Looking for long term no strings attached College

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Rest assured you will not be able to escape it, because it will be everywhere. You will witness these make out sessions in the back rooms, in a closet, against a windowsill, on the dance floor, and even perched on an elevated surface for all to see. Hookup culture is a term that is sweeping the nation. With monogamy becoming a foreign term to millennials, society is starting to ask why? Hookup culture seems to have trumped dating. On one hand this cultural revolution has our society feeling excited and awakened. On the other hand it is leaving our generation feeling regretful, lonely, sick, and ultimately unsatisfied.

Could this be due to the simple facts about the way, and environment, millennials were brought up? Huffington post. Although sexual flings began to emerge in the s, the terminology of hooking up is quite new. My friend and I turned to each other and laughed, hooking up in their time meant something totally different. Today, APA data suggests that between 60 and 80 percent of North American college students have had a hook-up experience, or sexual encounter.

Looking for long term no strings attached College

Of those hookups, a majority are experienced under the influence of alcohol. According to the media education foundation study, on average women consume four drinks prior to sex and men consume six. We are well aware that alcohol often leaves us acting in ways that we will soon come to regret or feel negatively about. In a qualitative study done on participants asking them to report their feelings after a typical hookup, 35 percent reported feeling regretful or disappointed, 11 percent confused, and 5 percent uncomfortable.

These statistics show that a little over half of the responses were negative feelings. Aside from feelings, sexual encounters carry many physical dangers that are all too real to be ignored. Sex carries the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases, sexual violence, and pregnancy. Whether this be due to the heat of the moment, or the alcohol, in a study done on college students nearly half of them claimed they were not concerned about contracting a disease.

In addition to disease, rape as well as pressured sex are more common than one would think. Hookup is not the only term that has changed from generation to generation. Dating is now a term used to describe two people who are already in a relationship. Dating is much less common than hooking up. The term dating used to be self explanatory, it was a person who was going on dates with varying s of other people.

Nowadays dates are often said to come after a hookup and are a al of relationship interest, although relationships rarely bloom from a hookup. This statistic shows a major contradiction to the definition of a hookup, as well as a persons goals. I can completely contest to this statement, being a college student myself.

Looking for long term no strings attached College

I am constantly hearing of how much those around me long for attention but cannot seem to find a boyfriend. Studies show that boys, on the other hand, are perfectly content with having multiple partners for the sole purpose of sex. While this may be true, in my opinion this research study fails to recognize the possibility of response bias.

If they do not fall into the norm, they may be considered gay which unfortunately some people hold negative connotations with. Despite the negative feelings, STDs, and rape possibilities we continue to immerse ourselves in a hookup culture. I believe that it all springs from our generational upbringing.

In doing hours upon hours of millennial research, I discovered many interesting facts about our upbringing that may have large impacts on our behaviors today. We grew up in a society where technology was rising. Because of technology, we have become accustomed to instant gratification and we will not have it any other way. According to a survey by the career center at California State University, Fullerton, and Spectrum Knowledge, a research and training firm in Cerritos, California nearly three quarters of the respondents agree to needing instant gratification.

Being that this blog will most likely be read by millennials, take a second to think. Think about how impatient you get when a web wont load, or when your friend is taking too long to answer a text.

Looking for long term no strings attached College

We want something, and we seek a response almost immediately. We are also known as the trophy society. By trophy society I mean that everyone needs to be rewarded and praised by an outside source in order to feel achieved. We were that soccer team that received a ribbon even if we lost. Both of these tendencies of millennials could play a huge role in our concerning sexual behaviors. Maybe the reason that our generation is considered a hookup culture is because sex allows us to feel happy, relieved, and appreciated in the short term. We want to feel a sense of appreciation, and just flat out feel good.

Although hooking up has proven not to be a long term deal, it provides the attention and satisfaction we need momentarily. There is no denying that when someone wants something they seek out to get it, it is part of how we are wired. Technology has made that very easy for us. It seems that now this materialistic view is spilling into sexuality.

I agree that hook up culture has definitely become more prominent in recent years with college students. Although I firmly believe all students should pursue whatever actions they wish, I also find it ironic how many students want relationships, yet on a day to day basis solely search for the immediate satisfaction of a hook up.

For example, Tinder is a popular app used within colleges for students to immediately search for a hook up. Vanity Fair covered the idea of how apps such as Tinder are causing students to lose the patience of bothering to meet anyone, since Tinder allows students to clearly know which other people would willingly hook up. Ultimately I think technology can be a great thing and is fantastic for students searching solely for a hook up; however, the danger of relying on technology definitely exists and the drive towards immediate satisfaction stops those who want more serious relationships from forming.

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Looking for long term no strings attached College

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