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Real help for hurts and habits inDuncanville, TX. Internet, substance abuse, gambling, co-dependency, sex and pornography addictions. Addition can keep you from doing what you should be doing. It can keep you from fulfilling your obligations, being productive and living a happy and healthy life. The stress that can come from not being productive and fulfilling obligations just makes things worse. Addiction counseling allows you to explore what you are currently dealing with and develop strategies for improvement.

While most treatment approaches to addiction include 12 step programs, rehabs, and now sober living houses, Grey Matters International, Inc. That is, talking to the conscious brain while the primal brain is deciding things even before you are consciously aware? Well, that is the problem to solve in addiction. We have the solution utilizing a new cutting edge neuroscience-centered brain rebalancing system.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

Contact kevin kevinflemingphd. If you are tired of keeping shameful secrets about your sexual behavior, I can help.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

Whether you are risking losing your relationship, jeopardizing your career, or risking your own health, sex addiction therapy can help. Together, we will work in a way that can help you stop your behavior and rebuild your life. We will work to make better sense of your behavior, so that you can learn to live a life the is not dominated by sex. I am specially trained to provide you with sex addiction therapy in a manner that can help you rebuild.

Call or e-mail me today to set up a consultation to see how I can help with your sex addiction.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

If you're struggling in your relationship or life due to a problem with sexually compulsive behavior or substance abuse, we can help. We have specialized training in helping people manage their behaviors surrounding alcohol, drugs, or sexually compulsive behavior.

We also can help you in your relationships regain trust, rebuild intimacy, and improve your communication. Whether you're struggling to manage your behaviors, or you're successfully managing these behaviors, but you're looking to rebuild your relationship, contact me today, and we'll help you move further through this process in a way that works.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

If you are serious about stopping the acting out, stopping the lying, and getting healthy this might be an option for you. Addiction comes to steal, kill Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116 destroy. Addiction can render a person feeling powerless, lost and empty. The good news is there is help for addiction. The 12 steps in conjunction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are an avenue that many people have found to escape the grip of addiction. Through counseling the individual will learn that there is help, how to access help and that they are not alone in struggle.

Addiction is a mental health condition and I treat addiction by a multi-pronged process predominately from a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy DBT model. I help my clients understand the reasons they use a substance or engage in an addictive behavior, teach them skills regulate their emotions and tolerance distress that might otherwise lead them to engage in their addiction, and address any underlying issues that contribute to their addiction.

I also help clients with with concerns about their substance use or compulsive behavior to avoid developing addictions. We specialize in working with individuals who struggle with sex addiction and pornography Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116, the partners who have been affected, and the couples that want to heal. We also specialize in working with individuals who struggle with chemical dependency, love addiction, sex and love addiction, and codependency. The goal of therapy is to stop the behaviors that have had devastating effects on you and those around you and to create more of what you do want in your life; healthy relationships, meaningful time with family and friends, increased productivity at work, feeling comfortable in your own skin, and sustained peace of mind.

Overcoming addiction -whether it is substance, food, shopping, or pornography -can seem like an impossible goal. You are not alone. Together, we can work through the issues that are holding you back. Unpacking the origins of the behavior, I use a strengths based approach, utilizing mindfulness, meditation, CBT and EMDR and I believe that through compassion and a judgment-free safe space, we can make your recovery a way of life.

Your journey is safe with me. Unfortunately, when the 'urge' hits, the individual is overwhelmed by the need to satisfy the craving for a sexual 'fix'. Guilt, remorse, and shame is a part of the unending cycle. At Christ Centered Counseling clients are taught biblical principles that assist them with overcoming their sexual addiction.

I view addiction as an attempt to make something better, or less bad, that has gotten out of control over time. Self-medication gone wild. This isn't about just saying no. It's not about helplessness. It's about identifying what need it was meant to address and finding a way to meet it without the hassle. Often the addictive behavior fades away once that need has been met.

Addiction is one of the fastest growing mental health problems in Arkansas, especially in our rural communities. Whether it is drug and alcohol addiction, sex addiction, binge eating disorders, or addictions to social media or pornography, we've got qualified staff who can help.

Even for individuals simply looking to cutback their usage, we've got a plan to help them get their lives back in balance. Our services are confidential and we maintain strong referral relationships with both local and national treatment facilities if more substantial care is needed. For clients needing intervention services, our team can help arrange a potentially life changing and loving conversation. If you are like me, you've tried multiple times to give up whatever your particular addiction may be.

A recovering pornography addict myself, I understand addiction. Having served as the Celebrate Recovery pastor at my church for over six years, I'm intimately familiar with the step model, and affirm its effectiveness. Together, we will help you find freedom from whatever your hurts, habits, or hang-ups may be. Pornography is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Like marijuana it is a gateway activity leading to all kinds of destructive sexual habits. Like cocaine, pornography is itself addictive and destructive to your brain, to your relationships, and to your spirit.

I am passionate about helping teenage and adult men find freedom from the guilt, shame, and compulsion of pornography viewing. Initially, it may seem impossible to imagine a life free from pornography, but it is possible and the rewards are incredible. From personal experience, I have a good idea of how an addiction can cause problems in many areas of a person's life - work, school, family, friends, legal, etc. And I know how difficult it can be to stop an addictive habit, whether it is an addiction to substances, or an "addiction" to a particular type of behavior. Meet with me and see if you agree that I know what I'm talking about and have some good ideas about what you might do to change your habits.

Are you in active recovery? This is one of the best times to seek outpatient support. You can also learn how to feel your feelings, understand them, and cope with them. Lastly, learning strategies for problem solving and live enjoyment can help you. Vasavada specializes in addiction psychiatry.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

He also treats suboxone patients. Lakeside Life Center has therapists that work with adults and adolescents dealing with alcohol and chemical dependency. There is also a therapist that treats sexual addiction, love addiction and codependency. Our goal is to treat not only the individual but help the entire family system to recover and heal.

While clients are in treatment, we strongly enocourage participation in Celebrate Recovery, Sexual Addicts Anonymous or other support group. I will work with you cognitively, behaviorally, emotionally, and with your permission, spiritually, to help you overcome sexual addiction, pornography addiction, and sexual compulsivity that is causing you distress.

Individual, couple, and group therapies are the recognized and empirically proven state of the art interventions for sexual problems in these areas.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

Let me walk with you to tap into real life change and 2nd order change that is available by God's Grace and Wisdom. Dependence on chemicals such as alcohol or drugs or behaviors such as sex, gambling, spending, etc can begin to limit our choices in life. When the line is crossed to dependency or addiction, there is a hopeless and frustrating feeling that will come over us. Please understand that there is a way through this and you do not have to continue to suffer.

If your use of the drugs, alcohol or behavior is costing you, know that there is a solution and counseling will help you figure out a plan to address the issue. Elizabeth's work with addictions center around the role of dopamine in the addiction cycle as well as brain adaptations compensation and withdrawal. Her work focuses on cognitive restructuring around the areas of: reward nucleus accumbensmotivation orbitofrontal cortexmemory amygdala and hippocampusand cognitive control prefrontal cortex and cingulate gyrus.

Her work centers on the step model. I offer counseling services to individuals with addictions and substance abuse problems, and to those who love them. Whether alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or another variety, addiction usually begins as an effort to self-medicate.

The person feels relief after partaking, so the desire to use the method again becomes stronger until it becomes an addiction. I individualize plans to tailor to your needs and offer evidence-based solutions to help you regain control of your life. In addition, I am a U. Department of Transporation Services Substance Abuse Professional which means that I work with commercial transportation workers who have tested positive for a substance while on the job.

Housewives looking real sex Duncanville Texas 75116

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