Single mom needs help paying rent a week from eviction

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Read on for information about finding a home to rent and about financial support such as housing benefit, universal credit, and other forms of assistance. Property rented from a local council, housing association or housing cooperative is often called social housing. Accommodation rented from an individual landlord or letting agency is called private accommodation. The cost of renting from a private landlord is generally higher than social housing. You can claim housing benefit to pay your rent, but you will need to check the local limit for how much you can receive towards you rent. This issue is covered in detail below.

Rents will vary depending on the size of the property and the area you live in. You should agree the rent and how it will be paid with your landlord before your tenancy begins.

Single mom needs help paying rent a week from eviction

Check the tenancy agreement carefully before ing it and make sure you understand the terms and conditions and any charges you will have to pay. See below for more details about claiming housing benefit or universal credit. Private landlords usually ask you to pay a deposit before moving in, which should be held in a secure deposit scheme and then refunded when you move out as long as you leave the property in the same state you found it.

There can be quite a few upfront costs associated with moving into a private property. This does not have to be repaid. Visit Crisis for a list of private rented sector support schemes. If there are no tenancy support schemes listed for your area, check locally for other schemes that may be available. If you receive income-related benefits such as jobseekers or employment and support allowance, income support or pension credit you may qualify for a budgeting loan from Jobcentre Plus to pay rent in advance. The loan is repayable and must be repaid within a two year period, but no interest is charged.

A budgeting loan can also be used to pay for the cost of moving, or for essential items such as furniture or equipment in your new home. To apply for a budgeting loan download the form here: www. Find out more here. At the start of a new tenancy, your landlord should protect your deposit in a secure deposit scheme.

You should be given details of the scheme and know how to contact the provider. The scheme provider can help to resolve any dispute you may have with the landlord about the return of your deposit when you leave the property. Find more information on the. Gov website. Some councils use a combination of both.

If your council uses a waiting list, you have to wait until the council notifies you that a home is available. Councils have criteria setting out who is eligible to apply for council housing. Shelter has in-depth advice about applying to go on the housing register. This is a different process to applying to go on the general waiting list.

Contact one of the organisations listed at the end of the for more information on making a homeless application — especially Crisis or Shelter. Always get advice before making an application. See the useful organisations section below. Contact the housing department at your local council for details of how to apply. The council will also tell you what priority of housing need you have been assessed as having. The council should give you an idea of how long you have to wait for an offer of accommodation.

The waiting time will depend on the priority of your housing need and the type of accommodation that is available. Councils generally use priority systems to allocate housing, although some still use points systems or waiting lists.

Single mom needs help paying rent a week from eviction

Your choice of accommodation will depend on local circumstances, such as how much and what type of housing is available. In many areas, there is a shortage of local council housing. Make sure you know what your options are and seek advice from Shelter or Citizens Advice before refusing any accommodation that is offered, as refusing an offer may affect your priority status. Even if you own and live in your home the council should consider your housing application in the same way as other applicants.

You could still be at risk of homelessness if, for example, your home is no longer affordable, or if you have to sell your home following a relationship breakdown. Rents in housing association or housing cooperative properties will be lower than those set for private accommodation but are usually higher than rents in council homes. Your local council should have a list of housing associations that provide housing in your area. The process for getting a housing association home is similar to that for council housing.

When you apply, your priority over other housing applicants will be assessed. Some housing associations have an open register and you can apply directly to these housing associations. The housing department at your local council will be able to tell you which housing associations have an open applications system for your area. Most housing associations will only take tenants who have been nominated by the local council. This means you must first apply to your local council for housing. A housing cooperative is a small housing organisation, where properties are managed and sometimes owned by the members of the co-operative.

Single mom needs help paying rent a week from eviction

There are different types of housing co-operatives, including those where tenants have been involved in building the properties. Getting access to a housing cooperative home can be difficult. Some have open waiting lists but for others you may need to know someone who already lives Single mom needs help paying rent a week from eviction to find out about available properties. Radical Routes or the Confederation of Cooperative Housing may be able to assist you.

See the useful organisations section below for contact details. Note: If you have recently come to the UK, have limited right to be here, or are from the European Community, you may not have the right to claim the following benefits. Get advice before claiming.

You can claim housing benefit and council tax reduction whether you rent from a social landlord like a council or housing association, or a private landlord. If you rent your home from a friend or relative you must have a commercial tenancy agreement with them.

If you live with a close relative you might not be able to claim housing benefit for any rent you pay. Housing benefit and council tax reduction are means tested, so the amount you receive is based on your income and circumstances. Universal credit is a new benefit system that is replacing many of the current benefits and tax credits. Families with children who are claiming benefits for the first time in selected Jobcentres now claim universal credit instead of housing benefit. Visit our universal credit s to find out more about universal credit and how it may affect your family. If you receive universal credit, you will need to apply for council tax reduction separately to your application for universal credit.

This is because council tax reduction is not included in your universal credit assessment. You need to apply directly to your local council to get your council tax reduction calculated and applied to your bill. Contact your local council to make sure you receive your full entitlement to council tax reduction. If you rent a property from a private landlord there is a limit on the amount of housing benefit or universal credit housing element you can receive. This maximum amount is called the local housing allowance. The local housing allowance is different in each area.

Contact your local council for details or search for your local housing allowance. This is called the shared accommodation rate. Note: single parents under 35 who already have children living with them are not affected by this rule. The rules can be complicated, so contact our helpline for advice on your situation. If the benefit cap applies to you, your housing benefit or universal credit will be reduced until it reaches the cap. This means that your rent would not be covered in full by your housing benefit or universal credit housing element. See our interactive advice to check whether you could be affected by the benefit cap.

If the benefit cap does apply to you and you have a shortfall in your rent, you may be able to apply for a payment from your local council to make up the difference. You could then have a shortfall to make up in order to pay your rent in full. The rules state that two children under the age of sixteen who are of the same gender should share a room.

If you have two children of different genders, they are expected to share a room until one reaches the age of ten. The same rules apply to universal credit. Sofia has two children. Ryan is nine and Olivia is seven. Because Ryan and Olivia are under 10 years old, under the new rules they would be allocated one bedroom between them, which they would be expected to share. Note : You could be exempt if you have a disabled child who needs their own room, or if you or your child needs overnight care.

There are also some exemptions that apply to certain types of tenancies. Contact Citizens Advice, Shelter or your housing officer if you have one. Learn about other organisations that can help you by clicking on the blocks below:. Citizens Advice England: Wales: 77 20 20 Text relay users: www. Civil Legal Advice www.

Crisis www. Jobcentre plus Telephone: Textphone: www. Law Centres Federation www. Find your local law centre on the website or see their listing in the telephone directory. National Debtline www. National Homelessness Advice Service www. Own your own home www. Includes an interactive tool to help find schemes for your individual circumstances.

Radical Routes www. The website contains a list of members and housing vacancies. Refugee Council www.

Single mom needs help paying rent a week from eviction

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