No deal breakers looking for that special someone

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While no two relationships are the same, relationship deal-breakers can be. We are all extremely stressed as it is, and our relationships should not be adding to it. While some were extremely unique, many were serious and strikingly bright red flags.

No deal breakers looking for that special someone

It is no surprise that dishonesty is at the top of this list. Lying is simply not okay.

No deal breakers looking for that special someone

The whole point of a relationship is to be yourself and trust your ificant other! Your relationship should be your comfort blanket, not a web of lies. This is an extension of dishonesty but deserves a special mention. It is the highest form of disrespect and one of the ultimate relationship deal-breakers. Be it emotional or physical infidelity. However, many also believe in forgiveness. Personally, I believe that cheating is a choice, not a mistake.

Nobody has the right to forcefully make you behave a certain way. While it is normal for your ificant other to have an opinion on what you do and maybe even try to convince you to do something, they do not have a right to impose their views on you.

If your ificant other is not a feminist, tell them to leave you alone and go back to the s. They will never see you as an equal and that is a real relationship deal-breaker!

No deal breakers looking for that special someone

If you are in an abusive relationship, get out of it immediately. If you cannot, please talk to someone about it and get help. Abuse is serious and traumatic, and should never be endured. Does this even need to be elaborated? While this is not an extremely serious concern like the ones above, it is an issue for some. But, this can change! After all who can hate an adorable fluffball with literal puppy-dog eyes? Dating somebody who is spineless is a relationship deal-breaker. If they cannot stand up for themselves, how will they ever stand up for you? This ranks pretty low among the relationship deal-breakers.

Dating a Bigg Boss fan could go either way really. However, the one thing that is for certain is that you can bid adieu to your weekend night plans unless they involve watching Salman Khan getting angry on national television. I can hear this one, too loud and too clear. Lack of table manners is a pet peeve for many, and chewing loudly is the biggest one. When one chews, the aim should be to keep the food in, not have it come out. Honestly, this is one of the cringiest relationship deal-breakers. There are countless other relationship deal-breakers and all are valid in their own way.

If there is something about your relationship that makes you uncomfortable, you must tell your partner about it. No matter how major or minute it is, let them know. And if it begins to affect you in a negative way, please do seek professional help.

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No deal breakers looking for that special someone

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12 Relationship Deal Breakers That You Shouldn’t Tolerate