? Nobody can resist homemade scones, and breakfast pastries packed with fresh peach bites may just be our new favorite treat.

Recipe: Fresh Fruit Salad. Lighten up the breakfast spread with a big bowl of fresh fruit salad. Feel free to use any fruits or berries that are in season. Recipe: Blackberry-Yogurt Grits. Recipe: Leek-and-Mushroom Grits Frittata. This frittata is an entire breakfast packed into one skillet. Recipe: Sausage-Potato Frittata. Recipe: Creamy Grits Mexi-Casserole. Let the grits go low and slow in the slow cooker. Recipe: Snickerdoodle Doughnut Hole Muffins. The recipe makes 2 dozen, but these mini muffins are so addictive, you may want to double the batch.

Recipe: Herbed Sausage Breakfast Casserole. This breakfast casserole is easily sliceable, with distinct layers of sausage and egg. Plus, it can all be made in the slow cooker.

Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

Recipe: Sausage-Stuffed Honey Buns. Recipe: Blueberry-Cornmeal Cake. This breakfast cake is the perfect way to round out a big-batch brunch full of eggs and bacon. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream and fresh blueberries! Recipe: Pancake Bake with Cinnamon Streusel Instead of portioning out individual pancakes, bake them all into a casserole for easy serving.

Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

A cinnamon streusel topping elevates this big-batch breakfast dish. Recipe: Shrimp and Grits Casserole. Served family-style, this casserole will be on the table in under an hour. In addition to the savory ham and sweet corn, this casserole is packed with lots of Cheddar cheese. Recipe: Blueberry Pancake Breakfast Casserole Fresh blueberries bring pops of light, juicy flavor to this impressive pancake casserole. Recipe: Biscuits-and-Gravy Skillet.

Biscuits and gravy may look intimidating, but this classic recipe is surprisingly easy to master. Recipe: Baked Oatmeal.

Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

This recipe may look fancy, but the biscuits bake as a big-batch, so all you have to do is slice them in half and add the fried chicken. Plus, the rosemary hot honey comes together in the microwave. Recipe: Huevos Rancheros Bake. Add a little flair to your brunch spread with this Huevos Rancheros Bake! With a base of corn tortillas and sunny-side eggs adorning the casserole, this breakfast bake is sure to please.

Recipe: Country Ham Hash. No breakfast spread is complete without crispy potatoes and griddled meat, and this Country Ham Hash knocks both those items off the list. Recipe: Tater Tot Breakfast Bake. Who said tater tots are just for kids? These delightful potato puffs can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike—especially in this cheesy breakfast casserole. Inspired by shakshuka, a classic Middle Eastern dish, this breakfast specialty includes eggs poached in a tomato stew.

Serve with crusty bread for dipping. Recipe: Pancake Casserole. You can also make it in advance to ease the morning-of breakfast prep. Sounds like a brunch dream. Recipe: Apple Bread. Recipe: Banana Bread. Recipe: Cinnamon Coffee Cake. No breakfast gathering is complete without a loaf of coffee cake. Recipe: Buttermilk Breakfast Scones. Make a few different scone flavors to offer a selection to your guests, and feel free to cut them into bite-sized triangles for a big-batch snack. Recipe: The Big Cinnamon Roll.

Who will be the first one to slice into this photo-worthy dish? Cook this giant cinnamon roll in your skillet—all the kids will love it. Recipe: Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Recipe: Caramel Apple Coffee Cake. Dripping with golden caramel and stewed apples, this coffee cake is a great way to conclude your brunch for a crowd. Recipe: Praline Pull-Apart Bread. One reviewer says, "Oh my!!! This was so good!!! I had to lock myself upstairs in my studio Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast keep from eating it all!

Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

A breakfast pie made from a buttery grits crust topped with eggs, savory ham, green onions, and lo of cheese, this easy-to-love dish is easy to make, too. Recipe: Breakfast Enchiladas. A best-loved Southern Living breakfast casserole, this recipe can be prepared in advance, stored in the refrigerator overnight, and baked the next morning. Recipe: Praline-Pecan French Toast. Yes, we did it. We combined pralines and French toast. And it's every bit as good as you thought it would be. Recipe: King Ranch Breakfast Strata. French bread, corn tortillas, chicken, cheese, and plenty of flavor combine to make reigning King Ranch Breakfast Strata the ultimate make-ahead breakfast casserole.

Recipe: Smoky Sausage and Grits Casserole. You can prepare this smoked sausage and grits casserole up to four days ahead, but your guests might gobble it up in four minutes—it's that good. Recipe: Bacon-and-Cheddar Grits Quiche. Every good plan needs a solid foundation. You can't go wrong with a base "crust" made from baked grits loaded with melted cheese and crispy bacon.

Recipe: Creamy Egg Strata. This is one of those mouthwatering breakfast dishes that's well worth the planning. Chill in your fridge so the French bread has time to soak up the butter, Parmesan and Swiss cheese, chicken broth, white wine, and sour cream. Adding milk and fresh corn kernels turns this classic Southern dish into a light, fluffy, cheesy souffle.

Recipe: Cream Cheese Pastries. Yes, you're reading that right—this one sweet recipe makes four loaves of creamy, crispy, buttery, flaky pastries. Recipe: Easy Orange Rolls.

Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

Sweet but not overly-so, these orange rolls made with prepackaged French bread dough are a great alternative or addition to cinnamon rolls. Recipe: Caramel Glazed Monkey Bread. It is physically impossible not to fall in love-at-first-bite with this fluffy loaf of caramel monkey bread. Go ahead, we dare you to prove us wrong. Recipe: Blueberry Coffee Cake.

Nobody will notice that we lightened up classic coffee cake with fat-free yogurt—the blueberries, cinnamon, and sliced almonds are deliciously distracting. Dress up your bacon with this oh-so-Southern crispy coating.

Looking 4 a home cooked breakfast

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