Intimate encounters Forestville

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Lauren Peck,lauren. Kellogg Blvd. Cole will also DJ in the gallery from pm. This is the opening program for the new photography exhibit featuring Beaulieu's work, "Prince: Before the Rain. Always at Prince's side with camera in hand, Beaulieu helped Prince carry out his vision with legendary album cover images and promotional photos during the groundbreaking "Dirty Mind," "Controversy," and "" era, while also capturing live performances and intimate off-stage moments.

The first Tuesday of Intimate encounters Forestville month during the First Avenue: Stories of Minnesota's Mainroom exhibit, celebrate with DJs, dance nights, microshows, trivia games, and insider conversations with the musicians who played and the staff that made it all possible. Lies went on to become one of the most successful and influential history books in a generation, changing the way the subject is taught in thousands of schools across the country.

Twenty-four years later, Loewen has released a third edition of Lies with a new preface written for the current moment. James Loewen is an award-winning author and professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Vermont.

Intimate encounters Forestville

He lives in Washington, DC. Elk River, MN Prairie sugar, also known as sorghum, was grown and used as a sweetener by farmers and their families over years ago. It was especially coveted during times when other sweeteners were scarce.

Intimate encounters Forestville

Visitors can learn about the history of sorghum and about the many types of sugar and sugar substitutes that exist today. On the historic farmstead, visitors can help process sorghum into sweet, syrupy molasses, then see how the syrup can be used in desserts, such as gingerbread. Then, head to the Learning Kitchen to watch sugar beets become granulated sugar, plus sample other sweeteners and baked goods made with them.

Minneapolis, MN Explore the past and present of the brewing industry in Minneapolis on a guided bus tour.

Intimate encounters Forestville

The bus will stop at three local breweries featuring a variety of beers: Surly, Indeed housed in a historic industrial building in Northeastand Freehouse located in a rehabbed building in the city's Warehouse district. Samples are included. Onamia, MN Learn leatherworking techniques to create an Ojibwe puzzle pouch to hide your treasures in and amuse your friends.

A light lunch will be provided on Sunday only. The workshop runs:. A minimum of five participants is required. Recommended for participants 14 and up. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration is required three days prior to workshop. Moorhead, MN Get ready for Halloween with pumpkin carving on the Comstock House lawn, a costume swap, and a tour of the house.

Those interested in the swap should bring clean, gently used costumes to the event.

Intimate encounters Forestville

Pumpkins and carving tools will be provided. NE Minneapolis, MN Issues and stories of the Mississippi River come to life through engaging conversations and improvisation on three nights with the Theater of Public Policy. The Theater of Public Policy advances Intimate encounters Forestville understanding of complex ideas and issues by unpacking them through smart conversation and improvisational comedy.

Doors open at pm; program begins at 7 pm. Anthony Falls Visitor Center. This series is made possible in part by the St. This process included canning, drying, candle-making, soap-making, putting up gardens, cutting firewood, and stocking food for themselves and their animals. Learn more about this undertaking by viewing historic equipment and photographs depicting life on Minnesota farms. A guide will take visitors into the building's many nooks and crannies, highlighting the lives of the men and women who worked there, how the building functioned during its peak flour milling years, and the many changes to the building over time.

This is the only opportunity for a guided tour through the entire museum building and the only chance to see some of its nonpublic spaces. Tour highlights include:. The tour Intimate encounters Forestville no more than 1 mile of moderately paced walking on uneven surfaces. Please call ahead to Intimate encounters Forestville arrangements for guests with limited mobility. With all the lights turned off, guides will bring guests through the house and use flashlights to illuminate artifacts and architectural features along the way.

Guests will also have access to areas usually not open on tours, including the attic and basement. Tours are limited to 10 people. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Mendota, MN Have a drink with friends while learning about Minnesota history in the intimate setting of the Sibley Historic Site. A new topic will be offered the second Friday of each month, May-November. In October, historian David Sandager for a presentation on brewing in Minnesota.

Sandager will explore Minnesota's three golden eras of brewing history and talk about the industry today. Doors open at pm, and the presentation begins at 6 pm. Light food and one drink ticket will be provided with each paid admission for ages 21 and up. Who is targeting the actors on the set of the Snake River's favorite fur trade soap opera?

Uncover the plot and find the motive in this interactive drama. This program is appropriate for all ages. Exchange St. Paul, MN Inresidents of St. Paul's fashionable Irvine Park neighborhood formed a committee to rid their district of vice. Paul's not-so-hidden red-light district was a source of concern for residents, reformers and city officials alike. This program is intended for ages 18 and up.

Elk River, MN From pies and soups to roasted and stewed squash, participants will sample a variety of winter squashes and try recipes that employ different cooking techniques. The Cooking Class series explores various cooking techniques and the flexibility of seasonal ingredients. Participants will cook and sample a variety of dishes from sweet to savory, appetizer to dessert, and will take home printed recipes.

Classes are held in the visitor center's Learning Kitchen. A minimum of six participants is required to host the cooking class. Along with a guided tour, each Saturday visitors can participate in a different hands-on demonstration:. Onamia, MN Spend the day on the shores of Lake Mille Lacs and enjoy family-friendly games and programs around the theme of water, including coloring, puzzles, Intimate encounters Forestville, story time, and outdoor activities weather permitting.

Guests are encouraged to explore the new interactive exhibit We Are Water MN, on view in the visitor center. Onamia, MN Make a miniature Ojibwe birch bark canoe, an original mode of transportation for Minnesota's vast rivers and lakes. Allow an hour to make the craft. Recommended for ages 8 and up. Craft supplies provided by the Minnesota Humanities Center.

Guests are encouraged to explore the new interactive exhibit We Are Water MNon view in the visitor center. Visitors can learn about the historic post office, how the postal service worked in the 19th century, and more.

Go on a guided tour of the former milling complex, including the rooftop deck and basement waterpower facilities, and discover the story of this National Historic Landmark, now home to the A-Mill Artist Lofts. Highlights include the largest and best-preserved waterpower system in Minneapolis, with views straight down a foot drop shaft through a glass floor. Guests will discover how the building functioned during the flour-milling era, see the architectural highlights of the recently completed A-Mill Artist Lofts built within the historic mill buildings, and learn about the new hydroelectric plant that helps to power the complex.

This tour is presented in partnership with A-Mill Artist Lofts. The tour includes about 1. Paul, MN Native American history has often been perceived as essentially ending with the massacre at Wounded Knee. The sense was that Native civilization perished alongside the Lakota people who died there at the hands of the US cavalry.

But Native Americans did not disappear, and because of their intense struggles to Intimate encounters Forestville their language, traditions, families, and very existence, their stories from the end of the 19th century to today are ones of unprecedented resourcefulness and reinvention. author David Treuer as he examines how the depredations of the past century have spawned new modes of survival: devastating land seizures gave rise to sophisticated legal and political strategies; forced assimilation of their children at government-run boarding schools incubated a unifying Native identity; military conscription and the pull of urban life brought Native Americans into the mainstream and modern times, even as it steered the emerging shape of self-rule and spawned a new generation of resistance.

He has a Ph. This program is offered in conjunction with the exhibit "The Builders: Shaping Minnesota's Architectural Landscape on the Color Line," which showcases the social history of three black Minnesotans who impacted the architecture and de of Minneapolis and St.

Paul: Clarence "Cap" W. Wigington, Casiville Bullard, and William Hazel. The exhibit is located in the museum's central Mill Commons, and is free and open to the public during regular museum hours, through Oct. Paul, MN Although slavery was primarily a Southern institution, dozens of slaveholders purchased land in Minnesota and invested in local businesses.

This provided a financial foundation for growing new communities with profits flowing back to the South. Elk River, MN As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, farmers need to get the last of their crops harvested, processed, and stored for the winter. Experience the last days of harvest in a festive work atmosphere on the historic Kelley Farm. At the historic farmstead, visitors can help finish up field work, husk corn, and store produce in the root cellar.

Then, help finish the last batches of pickles, make corn husk dolls, or a quilting bee. In the Farm Lab, help harvest the last of the garden produce and mix feed for the livestock. Plus, see demonstrations of modern preservation techniques, such as canning, freezing and dehydrating, in the Learning Kitchen and make a decorative harvest arrangement to take home. Minneapolis, MN a panel discussion about what environmental stewardship can mean for our lives today and in the future. Twin Cities community members will discuss their work caring for Minnesota's rivers, lakes, and lands and share resources and knowledge on ways to sustain a healthy and vibrant community.

The program is part of the fall series "River, Water, Stories," which examines the relationship between people and the Mississippi River in the past and today. Spooky Timbers Forest History Center County Road 76 Grand Rapids, MN A truly mysterious event with creepy logging camp experiences, music, storytelling, and zany trolley rides into the inky shadows of the forest where mythical creatures lurk.

If you dare, walk into the mist by the light of lanterns and be prepared for the unexpected. Martin Luther King Jr. Paul, MN a one-hour guided tour of the restored Capitol through the shadowy rotunda, hallways, and chambers, lit with original early s lighting. Visitors will encounter historical "spirits," including a night watchman, Civil War veteran, a woman suffragist, and more, who will tell stories of the Capitol's early history. This tour is appropriate for age 7 and up.

Intimate encounters Forestville

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