Looking for a hot older man

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It seems like only yesterday that the hottest men in Hollywood were strapping young l commanding our attention with their good looks and exciting talent. Today, decades later, they're still at it — and finer than ever. Since we all know a dash of salt and pepper makes everything more delicious, Wonderwall. Jeff is a silver-haired version of his equally sexy year-old self from the mid-'70s, which is when he started on his path to stardom.

Jeff most recently reprised his role as Dr. His next project? Keep reading to see even more men who are getting hotter with age! We're just going to park this picture of Idris Elba right here. This sexy Brit is making us salivate well into his 40s and we ain't mad at him for it.

Come on, you had to know we'd include our favorite heartthrob, George Clooney. From his early days as Booker on "Roseanne" in to his more recent work directing "Suburbicon" and producing "Ocean's Eight," it's clear this handsome 57 year old and dad of twins with wife Amal Clooney has a secret potion for eternal hotness. Also, we're starting a formal petition to ask him to star in more movies, ASAP.

Looking for a hot older man

We all collectively fell for Paul Rudd back in when he played brainy stepbrother-turned-boyfriend Josh in "Clueless. What's better than a good-looking guy who can make us laugh… and then turn around and save the world?! Those eyes. Those lips.

That jawline. The single father of six — who's also an Oscar-winning producer — will next appear in 's "Ad Astra" which he's also producing and Quentin Tarantino's period drama "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Next up? A sparkling blue-eyed hunk who's been making us sigh since he popped up on "Saved By the Bell: The New Class" back in James Marsden is 45 — but don't let his middle age fool you, because he's clearly still got it.

How is Rob Lowe in his 50s? Since the '80s, when Rob was a member of the infamous Brat Pack, he's been a steamy sex symbol. While we might need to keep a fan handy to watch him, at least he's wildly entertaining onscreen as well. Time to add a Danish stud to the mix!

Viggo Mortensen — who turned 60 in ! Not only is the "The Lord of the Rings" star a talented actor, but he's well-versed in poetry and is a skillful photographer and musician! He even founded his own publishing company to help little-known artists get discovered, Perceval Press.

He can be seen flexing his acting muscles next in late 's "Green Book. We nominate Dwayne Johnson as the newest flavor of ice cream. He might be in his mids now, but The Looking for a hot older man is so obviously delicious, we just want to scoop him into a cone and take a lick. The former heavyweight wrestling champ isn't just painfully fine — he's oozing talent too. Hold up. That's Bradley Cooperwith long hair, playing a guitar. That's officially too much hotness for one guy and we need to take a moment to calm down. Even back in when a year-old Bradley was a smoking literally sex object on "Sex and the City," he had that undeniable thing about him that made him irresistible.

Now, Bradley's full-grown and we just want to keep staring into his impossibly blue eyes all day long. Thankfully, we get to do a lot of looking right now as Bradley draws raves in "A Star is Born" which he also directed. We're tempted to say naughty things about handsome star Ryan Reynoldsbut we've been told to keep it clean.

What we will say is that Ryan is living proof that a well-balanced diet, physical exercise and perfect Canadian genetics make for a very attractive man. Up next for this famous, funny something father of two is a reprisal of his famous superhero character in "Deadpool 3.

It doesn't take an optometrist to see that John Cho is all kinds of sexy. Born in Seoul, South Korea, John has spent the last 20 years in Hollywood simultaneously entertaining our minds and our eyes. Now in his mids and without a single wrinkleJohn is still making us look twice whenever he's onscreen. He'll next appear in "The Oath.

Looking for a hot older man

Who could resist Colin Firth? The actor has kept us falling in love with him on the big screen since the '90s when he played Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice. Check him out on the big screen next in "Mary Poppins Returns.

In his late 40s, Matthew McConaughey is doing nothing but getting sexier and frankly, we're a little annoyed by it. Just kidding. We've fantasized about Matthew so many times it's almost as if we know him intimately. Sadly, we don't and never will he's happily married to stunning former model and handbag deer Camila Alves. Next up, he'll star in "Serenity" with Diane Lane in Just one look at lovely Jude Law makes us want to break out our feather pens and write some seriously deep poetry. The British star has held us captive with his good looks and coy smile for decades, and now that he's in his mids, he seems to only be getting better with age.

Next up for the star? He was not lying when he called himself the Fresh Prince. Will Smith has been making us swoon since when he was only 18 years old. Now he's 50 and still making our hearts beat wildly.

Looking for a hot older man

This multi-talented actor, rapper and producer isn't fading into the background either thank God for that. Next up for Will? Born as Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. The star can make us swoon with his rich vocals as well as his insanely attractive smile. John Stamos is a Greek god and we are more than happy to worship him. Now looking gorgeous in his 50s, our favorite hot Uncle Jesse and new dad has never lost his sex appeal and we are so, so grateful for it.

Whether John's starring in a yogurt commercial or reprising his role as Jesse on "Fuller House," he's still making us fall down to our knees and thank the heavens. Mark Ruffalo isn't just hot because he's handsome although that's certainly a scientific fact. Now in his 50s, Mark is also smart, talented and a passionate activist.

Looking for a hot older man

Whether he's standing on the front lines protesting an illegal pipeline or supporting Planned Parenthood, Mark gives percent to the causes he cares about and in return, we can't help but care a whole lot about him. While Hugh Jackman is clearly a talented actor with insane Broadway song and dance moves in his repertoire tooto us, he'll always be Wolverine, the muscled bad guy gone good.

The 50 year old might actually have true superpowers, like the inability to age because he is as flawless today as he was in the first "X-Men" movie in The star is now in his 50s but has maintained his boyish good looks since he first burst onto the big screen in the s. Since then, Robert's been through it all, and by all we mean a terrible bout with drug addiction and repeat incarceration. What makes this playful star so appealing is that he managed to exorcise his demons and reach the other side, stronger and wiser for his experiences.

We loved drooling over Robert in 's "Avengers: Infinity War. Since the early s when Terrence had numerous small roles on hit TV shows like "Living Single," "Coach" and "Family Matters," we've been feeling all kinds of feelings for this hazel-eyed hottie who turns 50 in He wasn't called McDreamy for nothing. One look at Patrick Dempsey says it all — the dude is as fine today as he was back in in "Loverboy" totally worth rewatching, by the way. The former "Grey's Anatomy" star took some time off from Hollywood to focus on his family which makes him an even more amazing guybut now he's back and better than ever.

Looking for a hot older man

We'll get to see those pretty baby blues in Patrick's ed on to the television show "Devils. Go ahead and get a fan. We'll wait. This hot, hot, hot Puerto Rican singer and actor has a long history of making us sweat. Even in his mids, Ricky Martin is still bringing the heat — and we are more than happy to feel the burn.

Looking for a hot older man

There is something so potent, raw and virile about Irish actor Colin Farrell that we can't Looking for a hot older man but add him to our list. While he is no stranger to playing the bad guy onscreen, now that he's in his 40s, the star can also slay a romantic role like none other.

Hello, did you see "Winter's Tale"? All the sighs right there. This achingly sexy star isn't all eyebrows and a smile either. He's also a proud papa to his two children, one who was born with Angelman syndrome — a rare genetic condition that has no known cure.

Colin has inspired us all by speaking openly about his son's diagnosis and using his platform to raise awareness. We can't to watch him on the big screen in the upcoming action flick "Widows. If this is what your 50s look like, us up! Rock 'n' roll star and "Hunger Games" actor Lenny Kravitz is hotness personified at any age, and we're just happy to be witness to his glory.

In andLenny appeared on the FOX network drama "Star," which featured nowhere near enough of the handsome performer, but was enjoyable nonetheless. We first got acquainted with Liam Neeson in the somber "Schindler's List" back in Since then, he's solidified himself as Hollywood royalty and upped his heartthrob status with flicks like "Batman Begins" in and the "Taken" franchise.

Not only is the Northern Ireland-born actor easy on the eyes, but his native accent only intensifies our love for this something stud. Is there any fantasy better than getting stranded on a deserted island with hunky Josh Holloway? While his "Lost" days are far behind him we miss you, Sawyerbrawny, blonde Josh is still making us weak in the knees. Bonus: We've always got his steamy and shirtless Davidoff Cool Water commercials to enjoy. He can still be our "Hero" any day!

Looking for a hot older man

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