Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

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And look how deep down the tail goes.

Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

Far below your waistline. See your H anes dealer today. Even the crotch is comfortable. Some SI. The projects covered a wide range of types in hundreds of localities widely scattered over the country. In only two instances did the ad visOry board veer from a course al ready put on paper by mimeograph machines.

Ickes would choose to recommend to Mr. Roosevelt Frank C. Walker, applications chief, read the following outline of projects approved: Projects Approved Bureau of public ro. Only eight Republicans and four Democrats placed themselves openly in opposition in the 63 to 12 ballot approving the measure. It places a ban against all company unions dominated by employers and provides for bargaining through representatives chosen by a majority in plant elections.

Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

Supporters of the bill, which creates a permanent national labor relations board with power to order plant elections, said they were confident President Roosevelt would approve it. Briefly, the bill would: Establish a permanent labor relations board of three members, a sort of quasi-judicial body with power to order by secret ballot or otherwise an election to determine collective bargaining representatives.

Any orders promulgated by it after an election would be reviewable by the courts. Lay down five unfair labor practices, and forbid employers from: 1. Interfering with, restraining, or coercing employes in the exercise of their rights, guaranteed in another section, to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing, 2.

Dominating or interfering with the formation or administration of any labor organization or contributing financial aid or other support to it. This is the so-called company-dominated union ban. Encourage or Discourage 3. Encouraging or discouraging membership in any labor organization by discrimination in regard to hire or tenure of employment or any term or condition of employment, 4. Discharging or discriminating against an employe for filing charges or giving testimony under the proposed act. A six- piece outfit. Each item is a real value at this group selling price.

The boy suffered 65 fractures of his brittle bones. Issuance of food to others was stopped. Insectide was used inadvertently in preparing the food. They arrested two youths in Buffalo, N. It is 12 inches long, greyish brown with dark spots, has two well develop-ad front legs, two smal ler hind legs, a tail and body re sembiing an eel, with head of a snake. A minority would be allowed to present "grievances. Tomlinson, Transcontinental and Western Air Seven tax bills were passed finally by the Senate and transmitted to i the House for concurrence on i amendments, but one, dealing with j ; a one-cent levy against each ten j cigarettes, fell by the wayside.

Gov- Earle ed the others late ernor today. The infant, who was found alive in a deserted house where she was abandoned by the captors of her parents, will be nine months old June She is a rosey-cheeked youngster, in splendid health, and has a radiant smile for visitors. Thieme confided today he would like to be married again.

House,—however; completed night with another half dozen new marks a certainty if he finished the final mile lap. Facing bad weather at Norfolk. Washington and Norfolk, Tomlinson clocked his big twin-motored Douglas airliner over Floyd Bennett field at p.

At that time he had been in the air approximately 14 and a half hours, averaging around miles an hour for Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel miles. The only two records of the nine world and nine national records j corporate net incomes, manufac- which in any event will escape him,; turers, utilities, foreign corporations are the speed records for and j and documents.

It is in position for pas- j sible final passage and transmission j to the Senate Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel. The House also advanced two j more tax measures—one dealing with a two-cent levy on each check, and the other with doubling the present one-mill mercantile tax— and placed both in position for transmission to the Senate Monday night. May 18 yP — Governor Earle, speaking tonight at a testimonial dinner to his attorney-general, Char J. Margl- otti urged support of the administration plan to provide Pennsylvania with a new constitution.

William H. McAllister, of Jersey Shore. France holds the first, of miles an hour, set in ; Germany the other, of In the Senate, proposals for re- May brings many shopping bargains. Read all the shopping news of progressive merchants in The Mercury. Patronize Mercury advertisers. Freshly-caught flsh. Ready to be broiled, baked or fried. All tbe most popular varieties are now In stock. A trained cot pa of operatives foral! This delightful Sandal is unusually flattering to the feet with its charming cut-outs and graceful lines.

You may have it in High or Cuban heels. Pork Roast. Lebanon Bolog-na Lb Sliced Dried Beef Lb Sliced Bacon Ends In Our Delicatessen Dept.

Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

Fresh Cut Beef Liver. Wonderful for cake baking. Try it free.

Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

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Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

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Pottstown still seeking her tasty morsel

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