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Back when most of my work was in nanoelectronics, I named one of my Sun workstations enano. It was a pun. N Nematic. A liquid-crystal phase with orientational order and no positional order. If you ignore molecule orientations, the phase is a liquid. Usually in this context, molecules are treated as if they had the symmetry of rods: orientation is characterized by the direction of the long axis of the molecule.

Strictly speaking, it is possible to have a further orientational ordering, associated with rotations of molecules about their major axes. In practice, however, phase diagrams usually involve transitions to different kinds of ordered liquid crystals, such as smectic and cholesteric, as well as to crystalline and liquid phases.

See the LF entry for equivalences, the B programming language entry for etymology. N Newton. Usage note: units named after people are not capitalized, but their symbols are.

Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming

Learn more at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. Gallium Nitride GaN has been used to create blue lasers, so now [I think I entered this entry in ] full-color flat-panel displays and area illumination based on compound semiconductors are anticipated. When people talk about the danger of material shortages that might result, they're not talkin'bout nitrogen. Although this is essentially a phenomenological correction, it does have some theoretical justification, in a slightly more complicated approximation than that which yields the standard Ebers-Moll equations.

Usually the two theoretical approximations serve as bounds on the empirical fit: the nonideality factor lies between 1 and 2. For good Si devices, n in the range of 1. The transition between these regions is moderately sharp -- taking place over less than half a volt around 0. Interfacial effects and other cruddy parasitic stuff can also raise n.

The large- n limit is ohmic behavior. As the doping on the semiconductor side of a Schottky is increased and the space-charge layer correspondingly shortened, quantum tunneling comes into play and is said to raise n. This is not so mysterious: a highly-doped Schottky i. See also A and A 0. N Nonmetal. Click M for metal. Dial M for Murderor else this. N North. Vide compass directions.

Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming

N November. November is a good choice. N of neutrons in a nucleus. N of anything. N A Avogadro's. The of whatever in a mole. Until well into the twentieth century, calculations used Loschmidt's instead, to get around the fact that the atomic hypothesis was not universally agreed to have been conclusively demonstrated. NA N-acetyl-Aspartate. A brain chemical. InNamibia became the world's largest maternity ward so that all of Angelina Jolie's children could be born in the third world. You'd suppose the adjective form corresponding to Namibia would be Namibian.

It was founded by Paul Vincent in as a bi-weekly trilingual newspaper. He sold it in when his health started failing. At the time of his death in it was the country's second-oldest newspaper. NA Narcotics Anonymous. National Association. NA Network Analyzer. NA Next Address. NA NorAdrenaline.

NA, N. North America. Northanger Abbey. Title and one of the main locations of a novel by Jane Austen. In chapter 5 of William CobbettG. Chesterton makes an observation about NA that it was very characteristic of him to make: We should think it rather odd if a profiteer had a country house that was called The Cathedral.

We might think it strange if a stockbroker had built a villa and habitually referred to it as a church.

Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming

But we can hardly see the preposterous profanity by which one chance rich man after another has been able to commandeer or purchase a house which he still calls an Abbey. It is precisely as if he had gone to live in the parish church; had breakfasted on the altar, or cleaned his teeth in the font. That is the short and sharp summary of what has happened in English history; but few can get it thus foreshortened or in any such sharp outline. The romantic reactionary at the end of the eighteenth century might not often find the Bad Baronet in a castle, but might really find him in an abbey.

The most attractive of all such reactionaries, Miss Catherine Morland, was not altogether disappointed in her search for the Mysteries of Udolpho. She knew at least that General Tilney lived in an abbey; though even she could hardly have mistaken General Tilney for an abbot. Nor was she wrong in supposing that a crime had been committed by that gentleman in Northanger Abbey.

His crime was not being an abbot.

Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming

But Jane Austen, who had so piercing a penetration of the shams of her own age, had had a little too much genteel education to penetrate the shams of history. Despite the perverse humour of her juvenile History of England, despite her spirited sympathy with Mary Stuart, she could Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming be expected to see the truth about the Tudor transition.

In these matters she had begun with books, and could not be expected to read what is written in mere buildings and big monuments. She was educated, and had not the luck to be self-educated like Cobbett. The comparison is not so incongruous as it may seem. They were the four sharpest eyes that God had given to the England of that time; but two of them were turned inward into the home, and two were looking out of the window.

I wish I could think that they ever met. When you need both senses, make a distinction by using either d. NA Numerical Aperture. NA Nurse Anesthetist. Na Chemical element abbreviation for sodium q. The most common alkali metal in the earth's crust. You might not want to graduate from this academy, but it looked like the academy itself might expire. At least its name had been looking badly. The academy survives with the help of a couple of lexical prosthetics implanted in the name: see NAAS. Presumably it was an overcorrection among those who'd been taught that verbs are modified by adverbs, without recognizing the accepted exception of copula and seem-type verbs.

Of course, the -ly was added by these kindly elderly folk because they knew that the -ly changes adjectives into adverbs. Found mainly in neurons, and measurable by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy. I think someone forgot to create this organization. So this entry shouldn't be here or here.

A landlords' association. An impairment of the ability to use or comprehend words, usually acquired as a result of a stroke or other brain injury. See also Alicia Courville's Speech Disorders. Related useless entry: AA for Academy of Aphasia.

The national governing body for US Olympic archery. The way this works is, you stick the sample in a nuclear reactor, where it is bombarded by neutrons. Some fraction of the nuclei absorb a neutron, or maybe two, and become unstable i.

Light elements typically decay by emitting an electron--that is, a neutron emits an electron and becomes a proton, the atomic Z increases by one while the atomic mass A stays constant. The atomic mass decreases by a small amount. Detection of the electrons gives information about the kind and relative s of atoms originally in the sample. A UK charity with a web presence that seems to evacuate rapidly.

I've heard black people use it facetiously. You have to give the NAACP credit backbone points for not changing the expansion or at least sealing the acronymlet alone changing the name altogether. It's a green Christmas in Bureaucracia. The usenet newsgroups soc. Name of a Raymond Burr fan club and its quarterly newsletter, based in Berkeley, Calif. Like Burr, it's gone now. It was run by Jim Davidson for a decade. Well, it's true that the vast majority of individual Americans are getting older, and it's true that the average age of Americans is increasing, so in that sense the society as a whole is aging, but the latter Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming do not follow from the first one.

If there's an up-tick in fertility or immigration, will they have to change the name aging? It seems they've been deemphasizing the expansion and prefer the irritating appositive style example next paragraph. Anyway, they're not promoting obesity. Since NAASO has been committed to encouraging research on the causes and treatment of obesity, and to keeping the medical community and public informed of new advances. Something set up in by the CEC Council.

The NAAWG is charged with providing guidance to the Council and facilitating future cooperative work on issues related to environmental air quality. Published in You call that new? For many years it's been held the three days from Friday through the first Sunday in July. Vancouver, inwas the only solid exception.

Every year sinceand infrequently before then, the Fall championship has been scheduled for a major city that is a a seaport or b close to Disney World which is on Seven Seas Lagoon. Well, they do try to spread them around. The main sessions of play afternoon and evening usually run 10 days, from a Friday until the second following Sunday. In addition to the major championships that give the tournament its name, lesser games are offered that are suitable for all levels of player; there are morning and midnight games for those who want even more.

Consequently, these are the largest bridge tournaments anywhere, except for those involving simultaneous play at many sites. July in Atlanta, Georgia. The twenty-second Banga Sammelan.

Sbf looking for Donnybrook North Dakota charming

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