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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you. Don't be shy. Feel free to ask for what you want Keep it short, words or less, this is just an initial contact. In the Coast Range mountains, precipitation was measured at percent of average as of Oct. Monitoring equipment in other basins recorded precipitation at more than and percent of average. In Portland, October rainfall reached 5. The average for the entire month is about 3 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

Women want nsa Langlois Oregon

In other cases, such as wine grapes, most growers were able to finish harvesting before the heavy rains hit. Drescher said he was able to harvest cauliflower, however. Farmer Brenda Frketich, of St. Paul, Ore. Heavy rain or snow in a short period, such as happened this fall, can make the early seem extremely dramatic, said Scott Oviatt, the NRCS snow survey supervisor. Although no one is declaring an end to drought worries, Oviatt said the early rain is meaningful because it establishes soil moisture that may carry into the spring. AP — The trial of a man who led a standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge has raised many complicated issues, some of them political.

Ammon Bundy and six co-defendants have been charged with conspiring to prevent federal employees from doing their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by seizing the refuge Jan 2 and occupying it for 41 days. While Knight stood at a lectern to address the jurors, most of the defendants and their lawyers looked straight ahead toward U.

District Judge Anna Brown. The exception was Bundy, who backed his chair away from the defense table, swiveled to the left and looked at Knight and the jury for two hours. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart and other figures from the past.

Mumford said Bundy and his fellow occupiers made a peaceful stand — but a determined one — against what they saw as federal government overreach in the prosecution of Harney County ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond. The lawyer said the plan was to take ownership of the refuge by adverse possession, occupying it for years and then turning it over to local officials.

Mumford said Bundy expected government officials to dispute the claim, and that would force them to prove in court they have proper title to the land. He displayed a photo of an occupier with a broom, supposedly sweeping up rat feces that government workers had allowed to build over time.

Knight said in his argument that the plan to stake a claim through adverse possession proves there was a conspiracy. Lawyers for the other six defendants will present their closing arguments Wednesday. He plans to address the jury for an hour. AP — The U. Secretary of Interior supports the removal of four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River.

That would relieve PacifiCorp of all liability once the dams are decommissioned and removed. Women want nsa Langlois Oregon Klamath County ballot will still contain an up or down vote on whether the dams should be removed, but it is mostly symbolic.

Women want nsa Langlois Oregon

It could be used as an argument against the project if the vote is overwhelmingly against dam removal. BEND, Ore. Mohnen, 64, is the manager of the McGinnis Ranch, a hay and cattle operation that lies between Bend and Sisters.

He said his goal as president of the two associations is to educate the public on what is involved in putting up hay and how that commodity is key to the food chain. Mohnen had been vice president of the state association. Pierson became the vice president. Mohnen has been working in hay fields and with livestock since he was a youngster growing up on a South Dakota ranch that produced prairie grass hay, alfalfa and corn, and Woman want sex Langlois Oregon cattle and pigs.

During the spring and summer, upwards of Women want nsa Langlois Oregon, head of cattle are trucked to the valley to graze on the nutrient-rich grasslands. Most have now been trucked out of the area to winter grazing areas, predominately in far Northern California. Nicholson said there are still about to steers on his ranch and estimates about 5, cows, calves and yearlings are still in the enclosed valley. While the focus has been on the wolf killing, Nicholson said a potentially more serious problem stems from stress caused by attacks.

Recommended methods of reducing or eliminating wolf attacks, including special fencing, strobe lights and more frequent patrols, also increase costs, although the state pays some of them. On Oct. Although unable to find the calf, he found a large group of cattle. Biologists removed some of the hide, which Wampler said exposed deep wounds in its legs.

Women want nsa Langlois Oregon

The calf is still alive but doing poorly. His heart, lungs and liver, they were all gone. John Stephenson, wolf coordinator for the U. No verification could be made because no wolves in the pack wear radio monitoring collars. It was known to have Women want nsa Langlois Oregon to Southern Oregon inmated with a female wolf and they have since had several offspring in what is known as the Rogue Pack.

He and Wampler said no wolf sightings have been reported since, possibly because of the presence of elk hunters. Problems with the insurance company left Bounds short of money to rebuild both barns at a time when his income was drastically reduced from the loss of straw, he said. Oregonians In Action, a nonprofit property rights group, believes Women want nsa Langlois Oregon may have a legislative solution that would solve such problems for Bounds and other farmers in similar situations.

Hunnicutt plans to ask a legislator to introduce a bill clarifying that properties not classified as wetlands on local and state inventories are exempt from the removal-fill law. In the alternative, the exemption would be narrowed to the rebuilding of agricultural buildings, which would be more specifically tailored to Bounds. CROW, Ore. AP — An early Woman want sex Langlois Oregon and ideal summer growing weather led to an early wine grape harvest in the southern Willamette Valley. Sweet Cheeks and other wineries nestled in the hills around Eugene had their grapes off the vine by the end of September — typically when the harvest starts.

Area winemakers and winery owners said looks to be another great year for grapes, particularly in terms of quality. It follows two memorable harvests, which produced exceptional yields and left cellars well stocked with aging wine. Wineries in the southern Willamette Valley harvested 8, tons of wine grapes in and 7, tons inup from 4, tons inaccording to data from the Southern Oregon University Research Center in Ashland. Optimal weather for much of the year and an early start to the growing season contributed to the early harvest and fruit quality, experts said.

Winter months were not too cold, spring was mild without the types of frosts that can kill grape buds, and the summer had relatively few days of extremely hot temperatures that can ripen grapes too quickly. Above average temperatures during the past three years in the southern Willamette Valley regularly matched those optimum conditions, Jones said. When grapes start growing determines when the growing season ends, said Morgan Broadley, one of the owners at Broadley Vineyards in Monroe. That made it be less stressful because, sometimes in July, when you have a lot of heat stress events over degrees it can actually damage the vines, and make for lower quality.

The pleasant late summer weather helped the harvest go smoothly, he said. No rain pressure when we were picking. Like other southern Willamette Valley Women want nsa Langlois Oregon, Sweet Cheeks buys grapes from other Oregon vineyards to add variety to its vintages. Earlier in October, Gabica and his crew unloaded tons of syrah grapes from Southern Oregon. The first part of wine making involves sorting out unripe fruit, removing stems and dropping the grapes into a massive tank, where fermentation begins.

In nearly two years, the fermented grape juice will be in bottles as wine. For some wineries, another large production year could be a problem, said Jones, of Southern Oregon University. The Idaho Mountain Express reports that Tim Clemens of Hines, Oregon, pleaded guilty earlier this month to one count of poisoning animals and one count of unlawful take of big game. Idaho Fish and Game launched an investigation in January after two dogs were poisoned, one of which survived. The alpha female of the Silver Lake wolfpack was found dead on national forest land Oct.

OR 28, the alpha female of the pack, is under federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. AP — A watchdog arm of the U. The Klamath Project is a federal dam project in southern Oregon and northern California to manage the flows of the Klamath River. While Gov. Kate Brown released some general goals in June to dampen the negative impact on certain businesses, this is the first time lawmakers have spoken publicly about possible proposals they could offer next session. Lawmakers could make small fixes to the law, such as repealing exemptions for benefit companies, or a complete overhaul such as replacing the gross receipts tax with a different corporate tax scheme.

As long as none of those proposals raise more money than Measure 97, the Legislature needs only a simple majority to approve any changes, lawmakers said. Proponents say the measure would help reverse a trend in which Oregon residents pay an increasing share of state revenue, while businesses pay less. Opponents argue the tax plan raises prices for consumers and creates inequity in what different kinds of corporations are required to pay in taxes.

Brian Boquist, R-Dallas. Lawmakers will have to decide whether they want to consider each of those requests and possibly de different rates for different industries. Some lawmakers favor overhauling the tax by reducing the rate and expanding the base of businesses that would have to pay. However, business and union groups refused to negotiate on an alternative, and Hass said he did not have the needed support in the House of Representatives to advance the proposal.

Other lawmakers are suggesting eliminating the gross receipts tax entirely and replacing it with a different corporate taxation scheme. While five other states have gross receipts taxes, the one proposed in Oregon imposes the highest rate on the smallest of corporations. Our Oregon, a public employee union-backed group, wrote the measure with the intent to target large, out-of-state corporations such as Walmart and Comcast. Because the tax applies to sales, rather than profits, it would hit high-volume, low-profit outfits particularly hard, said Sen.

Ginny Burdick, D-Portland. Burdick, who is part of a group of lawmakers looking at potential Measure 97 changes, said she would prefer to do away with the gross receipts tax and replace it with something else that would raise equal or less revenue. Burdick said she has no particular kind of tax in mind. Lawmakers also could try to devise a law that would prevent Measure 97 from taxing the same item or service more than once, another problem associated with a gross receipts tax, Boquist said.

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Women want nsa Langlois Oregon

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Women want nsa Langlois Oregon

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