Any ladies up for outdoor play

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By Bridget Chambers.

Any ladies up for outdoor play

While my allergies might protest, I am dying to get outside among friends safely of course! My favorite part, though? Getting outside for some fresh air and playing games like we were kids again. It truly brought my family so much joy to be outside, getting some exercise, and being competitive.

And let me tell you, our activities got heated in the best way possible.

Any ladies up for outdoor play

If you are looking for ways to safely spend time with your loved ones, read these tipsand then read on for our list of the best outdoor games for adults to spark ideas for your weekend plans. Bocce Ball is one of the easiest and yet most competitive games you could possibly play. The game is played with eight large balls and a pallina, a smaller ball, and Any ladies up for outdoor play goal is to have your ball land as close to the pallina as possible.

While it takes little-to-no skill or effort, watching your ball land right next to the pallina and then roll feet away can definitely get your blood boiling! Paddleball is one of my favorite games and simultaneously the one that I am worst at, but that makes it all the more entertaining. I have vivid memories of my parents having intense paddle ball competitions on the beach in Galveston as a kid and they made it look so easy.

While I am still unsure that my family plays by the real rules, we have the best time counting how many times we can hit the ball back and forth without it hitting the ground. This set by The Beach People is stunning and makes any player feel like a pro. He loved to teach us how to hold the club and how to take aim as we hacked away trying to get the ball through the small hoops.

Again, we never paid too much attention to the rules, but it was always so fun to see who could make it through the course first. Is it just me or have you been hearing about and seeing pickleball everywhere these days? Whether it is an outdoor double date or a neighborhood tournament, everyone is raving about this game. Look up your nearest court or get this set from Target and go try out the game that no one can stop talking about.

When researching the rules of four square for my family, I came across this four square volleyball game set and have been dying to get it ever since. This game will be the main event of your next barbeque, guaranteed. Corn hole is one of those classic outdoor games that will never get old. It is essentially a bean bag tossed played in teams in which each player must do their best to toss their bean bag into the hole in the board. Scoring is also simple: one point for the bag landing anywhere on the board, two for it hanging off the rim, and three for making it in.

While you can always find corn hole boards with more character, I suggest getting a simple wood set and getting creative. You may be questioning if Jenga is truly an outdoor game, but make it giant and it is no longer safe for the kitchen tableā€¦ just ask senior producer, Michelle Nash about her broken water glass fiasco.

Any ladies up for outdoor play

Spikeball is one of the ultimate outdoor games, as it can be played in the grass, on the beach, and even in the pool. This one will definitely get your heart pumping as you have to be quick on your feet to slap the ball onto the trampoline in the middle of the players before it gets away from you. Our contributor, Brandy Joy Smithand her family are huge fans of this one, adults and kids alike.

The sets come in greenredand blue and I will be spending way too much time deciding which color to add to my game collection. No list of outdoor games would be complete without horseshoes. My dad made a homemade horseshoe pit in our backyard when I was little, and although it has since been covered in grass and overtaken by weeds, I am now dying to fix it up.

Any ladies up for outdoor play

All you need is two stakes, two horseshoes, and lots of patience to hook the horseshoe around the stake. You can play with or without the alcohol, but the alcohol definitely makes it harder, funnier, and, well, an outdoor game for adults.

It takes all the fun and competitiveness from the original game but leaves out the lukewarm beer and germ-covered ping pong balls. If you happen to have 20 trash bins lying around, feel free to make it jumbo and play with a basketball. Even though this might be played inside the majority of the time, Ping Pong can certainly be considered an outdoor game.

Any ladies up for outdoor play

Riley Reedour contributing editor, acknowledges that Ping Pong requires some skill and coordination, but it is loved and appreciated by all. Bridget Chambers. Shop Recipes. Body Leave a Reply Cancel. Subscribe Are You On the List?

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Any ladies up for outdoor play

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