Looking to chat w narcissist

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Search Search Close. Got it. Internet usage can be monitored and is impossible to erase completely. SAFE Learn more about digital security and remember to clear your browser history after visiting this website. It is natural to want to understand how someone we care deeply about, who says they care for us, is capable of saying and doing things to us that are hurtful or even dangerous.

Additionally, the sheer amount of articles and opinions on abusive behaviors can become overwhelming.

Looking to chat w narcissist

Many of these labels are used loosely in the media we read and watch, and here on the lines, we hear them a lot. This word is most often used to describe a person who is egotistic or self-serving and does not acknowledge the feelings of others. It is important to remember that narcissistic characteristics can show up to varying degrees in any person, but this is not necessarily an indicator that a person is dealing with a personality disorder.

The same can also be said of characteristics of other personality disorders. It can feel empowering to be able to define your partner using these commonly-cited personality disorders. Although disorders and diagnoses are often go-to explanations for abusive behavior, we know that mental health issues do not excuse or directly cause intimate partner abuse. At this time, there is no research that conclusively shows that a higher percentage of abusive partners deal with mental illness or disorders including narcissistic personality disorder than the general population.

Looking to chat w narcissist

Some abusive partners may be living with narcissistic personality disorder, but many of them are not. Or, a person might feel that if only their partner could get diagnosed, they could get some combination of medication and therapy to turn things around.

However, medication is not a fix-all and is not appropriate for everyone managing a mental health disorder. It is also important to keep in mind that medication is not a treatment method for abusive behaviors.

Looking to chat w narcissist

Abusive behavior would need to be addressed separately. We know that whether someone has a mental health disorder or not, they are always in control of their choices and abuse is a choice that someone makes. Therefore, medication cannot be an appropriate solution. Abusers often minimize or deny their behaviorsor even shift the blame to the non-abusive person. For example, they will become physically threatening but not hit their partner.

Or, they will be abusive only in ways that cannot be recorded by their partner as evidence. Someone managing a personality disorder will exhibit behaviors across the different areas of their life, not just with their partner. That means, if a person is manipulative with their partner, they will act similarly at work, with friends, or in other social settings.

This often makes it difficult to maintain both professional and personal relationships, in addition to their intimate partnerships.

Looking to chat w narcissist

One tactic abusive partners use is choosing not to behave abusively during certain periods, but gradually intensifying the abuse as the relationship progresses. An abusive partner manages how their behaviors present over time. Your partner could be diagnosed with a personality disorder and still choose to not be manipulative and controlling. If your partner is dealing with mental health issues, that is something they will need to acknowledge and seek support for on their own.

The same is true for getting support in addressing abusive behaviors. We're here to help! To browse this site safely, be sure to regularly clear your browser history. Security Alert Internet usage can be monitored and is impossible to erase completely. But labeling a person with a diagnosis without intensive knowledge and experience, or based on generalizations, can be problematic in a few ways.

Mental health disorders are commonly used as a way to justify and excuse abusive behaviors when in reality an abusive partner is in control of their actions. It is not uncommon for an abusive partner, whether they are managing a mental health disorder or not, to use that as an excuse for their behaviors. They choose to limit how far the abuse goes and when it happens.

They only behave abusively toward their partner. Their behaviors escalate. What is Gaslighting? Call 1.

Looking to chat w narcissist

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